Show My Love

When the two girls, Jenny and Aurora, go to a One Direction concert their lives turned around. The two girl’s brothers is Luke and Ashton they’ve their own band, but not as popular as One Direction. When the two girls fall for each member of One Direction, secrets are popping up. Will they ever be able to show their love for each other?


4. A memory I don't want to remember

Aurora’s P.O.V

I’ve been lying in bed all day, crying my eyes out. I’m not mad at Jenny anymore; I was at first but not now. The person I’m mad at is Calum. I would rather hear that he’s been cheating from my brother than see it. So I should be happy that me and Jenny started that argument, because if we didn’t I would probably just been sitting there now babbling about our perfect relationship, who’s not a perfect relationship anymore. BEACAUSE THERE’S NO REALATIONSHIP ANYMORE. Ugh, I’m still pretty mad, like extremely mad. I just want to scream but I don’t because I shouldn’t be sad. He’s nothing to cry over. He’s a jerk. My thoughts got interrupted by someone calling me. I searched for my phone and found it under my pillow, the caller ID said; Calum <3. I pressed ‘Decline’ and removed the heart behind his name.

He continued calling me the next 15 minutes but I ignored them all. I went down stairs, making myself some ice cream.

Jenny’s P.O.V

I felt bad for not telling Luke. I sat beside him on the couch, we haven’t talked much. “Jenny, you wanna tell me about Aurora and Calum?” Luke suddenly said out of nowhere. I sigh and started telling him that they’ve been dating for 2 months and everything. After I told him he just sat there. “Luke what are you thinking about?” he looked at me. “I hope that you aren’t hiding something like that from me?” I smiled at him. “No I’m not” He hugged me. “You know why I don’t want you to date?” I shook my head. “Because I don’t want you to end up like mom..” Really? Was that what he was scared of? I felt a tear run down my cheek by the thought of my mom. Mom got abused by her boyfriend after dad left us, or he didn’t leave he was just on a vacation with his job. He was gonna be gone for 2 years. My mom cheated on him while he was gone. The man she was with started to abuse her because she hadn’t told him that she was married and had two kids. He abused her so much that she had to go to the hospital. After she got out of the hospital two weeks later she took her own life.

------------------ -----------------

Mom walked up to take bath while I was making her and Luke dinner. It was only two days until dad came home home for a break, then he headed back again. He’s been gone a year now, and he has one year left.. Mom has been very worried. She’s so scared. She’s scared because she’s wondering if he's going to find out that she has been cheating. She’s wondering what he’ll say. She’s wondering what he’ll say when he sees her broken and abused body. I was done with the food and walked upstairs, knocking on Luke’s door. “The food is ready” I yelled through the loud music. He turned the music down “I’m coming just one sec.” He answered and then turned the music up again. One sec for him is like an hour for me. I walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Mom the food is ready.” I waited for a while but she didn’t answer me. I knocked on the door again. “MOM!” I yelled but she didn’t answer. Now this was annoying me. I banged on the door. “Mom, I’m coming in. I’m using my key” I said and walked over to y door, pulling out my key I pulled the key into the bathroom’s door and unlocked it. I opened the door. What I saw was something I never thought I would ever see, and something I never wanted to see in my life. The bathtub was filled up with water and the water was filled with blood. I screamed and ran over to the bathtub. The only body part that appears above the water was her right foot. I’ve never cried as much before, I could hardly see. My eyes were getting blurry because of all my tears. I put my hands quickly into the water searching for her hands. It was so hard to keep my hands in the water. It was boiling hot. I slide my hand over something I found out was a knife. I pulled my hand quickly up looking at my hand. I got a big, deep cut across my palm. It was when I pulled my hand out that it started to hurt. I held my other hand thigh around my wrist. I freaked out, I couldn’t get mom out of the bathtub. I started to cry hysterically. “L..L..Luke!!” I tried to scream as loud as I could, but it was hard because of my crying and it was hopeless for him to hear because of his stupid music playing. I tried to call him again but my voice didn’t come out. I wasn’t crying because of my hand, although it was hurting as hell. I was crying loudly. I heard Luke turning of the music. “LUKE!!” I finally yelled again. “LUKE” I sobbed, still holding my hand thigh around my wrist. “Mom” I whispered. I knew she couldn’t hear me now, I knew she was gone by now. I leaned my head on the bathtub crying. “Jenny?” I heard Luke yell from his room, he was probably hearing me crying. He appeared at doorway looking at me in shook. “Get mom out of the bathtub Luke!!” I yelled, still pouring my eyes out. He rushed over to the bathtub; I could see him fighting back the tears. He didn’t want me to see him cry. He wanted me to feel safe around him so he didn’t want me to see him week. But right now he was breaking. I could see it in his eyes. He pulled mom out of the bathtub and I stared to scream at sigh of her. Her wrist and thigh had deep cuts and she had cuts on her stomach too.

---------------- ---------------

I felt Luke wrapping his arms around me. I didn’t realize I was crying. One of the reasons me and Luke moved from Australia to New York was because we had too many memories from my mom there and I couldn’t handle it. Luke is in a band so his whole band moved to New York with us. It’s been 3 months since that day. And that day was a memory I don't want to remember


----------------------- ------------------


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