Show My Love

When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


14. Incredible night


Jenny’s P.O.V

”Yeaaah! I won!” Niall yelled and lifted his hands up in the air.

“I weren’t that far away from beating you Niall” Harry said. I laughed at them. It was like I had forgotten that they were One Direction, my biggest idols. They just seemed like 5 new friends. I’ve become so close to them, at least Niall and Louis. Louis made me laugh so hard and Niall and Louis together was just hilarious. I’ve been talking to the rest too but I’ve been sitting in between Louis and Niall. I high fived Niall as he sat down beside of me.

“What’s the time?” I asked.

He grabbed His phone from his back pocket and checked the time.

“It’s 10.32 pm” He answered.

The time had been going too quick. I looked at Aurora and stood up.

”We should get going” I told her. She sighed and then nodded.

 She stood up and we walked over to where the shoes were. I pulled my shoes off and putted my black converse back on. The boys walked up to us and waited for us.

“Do you guys need a ride home?” they asked. As much as we would love to we thanked them but said no. “We’ve our car outside” Aurora said. “Oh okay.” Zayn said.

Louis wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.

“It was great to hang out with you two” he smiled and kissed my cheek. “Yea, it was fun” I smiled and I hugged him back before he went over and hugged Aurora too.

 Liam gave me a hug. “I had a lot of fun” he smiled. “Same here” I giggled a bit.

“Thanks for tonight, it were great” Zayn said while hugging me thigh.

“Thanks to you too.” I said into his chest. I smiled and grabbed my wallet as he made his way over to Aurora. I heard him give her his number and I smirked.

“Don’t forget my hug love” I turned my head and saw Harry. I smiled and hugged him.

“Drive home safe” he said and held my shoulders, I nodded and gave him a smile. He smiled and kissed my cheek before he wrapped his arms around Aurora, giving her a hug too.

“Bye guys!! We’ve to get going” Harry and Louis said and waved. “Bye!” we all shouted back.

They disappeared out the door. They were probably heading home to their girlfriends, I don’t know if Harry has a girlfriend, but whatever. Aurora was talking with Zayn about something I couldn’t figure out.

I yawned, I was getting tired now. “You tired?” I heard an Irish voice ask. I turned my head towards Niall who was walking from the couch and over to me. I smiled and nodded. He was now standing in front of me.

“You shouldn’t be driving then” he said protective. I shook my head. “Aurora will” I smiled.

He wrapped his strong arms around me and I wrapped my around his waist. My head rested at his chest. I smiled at the thought about me hugging Niall Horan, but that quickly faded away. He was like a normal boy, I’ve got feelings for. It still hadn’t got into my mind that I had been spending this night with these boys. It’s just been amazing.  

“Why are you smiling?” Niall asked. I pulled my head back a little and saw him smirking at me. I shook my head. “Nothing really”

He pulled away and grabbed my hands. “Yes it is, tell me darling’” he smiled. I blushed. Yea, I’ve probably blushed like a billion times like I said I would. “No it’s noting.” I said and looked up at him again. “Pleaseee?” he made a pouty lip. I giggled and couldn’t say no to that cutie.

“It’s just that I’m actually a huge fan of you guys and..” right now, at that point it suddenly hit me that I had been spending my whole night with my favourite idols. I felt tears bring up to my eyes and I bit my lip to hold them back.

“..I-I –It’s just so unbelievable.” I smiled and let go of one of Niall’s hands to wipe away my tears. I looked up at him and he was smiling.

“Why are you smiling now?” I asked. I wiped away some other tears.

“I think I just ruined my whole makeup” I sighed.

Niall chuckled and grabbed my face. He wiped away my tears; they were still running down my cheek. I was just so happy. I finally met my idols.

“You don’t need makeup to cover-up” he smirked. I giggled.

”I think it’s amazing that I’ve met a fan that can really behave like you guys around us” he smiled.

I was about to tell him something more but someone started to call me. Niall let go off my face and I grabbed my phone and answered it.

“Hello?” I asked through the phone, I lifted it a bit to check who it was; Luke.

“Yes hello. Where the fuck are you?” he asked raising his voice.

“I’m sorry. We’ll be home soon.” I sighed.

“I’ve been calling you plenty of time and Ashton has been calling Aurora. You were supposed to be home an hour ago.” He was now almost yelling. “Where are you?” he asked but a bit calmer this time.
“I’m still at the bowling; we just forgot the time okay? Calm down” I said, I was getting annoyed.

“You should’ve answered your calls.” He murmured. Was he getting mad at me?

“My phones were in my wallet and Aurora’s too” I said.

“You should get home now, and we’ll talk about it when you’re home” he said.

“What the? You’re sounding like my fucking dad and you’re not Luke.” I raised my voice.

“I’m supposed to look after yo-“

“I can look after myself Luke” I said and then hung up.

I groaned and put my phone in my back pocket. I looked up and saw Niall still standing there raising his eyebrows.

 “Sorry, my brother is jus-“ he cut me off. “No, it’s okey” he smiled.

“You’re just cute when you’re mad” he blushed and looked down. Niall blushed, that was really adorable. I giggled.

“I’ve to go, my brother is pretty mad” I sighed. Niall nodded and gave me a last hug.”Uhm.. Do you mind if I can get your number?” Niall asked nervously. I quickly smiled. “No, of course not” He smiled and handed me his phone. I typed in my name and my number. I saved it and now my number was on Niall friggin’ Horan’s phone. I handed Niall his phone back and he thanked me.

“Okay Aurora, you’re ready to go?” I asked as I turned around and spotted her and Zayn sitting on a coach chatting. “I’ve been ready for a while yes” she smirked and stood up. Zayn laughed and gave her a hug. Niall gave her a hug too and Zayn gave me another hug too. As he was hugging me he whispered something in my ear. “I’m getting exiting for your wedding” he pulled away and smirked. I laughed at his comment and shook my head.

“Bye, we’ll hang out tomorrow okay?” Zayn said. Me and Aurora both nodded and said goodbye.


Aurora’s P.O.V

I was standing with Zayn and talking when Liam came up to us and said that he had to go.

“Okay bye Liam” I hugged him and he said a quick bye and left. I looked over at Niall and Jenny who was holding hands. I smirked at them and I could see Zayn doing the same.

“They’re adorable” Zayn said. I turned my attention towards him and nodded. “Yes they are“

“Let’s play a game and let them have their moment” he smirked. I laughed and followed Zayn. We walked over to air hockey. I smiled and we putted on some money. I grabbed the red play-held mallet and Zayn grabbed the blue one. In the middle of the game it was tie; 9-9. The person who was scoring next, won. I shoot the puck in the slots of the table on Zayn’s side and scored.

“Yey! I won!” I laughed. “You’re just lucky” he said.

I laughed “No, I’m not. Do I hear someone pouting?” I asked holding my hand behind my ear, pretending that I was listing for something.

He laughed and wrapped his arms around my shoulder. We walked over to the black leather couch and sat down. I and Zayn talked about random thing before I heard Jenny’s voice.

“Okay Aurora, You’re ready to go?” she asked me. Save me. I’ve been ready for a while now.

“I’ve been ready for a while yes” I smirked and stood up.

Zayn laughed and stood up too. He gave me a hug and whispered in my ear.

“I’ll is calling you tomorrow” he pulled slowly away and I nodded and smiled.

He walked over to Jenny and gave her a hug as well. Niall smiled and walked over to me.

He gave me a hug “It was nice meeting you” he said and pulled away.

“Yea, it was great meeting you too” I said and he smiled.


----------- ---------------


In the car ride home we were both talking about how amazing this day had been. I began to shake. I was NOW realizing that I’ve been hanging out with those amazing boys. Like, my dream has actually become true. I felt some tear run down my cheek.

“Are you okay?” Jenny asked worried. I looked away from the rode and at her for a minute.

“Yes, I’m just really, really happy! This night have been unbelievable” she smiled. I looked back at the rode.

“At least you didn’t start to cry in front of you idol” she giggled. I laughed.

“You cried in front of them?” I asked.

“Yea, it just suddenly popped up in my head that I’d been hanging out with my idols. So I started to cry in front of Niall” she spoke.

I laughed and we continued to talk about our incredible night as we drove home. 

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