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When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


39. In your wildest dreams


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Jenny’s P.O.V


”You need to get back to your room” I giggled as Niall nibble at my earlobe.

“Ugh, I want to stay here” he said and collapsed on top of me.

“You’re squeezing me” I laughed. Niall sit up a bit, his knees on each side of my waist. He grabbed my face softly and kissed me passionately. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and massaged my tongue with his. As I grabbed the back of his neck, my bed room door opened. Niall shot up from the bed and I did the same. We both landed on the floor, me on top of him. Perfect.


Ashton’s P.O.V


After kissing Aurora’s cheek, I walk up to my room. Zayn is really a good guy; all the time I’ve spent with him proves that. He’s caring and honest. I don’t think he would try anything on Aurora. He told me he has sisters himself, even thought their young he warned the boys before they met his family not to touch them.  I think he’s as protective as me for his baby sisters. I noticed that I forgot my phone on the table downstairs and made my way downstairs again. Well back to Zayn, I thought he was trying things with my sister but after tonight. He’s been talking to me and only me. I don’t think he’ll do anything, we’ve gotten really close and we understand each other. We’re practically like broth- WHAT THE FUCK? I take that back, every single word. Seeing Zayn kissing my sister like that, on OUR couch, in OUR living room and in OUR freaking house, makes me want to kill someone.

“We can’t do this here” Aurora whispered as Zayn’s hand went under her shirt. I felt the blood in my head boil, I will explode any minute.

“Yes, I completely fucking agree with you Aurora” I growled. I saw them both freeze and Aurora covered her face with her hands. Zayn closed his eyes and sighed heavily. He got of my sister and stood up slowly. Aurora sat up on the couch, her back was facing me while Zayn was just standing there looking at the ground. “I can explain” he whispered.

“Yes. That would be great, I really want a good explanation” I growled. “An explanation on why I trusted you at all” I raise my voice and I see Aurora flinch.

“I and your sister have been going out before you left with us to go to London” he spoke, he was nervous. I could see and hear it. And I was going crazy, crazy mad. Zayn opened his mouth to talk but Aurora beat him.

“He wanted to tell you Ashton, but I begged him not too” she stood up and walked over to me.

“I know you had a clue that I was meeting someone, you just didn’t know who” she said.

“You know, I really wanted to tell you but I know how you’re reacting after everything that happened. But don’t you think a boyfriend is what I need?” she asked, playing with her fingers while she looked at her feet.

I stood there looking between them both; I know Zayn is a great guy. I just don’t wanna admit it now, after what just I saw. He was actually trying to sleep with my sister on th- I pushed those thoughts away before I was lying on top of Zayn, choking him. I didn’t want her to have another boyfriend after Steve. What if he ended up just like him, I knew I was overreacting, but you never know. He was my friend too.

“Can’t you just give him a chance… and me?” she whispered. I shook my head.

“Go to bed, and Zayn..” I said and looked at him. I sighed before I spoke. “Take care of here and don’t sleep with her yet”

Aurora squealed and jumped on me. “I love you so much Ash” she said and kissed my cheek. Seeing her  this happy because I gave her my permission to date Zayn was great. It made me feel like an amazing big brother. She let go of me and I smiled at her. Zayn walked over to me.

“You can trust me Ashton. We’re good friends. We understand each other” He assured, I nodded before I went up to my room after grabbing my phone.


Niall’s P.O.V


It felt like it’s been years since I last touched Jenny. Feeling her lips one mine made me go crazy, even crazier than what I went when I saw her earlier tonight. Jenny grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer to her as we shared a passionate kiss. I’ve missed her lips so bad. I heard the door open which made me pull away and fall down on my back on the floor. I accidently dragged Jenny with me and she fell straight on top off me, hitting my private area with her knee.

“Ahhh” I groaned and lifted my legs up to my stomach.

“You two should better get up from the floor before Luke comes up” Harry said. I heard Jenny sigh in relief and I did the same. I was 100 percent sure that it was Luke who came in the door.

“I’m so sorry babe” I heard Jenny say.

I opened my eyes and saw her sitting beside of me, her eyebrows were furrowed and her bottom lip was between her perfect straight teeth.  “I’m ok” I let out a low groan.

“Where did I hurt you?” she asked, worry taken over her face. I moved my hand to my crotch.

“I’m sorry” she giggled, then blushed a little. “I was about to make the place I hurt feel better, but forget it” she said. I started laughing really hard at what she said.

“Get up!” Harry hissed. “He’ll be here any minute”

I sat up and Jenny stretched out her hand after she’d stood up. I took it and she helped me up.

“Why did you interrupt us Harry?” I said as I tried to get comfortable standing.

“Because I knew you were here and I didn’t want you to get busted” he said calmly. He then walked out and left the door open.

“You should make my hurt place feel better princess” I whispered and kissed her cheek before I tip toed out of her bedroom and into mine.

I closed the door, dripped down to my boxers before I threw myself on the bed. I heard my phone vibrate; I got it out of the pocket of my jeans, which was lying on the floor.

‘In your wildest dreams ;)’

I laughed at Jenny’s text and put it on the nightstand before I drifted to sleep. 

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