Growing up as baby lux

its later on in the future and the band has broken up and lux is all grown up. What happens when she decides to learn more about her uncle and her band?


2. Suprise isnt always a good thing

Lux's pov:

I was inside the house enjoying my part. The n I heard a knock at the door followed by voices. I opened the door up to see my two uncles. "Uncle Harry! Uncle Louis! you guys made it."  I was so happy now. I hadn't seen the two of them since I was just a baby.  I was pulled out of my thoughts to sound of my uncle's voices. "Happy Birthday Lux!"

I smiled at the  both of them and thanked them. Louis took out a prestart and gave it to me. I took the peasant and asked them to come in side. They both gave me sad looks. I asked them what was wrong. "I wish we could but we can't" I get really sad but I understand. Then I look up at my uncles to tell them I understand. I see their are tears in Uncle Harry's eyes.

"Uncle Harry is everything okay. He looks up at me with tears in his eyes. He just shakes his head. I put my hand over my mouth than say, "Um... Uncle Harry what happened?" He s. I ays nothing but me but gives me hug. Louis steps up and says ,"Lux don't cry its not your fault this happed." He said wiping the tears away from my eyes I started to cry. "Lux your Uncle's Niall and Liam have a baby boy and he has cancer."

I take my hand and ounce again put it over my mouth. When I finally may self able to speak again I ask Louis, "Then why is Harry crying. I mean not that its not something sad because it is." Louis didn't say a word this time Harry spoke up.

Harry's pov:

I was standing their crying my eyes out well Louis told Lux about what was happing. I coundt help but feel so bad. I mean it was her birthday and here we were crying. I looked up at her when I new Louis couldn't talk about it any more it was to painful. I knew this because Louis was not a widow father with a 8 year old little girl who looked up to him to care for. Lucky for him he had me and I had him. I said to myself Im sorry Niall but your on your owen right now my Lux needs me.

"You know what Lux me and Louis can stay for your whole party." I put on a big smile and looked at how happy she got and how confused Louis got. "Really Uncle Harry you mean it!" I looked at Louis and then back at her. I said, "Yes, Lux I really mean it." She screamed and ear splitting scream of joy.

Louis pulled me to the side, "Harry what are you doing I thought we had to go some where?" "We did Louis but look at how happy she looks now. Its her birthday I couldn't stand to leave her their in tears."

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