Growing up as baby lux

its later on in the future and the band has broken up and lux is all grown up. What happens when she decides to learn more about her uncle and her band?


10. Back in the old day's

Me and the lads had just finished singing and we were joking around and just enjoying being a band together.........

"That was so much fun!" Niall's eyes where shinning a bright blue color like it always did when he got excited. We all laughed as we went back to talking "So now lads what should we all do?" Louis was looking around at all of us. Looked over at Harry and Zayn and said, "Well boys what do you guys wan to do?" Harry and Zayn looked at each other and then back at me. "We don't know?" Harry said looking at Niall who had a crazy twinkle in his eyes.

O boy this can't be good! I thought to my self when saw the sparkle in Niall's eye too. We all stood their watching as a grin crawled across his face. All of a sudden he opened his mouth and screamed, "IT'S PARTY TIME!!!!" We al laughed as he took us bye the hands and dragged us to the pub wear we had the best time ever.

"Wait where does the part that split you guys up for good come in? Not to sound pushy or anything Liam?" "It's coming up Lux hang up!" "*laughing* Okay okay you win!" "Any way as I was saying......"

We were having a great time. Yes we did get a little drunk well Niall got really drunk. We deiced to go home after a while of getting drunk. When we got home all hell broke lose. We screaming and fighting and at one point Niall went and crawled into a corner and started to rock back and force.

"I'm always stealing the spot light!" Harry was yelling at me with anger in his eyes. "Yes! Every where we go if their are camera's you just have to pose!" If it wasn't for Louis we might have killed each other...... "GUYS STOP IT! LOOK AT WHAT YOUR FIGHTING DID TO NIALL!!!"  We both turned our heads to Niall only to see him passed out on the floor. We stood their in horror as Zayn ran over and picked Niall up running him over to Harry's car. "Come On harry we need to get Niall some help now!"

Harry didn't ask any question as he got in the car and started to drive. Well Niall was in a coma we decided that we couldn't stand being to gether if it meant that we might hurt Niall. So when Niall woke up the band split up and we went our serpent ways. Harry and Louis moved in with each other and fell in love. Zayn and Perry got married and had a kid. I took Niall in until he got better. Then when he was better he feel in love moved out and then broke up with her and moved back in with me and we have been to gether ever sense then.


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