If only...

Emily lives with her mother and her little brother. She's 17 turning 18 in a few months. Her father visits occasionally and those visits are usually accompanied by violence. Emily finds out that One Direction are in town and will be visiting her small family diner before and after a concert. She had never been a fan, until she saw him..


2. The Visit.

Emily's P.O.V. 

BANG BANG. "Emily, Get out of the bathroom!" 

 "No! You cant make me!" 

"Emily do you want me to break the door down?" My dad seemed mad, Like always. 

I opened the door slowly.

 "You've missed the whole visit. You must clean the stove and be ready for one direction. Please dress PRESENTABLY." 

" I am.."

"No You're not! Those are hooker shorts and your shirt showing off your girls... You look like a slut." 

He slaps me hard across the face and i yelp in pain and fall to the floor. I start crawling away and he grabs my leg and punches me hard in the ribs. The tears start falling down my face, I cant help but shake. 

"Excuse me sir, But thats no way to treat a lady."

It was a thick irish accent, I look up and see a full head of blonde hair. It's the first thing I notice. 

"Mind your own business, Kid."

"You do know who I am, or am I mistaken?"

"You're Niall Horan, I am no fool." 

"Exactly, Now keep your hands off of her."

My dad walked away and went downstairs. Niall walked towards me and offered a hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up, I gave him a almost silent thank you then started walking awkwardly to the stairs. He grabbed my arm "Wait.. No 'Thank you'?"

"Oh I'm sorry, You must think I'm so rude.. Welcome to Mississippi and thank you for uh..."

"Saving your tail? Protecting you?"

"Yeah.. Thanks for that." 

I felt an odd feeling in my stomach like we were connected in some sort of way.. I started walking down stairs.

Niall's P.O.V. 

She must think I'm a total jerk. She still had tears running down her face, She looked so beautiful beyond that. Her bright green eyes fit with her radiant red hair.. She seemed as if she'd be fierce. I felt and instant connection. I followed her down the stairs trying to keep my distance. Did She know who i was? Did she think that I was egotistic? 

"Ey, Niall! Did you even notice that this was Nando's?" Harry asked


Wow she was gorgeous and she lived above Nando's!

"This is my family's restaurant.. and thank you." Emily smiled. 

"Oh i'm sorry, you werent supposed to hear that..." I could feel my cheeks turning red.

"It's perfectly fine, Hun." 

Man that country accent..! 

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