Growing up as baby lux

its later on in the future and the band has broken up and lux is all grown up. What happens when she decides to learn more about her uncle and her band?


12. The boys are back

Zayn's pov:

I was down in Florida with Perry when my phone went off. When I looked down at my phone my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I saw that it was Lux calling me!!!! I haven't talked to her in like ages. I wonder how much she's changed. "Hey babe can I take this real fast?" "Go ahead Zayn." I could tell she was annoyed now. "If you don't want me to take it babe I wont take it." She just brushed it off and went off to sipping her tea again.

"Hello?" "Hi Zayn its Lux." "Lux!!!! Wow you sound like you've grown up so much!" "Thanks Im 16 now... Um I have a question for you." "Wow 16 all ready?! Im really sorry we couldn't make it to your party. Yea sure thing what's going on?" "*sigh* what would you say if I asked you to come back to One Direction?" "......Um Lux you know the band broke up and I don't think the lads are planning to forgive each other so easily." "What do you mean Zayn?" "O you didn't know? The reason the band broke up was because Harry and Liam got into a fight and Niall got hurt. Both Harry and Liam felt bad about it because Niall was a reek for awhile. They both finally agreed that they need to split up if it meant that we could keep Niall safe. So unless Harry and Liam want to make up the band isn't getting back together any time soon." "Okay thanks Zayn ill call you back ounce I've talked to the others."

With that she just hung up leaving me to get back to Perry.

Harry's pov:

I was at the grocery store buying food for Louis when my phone went off. I looked down expecting it to be Louis calling to tell me that he forgot something he needed. Only it was Lux?

"Hey Lux what's up?" "Um not much....Bye the way Harry would you like to get the band back together?" "um......... I don't Know Lux. Me and Liam aren't really very friendly right now...." "O I see sorry to bother you." "No your not bothering me at all Lux you know I love you with all my heat." "*blushing* thanks but I have to go call you back later." "Okay bye Lux love you" "Love you to Hazza."

Niall's  pov:

I guess your waiting for me to say that I was doing something. Only I wasn't doing much today. I was just at home playing with Cody well Liam went out for a jog. That's when my phone went off.

"Hey Niall is this a bad time? I know you have your hands full with Cody right now and all." "No Lux this is a great time Cody is having a play date right now. What's up?" "I have a question to ask you." "Okay sore love what is it?" "If I could get the boys all to come down and be the band one last time would you come?" "Of course I would come Lux I would love to see all the boys again." "Yay!!!" "Also do  you think you could talk to Harry and Liam for me?" "Yea sure thing Lux." "Thank you so much Niall!!!"

Louis's pov:

I was back at home not doing anything. Just lying in bed waiting for Harry to come home. For those of you with dirty thoughts Im sick. Harry is out doing my chores for me. This is about the time when my phone went off.

"Hey Louis. How are you feeling?" "I've been better. *laughing*" "Any way um would you want to maybe get the band back to gether just for a day?" "I would love to but if we do this could we do it on a day when I feel better?" "Of course Louis." "Thanks Lux." "Ill let you go Louis so you can get some rest. Feel better Louis." "Thanks bye Lux."

Liam's pov:
I was on my last block before jogging back to the house to help Niall when my phone went off.

"Hey Liam its me Niall. Can we talk when you get back?" "Sure what about if I may ask?" "It's about getting the band back to gether and you and Harry making up. So we can all be friends again." "........."

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