Love and Cuddles

Me and Phoebe were always the good girls. Homework on time never incomplete, never bunked or scived, and never EVER had boyfriends, or anything to do with boys! Until I met connor, everything seemed to change.


2. Chapter three

I woke up, and stood up on my feet. I had a little wobble, my feet always went funny in a morning, it was my heels they just I don't know. I glanced out of the window, and there he was. "PHOEBE ,PHOEBE,PHOEBE,PHOEBE,PHOEBE" She grunted, and turned over. Honestly, that girl sometimes. HE WAS THERE! MY BOY!!!! The sun was shining into his beautiful browny/blondey hair. He was wearing a low cut vest, skinny jeans , rolled up neatly at the bottom,  and Nike Janoskis. My idea of perfect. Perfect fashion, hair, looks and kind! Something has to be wrong.

I went to her bathroom, she had her own. She was a bit rich, very spoilt anyway. I got my hairbrush and brushed my curly mop. It wasn't exactly a mop. Well, it was in the morning. I took a shower and dried my hair.I did my makeup, my eyeliner kept going wrong. It always does this, I hate those girls with perfect eyeliner. I think its more jealousy. I got dressed, adding a rosebud headband accross my hair.

Phoebe woke up, finally. She looked at me and smiled. "Finally, my girls got some style, is that my best jumper?" She asked. "Erm yeah, you always borrow my clothes, returning the favour?" I replied. "Yeah it's fine, I need a clear out anyway, keep it, we can do a clearout today. Half of it is too small anyway" I smiled, everything seemed to  be going my way today!


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