Show My Love

When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


16. Close friends


Aurora’s P.O.V

I was awoken up by Ashton’s beautiful voice singing to me. His voice is beautiful, but what the… why was he singing to me. I then recognized the song. It was my birthday, how could I forget my own birthday? I opened my eyes slowly and looked up at Ashton who was sitting on my bed beside me. He smiled when he saw me open my eyes. I was still a bit mad at him. I know he could tell because I didn’t give him a smile back. He handed me a plate of pancakes, egg and bacon. I sat up and leaned against the wall. I took the plate and looked down at it.

“Thank you” I mumbled.

He sighed and sat down next to me.

 “Are you still mad at me?” he asked. I didn’t answer him; I took a bite of my food.

“I’m sorry okay? I want you to at least be happy on your own birthday.” He sighed.

“I’m so sorry. Tell me, how was your night yesterday?” He moved so he sat right in front of me. He gave me a smile and nodded his head for me to start.

“You won’t believe” I smiled weakly down at my hands.

“Just tell me, I’ll try my best to believe you” he smiled. I looked at him and started to tell him;

“Well when Jenny and I first arrived to the bowling, a huge man stopped us and told us that we had to leave because it was already someone there. We refused to go because we’d already brought an alley. We started a fight, or not a fight but he grabbed Jenny’s arm and he started to take her out but I kinda.. jumped on his back”

I waited for a second and looked at Ashton. He seemed really interested in what happened next so I continued.

“Uhm, then we heard a voice behind us asking what was going on and when the man I turned around with me still on his back.. and guess who stood there” I said smiling widely. 

He shrugged. “I don’t know tell me” he smiled. 

“Zayn, Zayn Malik from One Direction” I smiled and he laughed.

“Really? The one you’re gonna marry” he teased.

 I laughed and hit him playfully on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s true. You’re always talking about your future wedding with him” he laughed.

I smiled and nodded.

“Well yea, but its different know because I got his number and he has mine. We’re friends Ashton” I said and jumped up and down exited.

His eyes widened. “How?” he asked.

“He wanted Jenny and me to come in and bowl with them” I smiled.


Jenny’s P.O.V

I went down the stairs, still in my pyjamas, and into the kitchen. I walked past Luke who was sitting at the dining table. I grabbed an apple and took a bite. “Jenny?” I ignored Luke as I walked past him again and laid down on my stomach on the couch. I unlocked my phone and went on Twitter.

“I know you’re mad but can you at least talk to me?” he asked. I took another bite of the apple and he sighed. He sat down on his knees beside of me. I turned my head after some seconds. “Can you please go away?” I asked as calmly as possible. He shook his head. “Then I’ll go” I said and pulled myself up from the couch. I made my way up the stairs and into the bathroom.

‘Hey, you’re awake? :) –Niall’ I smiled and typed in something on my phone.

‘Yea, I am :) -Jenny’

I intently got a reply.

‘Great, so I was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie with me and the boys. :) Zayn is gonna ask Aurora too -Niall’


Niall’s P.O.V

I didn’t know why I was so nervous. I sent the text and waited some minutes.

‘I would love too, but Aurora is turning 18 today -Jenny’ I read the text and decided to tell Zayn.

Zayn had been coming over to my hotel room early today. Neither of us could sleep. “Zaaayn!”

 “Yea?” he asked and titled his head from the bathroom. “Aurora is turning 18 today” I said. He smiled and nodded, he walked away. I looked at the time, 9.04 am. “Are you gonna do something for her?” I yelled after him. “Yea, I’m actually. I’ll pick her up in about 30 minutes” he answered back.

‘Do you want me to pick you up in about 20 minutes? –Niall’

She answered a simple yes and added her address.


-------------- ------------


I was wearing black jeans with a simple white t-shirt and black vans. I stopped outside Jenny’s house and stepped outside. I walked up to her door; I was surprised that the paparazzi weren’t here. I knocked on her door and waited for some seconds. A boy opened the door and looked at me confused.  

“Uhm, what are you doing here?” he asked me. It looked like he was kind of shocked.

“I’m picking up Jenny” I said and smiled.

“Hey!” Jenny said as she appeared in the doorway. He didn’t even say goodbye to the boy I assume was her brother. She just grabbed my hand and dragged me away from him. I got more nervous when she grabbed my hand. I opened the car door for her and she thanked me and stepped inside. I made my way around the car and glanced quickly at her brother who was still standing there giving me a death glare. I ignored it and waved at him before I opened the car door and sat down. I smiled at her and she flashed her perfect white teeth back.

“So are we going over to you hotel or somewhere else?” she asked. Her voice was so sweet.

“Uhm, I was thinking that maybe we could find a place to eat something.” I tighten my grip on the steering wheel. My hands were getting sweaty, I was nervous. I’ve never been nervous around girls before.

“Yea, that sounds great. I’m kinda hugry anyways, I just ate an apple for breakfast” she answered.

We talked about everything in the car, our family but it seemed like she knew a lot about me already. I though it actually was kinda adorable to have a friend who was a fan of me. But I got to know her more and she was really an amazing person with a great personality.

I stopped the car outside a restaurant or so. I’d never been here before. We made our way inside and took a seat. We ordered our food and it was burger and some pommes frites.  The waitress gave us our food and she was staring at me. I bet she knew who I was.

“So where was Zayn taking Aurora today?” Jenny asked with mouthful of food. I chuckled.

She slapped her hand over her mouth and apologized.

“Oh God. I’m so sorry, I’m eating like a pig” she said disguised at herself after she had swallowed her food. I laughed even more and shook my head.

“I don’t care how you eat” I smiled. “I’m eating like a pig too, so it’s not a problem at all” she giggled.

“Uhm yea, Zayn and Aurora? I don’t know actually.” I said answering her question she asked earlier.

We were both done with our food and she searched for her wallet in her bag. While she didn’t pay attention I paid the waitress and she walked away. “Finally” she sighed and opened her wallet. “How much is i-“ she stopped herself when she saw the waitress was gone.

“Where did she-“ she didn’t finish her sentence because she knew what I had done.

“Niall! I can pay for myself ya know? You didn’t have to do that” she whined.  

“I didn’t have to but I wanted to” I smiled and stood up.

“Come on lets go” She sighed and stood up.

We made our way towards the door but she stopped before we stepped outside. I turned around and looked at her. “What is it?” I asked her confused.

“It’s a ton of fans and paparazzi out there.” She said.

I looked outside and she was right. I grabbed her hand. 

“I’ll make sure that you’ll be all right” I said ad opened the door. I held her hand thigh. The paparazzi were asking a bunch of questions.

“Are you two dating?”

“Who’s this girl Niall?”

“Is this one of the girls who were bowling with you guys last night?”

We made our way to the car and drove off.

“Sorry about that” I said and breathed out. “No, it’s totally okay. Don’t worry” she smiled. I’ve grown a really strong bond to her already. We’re now really close friends.




I hope you were enjoying this chapter

Lots of Love xx

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