Show My Love

When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


5. Confused

Jenny’s P.O.V


I was woken up by Luke’s gentle voice telling me to wake up. I growled and hid my face in my pillow.

“Get up Jenny. We’ve school.”  Luke laughed shaking me gently.

“Just 10 more minutes.” I whined.

“You’ve to get up now Jenny. We’re already late.”

“What?” I shot up from my comfortable bed. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I ran into the bathroom across my bedroom.

“I woke up late and kinda forgot you, sorry.” He yelled back, holding back his laugh. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I quickly threw on some black skinny jeans, with a red baggy t-shirt, written ‘Never say Monday’. I hate Mondays, so I hate this day. After a calm weekend you’re starting on a stressed new week.  I applied a little mascara, brushed my hair and braided a fishtail braid and brushing my teeth. I rushed into my bedroom, grabbing my phone, eos (can’t go one day without it. I’m obsessed with my eos. I’ve every colour.) And applying some perfume; Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears.

“I’m ready to go Luke” I said running down the stairs, slipping on my red Dr. Martens shoes. (A/N. Kinda red, don’t know what it’s called in English, sorry) I put my denim jacket and grey scarf on, then I and Luke headed out the door. We jumped in his black BMW and drove to school. Luke looked at me and smirked as we got out of the car. “What?” I asked him. “MONDAY” he smiled, laughing at his terrible joke. I playfully pushed him away and rolled my eyes. It’s like my habit to roll my eyes. I’m rolling my eyes all the time and laughing at everything, but that ‘joke’ Luke made was just tragic. It wasn’t funny at all. Luke started to calm down when he saw me not lying. He knows that I’m laughing at the most stupid thing so he’d probably found out that his joke was terrible. We reached the school entrance and headed for our second period; math. We’d already missed the first one and 5 minutes of the second one. I sighed as Luke opened the door and we stepped in. I hate to be late or school, and that’s because everyone is staring at as you walk into the class. They’re like staring at you like their eyes could pop out sooner or later.

Me and Luke walked past all those staring owls and sat down at the only two spear seats in the front. I hate to sit in the front. You can’t talk, because then the teacher will only hear you because you’re in the front. And the teacher picks the persons in the front because they see that they’re not paying attention and it’s the first persons who catch their eyes. So it’s actually the worst seat in the whole classroom. I turned around, looking through the classroom, but didn’t notice a pink head; he’s probably ditching or sick. Michael is actually a year older than us but he had to drop a year so now his going the same year again. Poor guy. I sat in my chair, fiddling with my ring on my finger as the teacher started describing some algebra. Ugh..  This week will be so long. I just want to go home.


Their outfit;

Pic underneath


Aurora’s P.O.V


I turned around in bed, stretching my hand out of my comfortable and warm bed, reached the bedside and grabbing my phone. I slide the annoying alarm off. A yawn escaped my mouth as I sat up in my bed. I grabbed some clothes walking slowly over to the bathroom down the hall. I admired myself in the mirror, making some silly faces. I washed my face, brushing my teeth, stepping into my skinny, light pink jeans and then threw on a grey Mickey Mouse sweater. I just love Disney cartoons like that, and I love pink. It’s my favourite colour. I appealed some eyeliner and mascara, pulling my hair back in a stylish ponytail. I put on a big, silver cross ring, which covered two fingers and a silver bracket I got from my mom before I left Australia. I applied one of my favourite perfumes; Vivamore by Selena Gomez.

I walked downstairs grabbing an apple, slipping on my white Vans, putting my earplugs in and shuffling my playlist as I headed out the door. Ashton was already gone to school. He was starting earlier than me. I am usually walking with Calum, Jenny and Luke to school, or taking Luke or Calum’s car but I didn’t want to talk to Calum again, and I just didn’t want to annoy Jenny with my, now broken relationship with Calum. Maybe she’ll think that’s annoying too.

‘I Wish’ by Cher Lloyd and T.I was playing as I reached the entrance at my school. I love that song, and I just love Cheer Lloyd too. I’m actually a big fan of many famous celebrates; Selena Gomez, Cher Lloyd, Austin Mahone and One Direction.

I walked down the hall, reaching my locker when I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned around, looking straight into some brown beautiful eyes. I sighed.

“What’s wrong Aurora? Why haven’t you answered my calls and messengers.” He asked me worried. I raised my eyebrows. Didn’t he know? Hadn’t Ashton talked to him?

“What?” he continued, when he saw my face. “You don’t know?” I asked him. He shook his head. “Tell me please” he pleaded, desperately to know why. I sighed again.

“Maybe the fact that you’ve been cheating on me this whole month.” I hissed, ripping my arms out of his grip.

He furrowed his eyebrows. “What are you talking about?”

“Ashton told me that you’ve been kissing and cuddling with another girl this whole month Calum” I said raising my voice.

“I haven’t been doing that” he said, reaching for my hand again but I pulled it away. “You’ve to believe me Aurora. I would never do that to you” he sighed.

“Yea, I though you would never do that either but I know that Ashton won’t lie to me about this.” I said, turning around, grabbing my English books, taking quick glace at Calum who looked broken before walking towards my class. Right now I didn’t know who to believe. I was so confused.

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