one direction imagens

hey guys its my first book so I figured I would make a imagine one. so comment below who you want to be with and leave the rest to me!!!!


2. Lelei1062

Your walking down the street its nice day outside. When suddenly it starts to rain and you left your umbrella at home. As your walking in the rain a car pulls up to you. You know that you should ignore it and keep walking but your very curious to see what will happen. So you stop walking away and go towards the car. When you reach the car the window rolls down to revile a blond haired blue eyed guy.

They guy ask, "Do you want a ride?" You say, "No thank you im fine with walking." You say because you know that you know the guy. As you turn to walk away the guy in the car says, "Are you sure? I don't want you getting sick or any thing from walking in the rain." Razing that this may never end you agree to let him give you a ride.

Well you two are in the car you decide to listen to music to brake the silence. As you guys are listing to the radio to your surprise a One Direction song comes on. You start to think to your self that hell just change the station and call them something mean. You turn to him only to find him singing along to the song. You tell him he can change the station if he wants to. He looks at you and says, "Are you kidding me I love this song its my fav."

You start to smile as you say, "Really mine two!" After having a nice little chat about your other fav songs from the band you notice that your drawing closer to your house which means that your conversation will have to ended. You start to get sad because you don't want to have to stop talking to him. Finally you decide to ask him his name. To your surprise he says, "O where are my manners. My Name is Niall Horan." You start to sequel with joy at your discover.

When you get to your house you thank him. Yet its still not over yet.  As you grab your things and go to inside your house he grabbes your hand and pulls you into a kiss. When you lips part your breathing heavy now he lets you leave.

When you finally get into your house and put your stuff away you look down at your hand only to find that he wrote down his number and a message that read, "Call me if your ever alone or just want to talk or hang." You smile and say to your self, "I just meat and kissed Niall Horan and to top it all off I go his number!!!!"

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