one direction imagens

hey guys its my first book so I figured I would make a imagine one. so comment below who you want to be with and leave the rest to me!!!!


5. Tyler

You and Niall are on the beach enjoying your last moment together. Sadly you know that today will be your last day together. He has to go back on tour for 8 months. You don't want him to go and you know that he doesn't want to go either. Yet the both of you know that it has to happen.  What you don't know is that he isn't going away with a goodbye.

You guys have the best last day together and now its time for him to go. As you guys in the air port. He turns to you and pulls you into a kiss. When he pulls away from you he goes into his pants pocket and pulls out a box. He hands you box and doesn't say another word. All he does is kiss your for head and grab his bag. Taking one last look at you he boards the plan.

You watch his plane take off before opening the box to see what's inside of it. When you open the box you see a ring. The ring has a note attached to it. You slowly pick up the ring and read the note.

The note say's: "Hey I know that I wont be able to see you for 8 months and im sure that your hurting because I didn't say goodbye. The truth is I didn't say goodbye because I knew it would make you cry so in stead of goodbye lets just say see you later. Any way their is a ring in this box because its a promise ring. You make a promise and then as long as you wear it you cant brake that promise or promises. I have the same ring and my promince to you is that you will always be the only girl I see. See you real soon I hope! Love ~Nialler~

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