Growing up as baby lux

its later on in the future and the band has broken up and lux is all grown up. What happens when she decides to learn more about her uncle and her band?


4. One more preasnt

Lux's pov:

I got up stairs and the first thing I saw was the old picture of my uncle harry and the lads when they were all young and still in a band. I looked at the old picture as tears filled my eyes. I really did miss them when they were still band. I always had so much fun with them.

I put the picture back down on my desk. I looked over at my bed and I saw that their was a package on it. Their was a note attached to it to. I picked up the package and read the note.

Dear Lux

Happy sweet 16! You've grown up so much since we last saw you. Were really sorry we couldn't come to your party today. We've just been really busy with every thing and Cody's in the hospital with cancer. Its just been a lot to handle. So yea any way we hope you like this gift we know its not much but still. Also we might be flying down to London with Zayn and Perry to see You Harry Louis and Eleanor to if Lou and her are still together.

Niall, Liam,Cody

I opened the package up and saw that it was picture of Liam and niall I smiled and decided that I would wright them a thank you letter and put harry and Louis collage they made me in a frame to.

This is the gift that Niall and Liam gave me.

This is the gift that Harry and Louis gave me


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