Growing up as baby lux

its later on in the future and the band has broken up and lux is all grown up. What happens when she decides to learn more about her uncle and her band?


5. Suprise

Niall's pov:

I was rushing to get my stuff together. "Come on Liam hurry up we're going to miss our flight to see Lux." We decided that because Cody was out of the hospital now we would take him down to see his aunt. Plus Lux loved seeing him and seeing us. Its been to long since we last saw her. I was starting to get worried so grabbed Cody's hand and led him to the car.

"Liam we'll be waiting in the car!" I still got no answer from him. I went out to car to see Liam siting their waiting for me. "What took you two so long?" I laughed and said, "We thought you were still inside we were waiting for you." Cody started to laugh like crazy. I put him in his car seat and we started to drive.

We stopped along the way to get Cody some ice cream. We figured that we might as well do this because he was being so good .


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