Show My Love

When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


36. Needed him now


Jenny’s P.O.V


I called Aurora later that day; I decided that I would just ship school. I was too tired, I wouldn’t concentrate anyway. Jake stayed with me, too keep me with company and help me if I needed it. I told him I was okay, but he stayed and watched some movies with me. My head wasn’t pounding anymore and I actually felt quite okay now.

“Hello? Aurora?” I spoke as I heard some breathing at the other line.

“Yea?” Aurora breathed out and I could imagine her lying in her bed with her eyes closed.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes I’m fine. Just tired” she said, which I knew was a lie.

“Still?” I pushed.

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep last night. My head was hurting” Another lie.

“Well, have you heard something from Zayn?” I asked, dropping the subject about her bad mood. If there was something important she wanted to tell me, she would tell me. I bet she just needed some time to think.

“Yes, he just called. He told me to tell you that Niall said he would call you as fast he could when he buys a new phone. I don’t know what happened with his old one but yea. They’re not gonna make it here before next week tho. They’ve to be there to rehearsal with Ash, Luke, Mike and Cal.” She said slowly. I laughed; how did Niall destroy or lose his phone?

 “AHHH, FUUCK!” I heard Jake yell from the kitchen, followed by several grunts. I furrowed my eyebrows. “I’ve to go; Jake is making weird noises in the kitchen.” I laughed a little.

“Oooo, don’t walk in on something” I knew she was smirking at her pervert comment. I giggled and hung up.

I made my way into the kitchen and saw Jake holding his hand under the sink, pouring cold water on it.

“What are you doing?” I asked and made my way over to him. He was biting his lip hard, I gasped as I saw his hand. He had a deep cut on his palm.

“What happened?” I took his hand in mine and turned the water off.

“I was just slicing some baguettes and cut my hand.”

“You need stitches, the cut is deep.” I grabbed a cloth and wrapped it around his hand. I looked up at him and caught him already staring at me.


Aurora’s P.O.V


I slowly opened my bedroom door. I was still wearing my pyjamas, because I wasn’t planning on going to school today. I don’t think I can ever face Steve again, this is the second time and it took a month for me to come back to reality last time. I can’t believe I forgot that Ashton would come home yesterday. Hopefully he’d left by now, he needed to hurry anyway. He still has a lot of rehearsal to do.  I made my way downstairs and was about to head for the kitchen when his voice stopped me.

“I want to know what happened.”

I kept quiet and folded my arms over my chest. My back was still facing him, I couldn’t look him in the eyes right now. I don’t think I wanted to look anyone in the eyes at the moment, or could, I would just start crying.

“I know something happened. I’m not blind” he continued.

I heard him get up from the couch and his footsteps coming closer.

“Don’t you trust me anymore?”

I was surprised by how calm Ashton’s voice was, he didn’t act angry, more hurt I think.

He sighed and stepped in front of me. He tried to reach for my face but I stepped back. No one could touch me, I still felt Steve’s hands on me.

When I didn’t hear him talk or see any movement I moved my eyes to look at him. He was holding he hair with his right hand and looking at the ground. He looked back at me and I caught his eyes for a second before I turned my head away.

“I’m here for you cupcake, you know that don’t you?” he said softly. It’s like he felt my pain and knew I didn’t want to talk about it. He actually let it go.

“I won’t leave you; I’ll be here with you. I’ll be here and I won’t go back to London before you’re better. “

What he just said made me look up at him in shock. He can’t cancel all of that because of me. He can’t ruin his own dream because of his broken sister. I won’t let him do that, I just won’t.

I shook my head. “No” my voice came out weak and raspy. I cleared my dry throat a little before I spoke again.

“You’ve to go back” I whispered. “I won’t let you ruin this chance, you’re not staying here. I’m fine, I’m fine on my own” I kept on going, I kept babbling about how he was ruining his biggest dream if he stayed with me.

“What about the other boys? It’s their dream too, and you’ll ruin thei-“

“Stop okay. You’re more important than that carrier and they know that.” Ashton said.

“I’m okay Ashton, There’s no need for you to be here and babysit me. I have my friends and I’m fine- Please, don’t ruin your own dream” I begged him. “It’ll ruin me too” I whispered.

It looked like Ashton finally understood.


--------- ---------


Ashton left some hours after our conversation and Jenny called, Zayn too, he told me that they couldn’t come this week. They’d to wait, I told him that was fine although I really needed him now


--------------- ---------------


I promise you that the next chapter will be

better than this one.

This sucked, a lot!


I love you xx

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