one direction imagens

hey guys its my first book so I figured I would make a imagine one. so comment below who you want to be with and leave the rest to me!!!!


16. Stella

Its valintimes day and your upset. No one has aked you to be their valtimes yet. You strat to think that no one will. Then after 5th period class ends you head to your locker with you rfirneds. Your friends keep asking you if you have a valitnie yet beacuse of course they all do.YOu shake your head in dispare and one of your firneds say, "Don't sweet it Stella your a pretty girl im sure some one will ask you."

It seems like the mooment your friend said that and you opend your locker it all changed. In your locker was a letter with a rose on top of it. The letter said:


Dear Stella

Would you be my Valintine. If yes write ye on this paper and put it in to locker 56 on the third floor after school. You'll find another note in your locker to morrow if you say yes. p.s. enjoy the rose.


You squel and write down on the paper in all caps "YES!" then you rush up stirs to put the note in locker 35. Its your lnch period any way so it doesnt matter. After you do that you spend your lunch taking guess at who it could be. It had never ounce crossed your mind that it might have been Harry then most pouplar guy in school.


The next day at school at the same time and the same period you open your locker. Their just like he said is another letter with a rose. You open the letter up and read:


Dear Stella

Tongiht at the dance look for the guy holding a rose. That will be me. See you tonight love.


You squled and went home. That night you picked out a big bright red dress.  When you got their at the dance you searched the crowed but sadly had no luck. You went and sat down upset that he wasn't her. When you looked up you saw the crowed had parted and their was a spot light on you and one on Harry. You stop to think to your self that it cant be him. The guy in the letter said he would have a rose. As your standing their looking confused  he pulls out a rose.


He pulls you close to him as you guys are dancing and whispers in your ear. "Happy Valentine's day love."

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