one direction imagens

hey guys its my first book so I figured I would make a imagine one. so comment below who you want to be with and leave the rest to me!!!!


17. Elli

You and Niall are on a date when Louis comes in and rewins your date. He grabes you bye the hand and says, "If you want to have some real fun to night come with me." You know what hes talking about so you take his hand and let him lead you to his car. When you guys get Louis's house he brings you up stairs and tie you to his bed so you cant leave. Then Louis slowly un buttons his shirt. He climbs on top of you and slowly lifts your shirt up. Then he undoes both of your pants and pulls the blanket over the both you.

Next thing you know your moaning in pain yet you don't want it to end. Louis starts to kiss you making his way to your lips. His hands reach your bra strap. He starts playing with it until it comes off. He whispers something in your ear. Only his voice sounds Irish now. "Open your eyes Elli." That's what he's saying. When you open your eyes your no longer tied to a bed with Luis fucking you as hard as he can.

Instead your in Niall's house lying in bed with Niall. You look over at him to see that he is fast asleep and he's got NO CLOTHS ON!!!! A smile crawls across your face as you relize what just happend.

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