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When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


18. Covered in chocolate


Hey, I'm sorry for my bad updating. 

I've been busy and a bit lazy, but here's

my new chapter. I hope you like it. I liked writing it actually:))

Love you xx


------------- ----------------


Aurora’s P.O.V

’Hey love! Do you want me to drive you to school? :) – Zayn’

I smiled even though I'm exhausted after yesterday. Ashton invited Luke, Michael, Jenny, Calum and some of my other friends over last night. I did drink but not that much. I didn’t get drunk like some of my friends. Michael got pretty much drunk and Jenny did too. They were dancing together like some crazy monkeys. I bet they’ll have a really bad headache today. Jenny and Luke wasn’t talking to each other the whole night, only when Luke had to take Jenny’s drink away from her. I think Jenny is gonna get in so much trouble. Luke told her to not even touch one of the drinks.  I was enjoying the night, without getting drunk.

‘Yeaa. That would be great :) – Aurora’ I sent the text and crawled out of my bed.  I grabbed some plain skinny denim jeans and a white t-shirt with ‘DREAMER’ written across the back. I did my normal morning routine in the bathroom then headed down the stairs. Ashton was already at school. I made myself some toast and ate it before I headed slipped on my white converse and headed out the door. Zayn wasn’t here yet so I leant against the wall and waited. Some minutes later his car pulled up on the road in front of me. I waved and ran towards the car.

“Hey” I smiled. He leant over and gave me a hug. “Good morning” he answered and pulled back.

Zayn drove me to school, then drove away after making it clear that he was picking me up after school and that he was taking me out. “Come on a date with me?” he was giving me a half smile. It was super cute. I smiled and nodded.


Jenny’s P.O.V

I rolled over in my bed, lying on my stomach, and buried my head under my pillow. My head was hurting like hell and I was feeling sick.

“Time to wake up Jenny!” I heard Luke yell from outside my door.

I flinched; his yelling made my head worse. After some minutes, he came in my door.

“Jenny wake up” he threw a t-shirt at me and I groaned and threw it at the floor.

“Leave me alone Lukeeee” I whined.

“No, you’ve school silly”

“I’m not feeling well” I mumbled, still holding my pillow over my head.

I felt him sit down on my bed. “Let me see your face” His hand resting on my back. I removed the pillow and turned around. I could hardly open my eyes. “You should’ve listened to me yesterday” He sighed. I raised my eyebrows. Yesterday? What happened yester.. OHHH, Aurora’s birthday party. I must’ve been pretty drunk. I sighed and rubbed my eyes. “I’ll be the best brother ever” Luke said and I removed my hands from my face.

I looked at him. “I’ll let you stay home” he said and I smiled. Totally the best brother ever.

“Thank you” I said but it hardly came out of my mouth.


------------ -------------


Luke leaved after he’d made me some breakfast, shortly after he was gone my phone beeped. I grabbed it from my nightstand and saw that it was a text from Niall. I smiled and opened it:

‘Good morning :) I’ll pick you up after school – Niall’ he’s adorable

‘Morning! :) It would’ve been great if I was on school – Jenny’ I got an answer quickly

‘You’re not on school? Why? –Niall’

‘I’m not feeling well.. -.- Ashton, Aurora’s brother, threw a party for her yesterday and I got a bit drunk -Jenny’ I took another bite of my pancake before I got another text.

‘A bit drunk? ;) I’ll be over in 10 minutes – Niall’

I didn’t reply. I got out of bed and threw some grey sweatpants on. I braided my hair quickly into a messy braid. I threw my oversized t-shirt on the bed and searched for the shirt Luke threw on me earlier. I bent down under my bed and found it. I stood up and saw Niall in the doorway.

 “Niall” I yelled and covered my upper body with my shirt.

“Omg, sorry!! I searched for you and I didn’t know that you were changing” he turned around and laughed.

“Haven’t you heard about knocking?” I asked and threw the shirt over my head.

“I thought you were too sick to go open the door, so I just walked in” he answered.

I sighed. “Well I’m done know”

He turned around and smirked. “That pink bra suits you well” he winked. “Niall” laughed and playfully slapped hit arm. He laughed and pulled me into a hug. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his. He pulled and I jumped back into my bed. Niall sat down beside of me and just watched me.

I giggled “Why are you watching me like that?”

He shrugged. My stomach rumbled and I laughed “I’m hungry” I whined and leant my head against the wall. “It looks like you’ve already eaten” he chuckled and looked at the empty plate on my nightstand. “I’m eating a lot okay?” I smiled and he just nodded and laughed. “I’m eating a lot to” he smiled. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. “Come, let’s make some food”


----------------- ----------------


“Niall” I squealed as he threw whipped cream at me. We decided that we were gonna make a cake instead of something healthy. I wiped the cream off of my face and gave Niall a death glare. I grabbed a spray box with cream and pointed it at him.

“Oh come on” he put his hand up in defence.

 “I didn’t have a spray box; I’d to use my own hands from our homemade cream.” I just laughed and sprayed the cream in his face. I laughed and ran away. Niall grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to the floor. He sat on top of me with his knees on each side of my hips. He held my hands above my head with his left and. I tried to get them free but he was too strong. He held BOTH of my hands with one and I could still not get them free. I smirked and lent up a bit, grabbing some warm chocolate on a spoon and looked at me again. I shook my head.

 “Niall, no please. It’ll hurt” I pleaded.

“It won’t hurt, I promise.” I furrowed my eyebrows.

I shut my eyes and wrinkled my nose as he sprayed some shipped cream on it. I heard him chuckle. I opened my eyes slowly and saw him holding the spoon with warm chocolate above me. The chocolate dripped down on my face. To my surprise it wasn’t that warm and it didn’t hurt at all. He put the spoon into his mouth after he was done dripping chocolate on my lips and cheek.

“It’s good” he mumbled as he pulled the spoon out of his mouth again. I giggled. I stuck my tongue out slightly and tasted the chocolate, it was really good. I nodded and he smile. “But do you know what tastes better?” he asked me. I shook my head.

It took me as a surprise as he leaned down and his lips met mine. I let go of my hand and I cupped his face, kissing him back. Niall licked the chocolate off of my lips while he kissed me softly. He pulled back and stared into my blue eyes as I stared into his.

“That’s better, your lips covered in chocolate.” He smiled. I blushed hard and he chuckled. 

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