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When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


22. I promise


Luke’s P.O.V

Finally school was over and I hurried home to Jenny. She was sick and had been alone the whole day. I parked my car outside the house and noticed a black Range Rover beside my car. I quickly got out of my car and ran for the door. I opened the door quietly without making any noises. I tiptoed over to the living room. My brain almost exploded at the sight of my sister kissing that blond guy on the couch.

“What the fuck is going on?” I yelled.

The blond guy quickly jumped up off of my sister. I clenched my jaw and studied Jenny’s face. She looked at me and bit her lower lip.

“I said, what the hell is going on?” I was still extremely angry but I wasn’t yelling.

“You’re supposed to be SICK Jenny. As fast that I’m out of the house you’re here kissing a boy you haven’t even known for a week!!” I was back at yelling.

She sighed and stood up. “Luke you can’t control my life anymore” she whispered. Her eyes were focused at her fingers.

“How old are you?” I asked the blond guy, ignoring Jenny’s statement. I raised my eyebrows at him.
“I’m 20” he said.

“Jenny is just 17!” I yelled in his face. “Almost 18!!” Jenny yelled and pushed me away from the guy.

“It doesn’t matter! He’s probably just interested in your body Jenny!” I yelled in Jenny’s face.

“That’s not true” the guy said.

“What’s your name?” I asked him. “Niall” he spoke.

“Well, Niall. From the famous boy band right?” I glared at him “Can’t you just get the hell out of here, and never come back. I don’t want to see your face again. I don’t want to see you anywhere near my sister” I yelled.


Jenny’s P.O.V

Niall looked at me but before he could even say a world Luke’s fist connected with Niall’s jaw. My eyes widened. “Luke, what the hell is wrong with you?” I yelled and covered Niall’s face carefully in my hands. “Are you okay?” I asked worried. He nodded. “Maybe I should go” He whispered. I sighed and nodded, a tear escaped my eyes and Luke grabbed my arms pulling me away from Niall. “Go!” Luke looked at Niall and Niall nodded. He walked out the door leaving me in Luke’s arms. I pulled my arms from his grip and ran up the stairs. “Jenn-“ Before he could finish I slammed the door shut and locked my bedroom door.


Zayn’s P.O.V

I was holding Aurora’s left hand while we were walking in the sand on the beach. Aurora held her heels in her other hand. The clock was 8.53 pm and the sun was going down. “Look how beautiful it is” I stopped and admired the sea and the sunset. Aurora let go of my hand and sat down in the sand. I smiled and joined her. She pulled out her phone and took a picture of the sunset. I looked at her face as she lift up the phone and took a new one. She looked at the picture and smiled. “Look at-“ She turned to face me but stopped when she caught me staring at her.

“Uhm, look at the picture” she said and handed me her phone.

I grabbed it and looked at it. “Isn’t it beautiful?” she smiled and leaned into me to get a glance of the picture. “Yes it is.” I said and handed her phone back. “But not as beautiful as you” I said when she was about to grab the phone. She stopped and looked at the phone. We were both holding it. She let go of it and turned her head towards the sea. “What’s up” I asked, feeling myself getting worried. “Oh, it’s nothing.” She turned towards me again and forced a smile.

I sigh. “You can tell me love” I grabbed her small hand and held it in mine.

“Uhm, before I moved here I had a boyfriend and we had been dating for a long time. It was my first boyfriend and my brother really liked him.” She stopped for a second then continued again. “One day when I was home alone with him, he told me that he didn’t love me anymore. He told me that had been betting on how long it would take me to fall in love with him” she took a big breath and bit her lip. “He told me that he would have never dated a girl like me. He said that I was worthless, ugly and so much more” tears poured out of her eyes. “I believed every world he said and and he also took my virginity. That was the most important thing about the bet.” I could see that she had a hard time, she was crying so much. “He n-n-needed to p-prove his f-friends tha-at h-he had slept w-w-with m-me, so he videota-” I stopped her and hugged her tight. She sobbed into my chest as I stroke her hair and held her body close to mine. I kissed the top of her head; a tear ran down my cheek at the horrible thought of what that boy had been doing to her.

After a while, Aurora calmed down. She sniffed and mumbled something into my chest but I couldn’t make out what it was.

“What did you say?”  I pulled her carefully away and cupped her cheeks with my hands.

“I said that you saved my life” she whispered.

“How so?”  I furrowed my eyebrows.

“All the songs, the tweeting, the messengers about how much all of your fans was worth, helped me to change my mind.” She said.

 “From what? What did you change your mind from?” I asked.

“Some days later I had got so much hate and texts which said I was a whore because I had already slept with someone, that I was ugly and didn’t deserve to live. So I was always locked in my room, listening to music… and cutting “ She whispered the last word and it made my heart break. I was still holding her face but she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at her fingers while she was fiddling with them.

“One day when I actually couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to just end it all. But before I left my house I got a notification. I was a fan of you guys, and the notification was from Twitter. It was long message you and the boys had been writing for all those insecure and hurt girls. That was when I changed my mind.” She finished and bit her lip. I smiled at the though. I remember that we were writing that message. We were supposed to tweet it the day after, if we had done that we wouldn’t be able to save Aurora’s life. My smile disappeared from my face again.

I pulled Aurora’s face up to look at me. “Aurora, you’re beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You’ve to believe that” I said. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

“But, I don’t have the perfe-“ I but her of by placing my lips on hers and kissing them. Seconds later she was kissing me back.

We pulled away and stared in each other’s eyes. “You’ve to remember that you’re beautiful Aurora” I whispered.  

She sighed. I stroke her cheek. “Please, promise me that?” I plead. She gulped but then gave in.

I promise” she nodded.


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