one direction imagens

hey guys its my first book so I figured I would make a imagine one. so comment below who you want to be with and leave the rest to me!!!!


12. Michell

You have this guy at school who you really like. His name is Harry and he is like the most puplare guy in school. Only he had a girl firend. You wish you could ask him out but you know he would just say no to you. Besies why would he want to date someone like you. Then one day during lunch and comes over and sits at your table. You heart starts to beat really fast but you mang to play it cool.

"Hey Michell can you meat me after school?" You can hardly breath when he talks to you but you mangto crock out an okay. He smiles at you and finshes up his lunch. When he's done he gets up and goes back to his normale table where his girl firend is siting shooting dagers at you. Ignor her and foucuse on the fac that you meating Harry after school.

Later on you meat you harry up in the back of the school by the rose garden. You ask him, "Hey Harry why did you want me to meat you after school?" He walks up to you and say's, "Michell look i know i havea girlfriend and all but would you go out with me?" You look at him shoocked and say, "But Harry what about Jen wont she get mad?" He shrugs his houlders and say's, "For get about her. Michell i love you and i always have. I jus never asked you becuse i was afriad..."

You look at him and say, "Afriad of what Harry?" He steps closer to you. Now he's so close to you that your body is almost touching him and you can see his lips hovering over yours. The very smae lips you want to kiss right now. "I was afriad that you would say  you dont' love me." You look him in his green eyes and say, "Harry does this prov to you that i love you?" With that you lean in and kiss him. Then you say, "Also the awnser is yes harry I would love to date you."  He smiles and the two of you make out,

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