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When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


6. Old memories

Jenny’s P.O.V



I and Luke headed down to the canteen for lunsh. I sat down at a spear table and waited for the others to come. “Hey Jenny” Michael said hugging me. “Hey” I hugging him back then ruffling his pink hair. I saw Aurora coming down the stairs looking around. She spotted me and then walked over to our table. Luke sat beside me chatting with Michael while I waited on Aurora to appear our table. I gave her a gentle smile as she sat down above me.

“Look, Aurora. I’m really sorr-“I started but was cut of by her telling me to not be.

“I’m not mad at you Jenny. Actually quite happy.” She smiled. I wrinkled my eyebrows.

“Happy? I ruined your relationship Aurora” I told her. She stood up. “I’ll tell you” I followed her out the school entrance and we sat down on the grass. Why would she be happy? I broke them apart; it’s my fault that her relationship is ruined. “So wanna tell me why you’re ‘quite happy’ that we started that argument?” I raised my eyebrows looking at her. She sighed then started to tell me.


Aurora’s P.O.V


“Ehm, when I got home, me and Ashton started an argument then he asked me how long I and Calum had been dating.”

 “I didn’t tell him at first but he protested that I had to. So I told him that we’d been dating about 2 month, he then headed out f the door but before we walked out he told me that Calum had been cheating on me this whole last month. He told me that Calum had been cuddling and kissing another girl every time they’ve been together.” It was hard to tell her. I felt the tears run down my cheek and I wiped them away. “But Calum told me today when I got to school that he’d never done that and that he would never do that to me. It’s hard to know who’s telling me the truth, because Ashton had never been lying to me and I just can’t believe that Calum did it. We were like perf-“I stopped myself for complimenting our relationship. “Sorry” I said looking away from my hands that were laid in my lap and up to Jenny’s face. She was smirking. “It’s ok” she said simply pulling me into a thigh, warm hug.

“I’m sorry to hear that Aurora” she whispered. “T-t-today is o-o-our 2 month a-a-anniversary too” I cried into her shoulder. She didn’t response; she was just holding me thigh stroking my back as I continued to cry. “Is everything ok?” I heard someone ask; I lifted my head and saw my favourite pink headed boy. I smiled and nodded. “It doesn’t look like that.” He walked towards us. He sat down beside of us, looking at me. “Nothing to worry about” I said. “Just tell me” he pleaded. How could I say no to that pink cutie? He colored his hair pink because I told him to. He’s awesome


The bell rang after I’d told everything to Michael. The day went slowly as I ignored Calum the whole last two hours with science.


Jenny’s P.O.V


I said goodbye to Luke who was walking out the door to play a mini show with the boys at the mall. When Luke left I threw myself at the couch turning the TV on. I switch between almost every single channel, not finding anything interesting. I sighed as I switched the TV on some boring movie that was already in the middle of the story. I felt my eyes getting heavier before I slowly drifted off to a dreamless nap.  


I woke up someone shaking me gently. “Pumpkin? Wake up” I opened my eyes slowly, seeing Luke’s face in front of me. He had a big smile on his face. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. “What’s the time?” I yawned. “It’s 7 pm” Really had I slept for that long? “I’ve a surprise for you” he smiled taking my hand leading me to the kitchen. I dragged my feet across the floor till we reached the kitchen. “I won something to you on the mall today” he said handing me an envelope. I wrinkled my eyebrows and looked at him. “Open it” he chuckled. I ripped the envelope open and took a look into it. I shut my head up as I attached Luke with a thigh hug. Luke laughed as I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Thank you so much Luke. I love you” I whispered into his neck. “Anything for my pumpkin. I love you so much” he said wrapping his arms around me, hugging me thigh.


Aurora’s P.O.V


“Ashton, I’m hungry” I whined as Ashton came into the door. “Really Aurora?” he chuckled. “Is that the first thing you say? Why not: 'Hey Ashton. How was the show?’” he smiled walking over to me. I was lying on my stomach on the couch, scrolling down my Twitter. He jumped on my back, lying on top of me. “Ugh Ashton, get off of me” I whined. “Should we go get some food then?” he asked, his head on my shoulder looking at my phone. “Who’s that?” he asked pointing towards a picture on my twitter account. “That’s my future husband, if you didn’t already know that” I smiled. “Just as you know, you’ll never go out with someone who so much tattoos as him.” He said double tapping onto the photo studying Zayn’s arm. I laughed and kissed his cheek. “Can we go get some food?” I asked, locking my phone. “Of course cupcake” He nodded and got off of me. I smiled and ran upstairs into the bathroom, finishing my look then heading back downstairs.


We reached the café down the street. The café we usually went to. The waitress took our orders then walked away. “So, how was the show Ashton?” I asked looking at him across the table. “It was good. We earned a lot off money, they were very satisfied.” He smiled, I waited till the waitress had set down our drinks and walking away before speaking “That’s great, I’m really proud of you” I smiled, taking a sip from my water. I sighed at the though of him earning money then there’s me doing nothing. “What’s up cupcake?” Ashton asked worried. “It’s just that you’re earning all the money. I’m not doing anything.” I said looking down at my water. “Hey. That doesn’t matter. I want you to focus on school” he said reaching for my hand. He held my hand in his. He smiled when he noticed my bracelet. “And mom is helping us too you know” he said fiddling with my bracelet. I smiled at him and nodded. Yes mom is helping us but not our dad. Ashton removed his hand when the food arrived. Finally, I was starving. I and Ashton started to eat our food while we laughed at how silly we were when we first took the trip to New York. “It wasn’t my fault. You were the one who pulled me into that woman” I defended myself. Ashton laughed and shook his head. “You fell and dragged me with you” he laughed. I started to laugh hysterically as he sat there coughing because he some food was stuck in his throat. He grabbed my glass and drank from it. He’s already drank up his own. “Hey. That’s my water” I said. He sat the water down looking at me. “Would you like me to be strangled? He asked raising his eyebrows. I smirked. “Maybe” I winked as he chuckled. He continued to tease me about funny and embracing memories. I love to talk about old memories.


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