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When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


41. Nervous facial expression


Jenny’s P.O.V


I entered the school, looking for Luke. Where was he? When I actually needed to know where he was he was nowhere in sight. I couldn’t see Jake either, what if they were talking together. Jake would tell him about me and Niall. I breathed out in relieve when I saw Luke standing with Calum and some of his other friends. I walked up to him, fast.

“Hey Luke” I smiled. He turned his head to me and smiled. “Hi?” he said, kind of asked. No wonder why, I never walk up to him and his friends if it’s not Calum and Michael.

“Have you seen Jake today?” I blurted out. He furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. “I think he’s still sick” he said. I nodded and smiled. Great, he was still sick. He’s been gone from school this past week and he still is. “Why though?” he asked, he was now paying full attention to me and not his friends. “Nothing, just wondering” I smiled, I turned to go but someone caught my arm. “Nothing I should worry about?” he pressed. I shook my head and then walked away. I needed to tell Luke about me and Niall, as soon as possible.


Luke’s P.O.V


She was hiding something. I know it; she smiled and seemed too happy. She smiled 24/7, that’s not her, she’s happy all the time though, but she’s not smiling after every word she say. I turned back to my friends, who were still talking about the party tonight.

“Don’t you think it’s cancelled since Jake’s sick?” I wondered.

“Don’t be stupid, has Jake ever let his bad mood or shape prevents his parties?” Matt laughed; I smiled and shook my head.


------------ ------------


“I’m just going over to Calum and Michael, I bet Ash is going too” I explained to Jenny.

“Why do you have to dress so nicely then?” she asked, like always she didn’t believe my lies. In the same way didn’t believe hers.

“Uhm, it’s just a shirt” I said and put on some perfume.

“And perfume, which you never use.” She placed her hands on her hips. “Are you going out with a girl?” she pressed.

 I looked up at her and sighed.

“Well have fun then” she smirked.

I kissed her cheek and ran down the stairs. “Goodbye Niall and Harry, sorry for leaving you alone with my sister” I chuckled.

“Hey! I’m not deaf” Jenny shouted from the stairs. I laughed and went out the door.


Aurora’s P.O.V

“Are you kidding?” Jade squealed. “Zayn? From One Direction?” she jumped up and down exitley.

“Please calm down” I sighed.

“You freaking dating Za-“ She yelled but I stopped her. “Be quiet!” I hissed.

“Sorry” she mumbled and sat down again.  

“Can I meet him?” she asked. “Maybe we can hang out tomorrow?” I smiled.

“Yes, sure!” she smiled.


-------------- ---------------


Ashton just went to Jake’s party, leaving me and Zayn alone.

“Shall I call Jenny, maybe they can come over here?” I asked Zayn. “Yeah, sure” he smiled and kissed my cheek as I sat down beside of him on the couch.

Some minutes later, Harry and Jenny came laughing in the door followed by Niall. Jenny threw herself at the couch, holding her stomach in laughter.

“What happened?” I giggled at all of them.

“Niall happened” Harry laughed and crashed down on top off Jenny. “OWWW” Jenny shouted, still laughing. I looked at Niall, who shook his head sitting down on a chair. “It’s not that funny” he sighed.
“It is!” Jenny giggled.

“Your neighbour, you know that crazy old lady?” Jenny chuckled. I nodded.

“She was struggling with her shopping bags, and this gentleman called Niall wanted to help her carry them” she giggled. I smiled, already knowing where this was going.

“Your neighbour went crazy and started hitting Niall with her purse” she burst out hysterical laughter and I did the same. Everyone was laughing except Niall.

It took a while before the laughter died out and Niall was just sitting there fake pouting. I heard Jenny giggle and looked over at her. Harry wasn’t lying on top of her anymore; she stood up and sprinted over to Niall. She jumped on top of him, crashing down on his lap. She started whispering things in his ear, but I couldn’t make out what she told him. One thing I know is that it made him laugh.

We ended up on the floor with pillows and blankets, cuddled up.

“It’s surprising that Luke made you stay home when he went out partying” I said. “You’re always coming along or sneaking out” I giggled. “But you have Niall here, you couldn’t leave him right?” I smirked.

“What do you mean?” she sat up straight. Niall’s hand slipped down from her back as she did.

“I mean you have Niall now, you couldn’t leav-“

“No, not that. Luke went out partying?” she asked.

I nodded and took a sip from Zayn’s drink. “Yes, I thought you knew that?”

“No, he told me he was meeting up with Calum, Michael and Ash” she said slowly. “He lied to me” she sighed and laid back down.

“Maybe he knew you would want to come with him?” I suggested. “She shrugged and cuddled up to Niall again.

“Whose party did they go to?” she asked.

“Uhm, Jake’s I think” I said.

“WHAT?” She yelled, she would probably wake Zayn up if she continued. He was lying with his head on my stomach sleeping. “I-isn’t he sick?” she asked nervously. Nervous? Why would she be nervous?

“Uhm, I don’t know. Ashton told me it was at Jake’s house though” I told her, confused by her reaction

She stood up and grabbed her phone. “What are you doing?” Niall asked. “I need to call him” she said, tying on her phone.

“He’s probably wasted and won’t answer. You can shout at him when his sober.” I said and played with Zayn’s hair.

“No” she bit her lip and pressed her phone to her ear. I sighed, she’s desperate to know why he lied.

“Damn it” she groaned and slammed her phone back on the table. I looked down at Zayn, amking sure than he was still asleep and he was.

“You can talk to him when he gets home Jenny” Harry assured her.

“No, you don’t get it. Jake told me he would tell Luke about me and Niall as soon as he talked to him.” She whispered and buried her head in Niall’s shoulder. Niall looked up at me with a nervous facial expression.


--------------- --------------


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