Show My Love

When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


19. Guilt


Aurora’s P.O.V

The school day was finally over and as I thought Jenny was too bad to come. I walked out the entrance and made my way over to where Zayn should pick me up. I looked over at him and saw a crowd of girl sounded around him. I sighed and recognized them all. They were all from my friends. I headed over to them and when Zayn saw me his eyes lighted up. I gave him a smile and he pulled away from the girls and walked over to me. He pulled me into a hug as he whispered into my ear. “So glad that you came now” it gave me goose bumps all over my body.

Zayn let go of the hug and grabbed my hand. He pulled my over to his car and all the girls followed him.

 “Why are you hanging out with that girl?”

“Are you dating that ugly bitch?”

“She’s ugly Zayn, come on you can do better”

My mouth fell open as I heard their terrible comments. They were supposed to be my friends. I’ve known them for years. Have they been using me to get in touch with my brother or something? I felt a tear slip out of the corned of my eyes. Zayn helped me in the car and closed the door. He made his way around the car and then got in the car. He started the car and drove away from the girls, who once were my friends. My eyes were locked at my hands in my lap. How could they do that to me? They’ve been my best friends for year, and now everything was turned around. Everything was an act?

“Don’t listen to them Kitten” Zayn said, reaching for my hand in my lap. He intertwined our hand. They fit perfectly together. I smiled as he squeezed my hand.  “You’re beautiful” he said. I looked up at his gorgeous figure. His eyes were focused on the road. “Like what you see Kitten?” he asked, taking a quick glace at me. I giggled and nodded. He blushed and looked back at the road. I made Zayn Malik blush!!

Zayn stopped outside my house

“You still remember our date right?” he asked me, looking into my eyes.

 I smiled “Of course I do”

“I’ll pick you up at 6” he smiled.

“Ok, what should I wear?” I asked him.

“Put on something nice but not too nice” he smiled. I nodded and stepped out of the car after giving him a hug. I ran up the stairs to my house and unlocked the door.

“Hey Ashton?” I called.

No answer, he was probably still at school. I ran up the stairs and into my bathroom. I stepped into the shower after taking all of my clothes off.  When I was done in the shower and had changed into sweatpants and a tank top the time was 3.45 pm. I still had some time to to relax and eat.


-------------- --------------


I grabbed my phone and checked the time; 5.05 pm. I jumped up from the couch and walked into the bathroom. I started to put on a thigh white tank top and a light pink high waist skirt above my tank top. I sprayed on my Selena Gomez perfume and applied my makeup; light pink and white eye shadow, mascara and some light pink lip gloss. I curled my hair and put on my earrings and added my matching pearl necklace and bracelet. I slipped on my white pumps before I headed down stairs.



Aurora's outfit;


(pic underneath) 


I stepped into the kitchen and got something to drink, I heard the door open and someone walking in.

“Hello?” I called out.

“It’s just me cupcake”

 Ashton. Oh shit. I’m going on a date and I just broke up with my last boyfriends, Ashton doesn’t want me to date at all. I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard Ashton clear his throat. I looked at him and gave him an innocent smile.

He raised his eyebrows “You look beautiful Aurora, where are you going?” a hint of annoyance in his voice.

 I swallowed the water in my mouth and sighed.

“Just going out with Jenny” I lied.

“Jenny?” he asked.

I nodded “Mhm” I looked anywhere but at him, he knew when I was lying just by looking into my eyes.

“Look at me” he said.

“I have to go now” I said quickly, avoiding eye contact. I was about to walk past him but he grabbed my wrist and turned me around. He then took a hold of my chin gently and looking into my eyes. “Where are you going?” he asked again.

“O-out with Jenny” I stuttered.

 He sighed and looked away, still holding onto my chin. It looked like he was in deep thoughts. He finally looked back at me and spoke.

“Why do you keep lying to me?” he asked, a bit of hurt in his voice. I looked down at the ground.  “Please answer me cupcake” he said softly stroking my cheek.

 I heard a car pull up in front of our house and my head shot up.

“I’ve to go” I said and wriggled my chin carefully out of his hold. I grabbed my wallet before I ran towards the door in my high heels. Before I walked out the door I took a quick glance at Ashton, he was looking at me, hurt and disappointment written all across his face. I sighed and turned around, stepping out of the house and closing the door after me. Guilt quickly rushed through my whole body. 

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