one direction imagens

hey guys its my first book so I figured I would make a imagine one. so comment below who you want to be with and leave the rest to me!!!!


4. Rachel



Walking down the beach hand in hand with Harry as the sun slowly sets behind you. The two of you are out on a romantic date. When as you guys are walking he stops and gets down on one knee. It takes your breath away to see him do this. You can feel your heart racing because you know what he's going to say you.

He takes out a ring and say's , "Rachel will you do me the honors of spending the rest of your life with me and be my wife?" You get tears in your eyes when you seem him pull out the ring. Yet some how you mange to say , "Yes of course I will Harry." This is the happiest day of your life.


Then just as the sun is about to kiss he pulls you into a long kiss parting only ounce long enough to say, "I could never see my self being with any other girl but you. You know why? Its because you are my world."














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