If only...

Emily lives with her mother and her little brother. She's 17 turning 18 in a few months. Her father visits occasionally and those visits are usually accompanied by violence. Emily finds out that One Direction are in town and will be visiting her small family diner before and after a concert. She had never been a fan, until she saw him..


3. Misleading?

 I couldn't help but look at her. She was trying to keep her distance. I can't think of why though, I mean I'm Niall Horan! Shouldn't she be like, swooning over me and drooling? She just looks irritated and bored.  

"Gah! Can you not?" Emily yelled

"Whaa...? What?" I was confused 

"Sorry Em!" Jared whispered to his sister. 

"Niall i wasn't talking to you, Sorry for shouting."

"It's fine, Hun." 

I stood up to throw away my paper plate and she stood up too and her hair brushed my shoulder. It smelled of strawberry and bananas, i stopped her and looked at her.

"Wow..." I was pushing her bangs out of her face.

"Uh.. Yeah?" She said it like she was afraid of me, She kind of hesitated under my hand.. Like she was afraid of me.

"You're beautiful. Do you wanna uh.. Maybe uh.. Like get some cheesecake?"

"Hehe- Uhm, No? Maybe, Gah, I dont know, Yes." I was chuckling at her attempt to turn me down.. I knew she was a fan, But i was hoping she wasnt. 


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