Growing up as baby lux

its later on in the future and the band has broken up and lux is all grown up. What happens when she decides to learn more about her uncle and her band?


3. Happy sweet 16 Lux

Lux's pov:

Harry and Louis stayed for the party and we all had a blast me and some of my friends asked Louis and Harry to tell us stories about the old days with the band. Way back when I was just a little girl. Their stories were really cute. Harry told me about how when I was little me and him spent a lot of time together. A tear rolled down my face because I remembered those days and how much fun we had together  as I grew up.

He told us about how he wished he could go back to those days when nothing seemed like it would change. Way back when the band One Direction still existed. Well it still did just their music not them as a band any more. Louis jumped in and told us about Niall Liam and Zayn and how much fun that he had with them.

Harry added that I meat them when I was a baby to. I don't reamber what they look like any more but I still have very fuzzy memories of what they looked like and how they sounded. I can tell you now that if I saw a picture of them I probably wouldn't reamber them.

Finally the party ended and I said good bye to ever one and thanked them for coming. When my Uncle Louis and Harry had to go I was sad. I didn't want this night to end beauces  I hardly ever saw them any more. I gave them each good bye hugs and kisses and wen to go and help my mom clean up the house.

"Mom im all done cleaning the rappers up! im going to go and put all my presents away now!" I yelled as I walked up stairs. I got no answer so I figured that she must be doing something or didn't hear me. O well. I went up stairs and into my room.



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