Love and Cuddles

Me and Phoebe were always the good girls. Homework on time never incomplete, never bunked or scived, and never EVER had boyfriends, or anything to do with boys! Until I met connor, everything seemed to change.


3. Chapter 4

It was Sunday. I was sat in my room doing my homework, three page history essay on Dunkirk. "Liv, I need you to go and buy me some peppers from asda for tea, I'm spag bol." I got up and put my pen onto my history book. I got my phone, and put some trainer socks on. I went downstairs got the money, and put my converses on.

As I was walking towards farmfoods, I saw him! He was walking towards me, headphones in. He had his head to the floor. He walked straight into me, boy he smelt good. Lynx I think. He put his head up and looked at me, he broke into a beautiful smile. "Oh i'm so sorry!" He said, picking up me phone, he touched my hand. Smooth and tanned. "No, no I should of avoided you" I replied, smiling at him. My fillings glinting in the sun.


"I've seen you over the past few days, your pretty" He said to me, glancing over to the church, it had a clock, and it said 4:30" I blushed, I hated recieving compliments, I never knew what to say or do. "Thankyou, and yeah I've seen you too." He looked at me, "Would you like to maybe go out? For coffee?" He asked, biting his thumbnail. "Erm yeah, that'd be nice"  "Pass me your phone?" I passed obediently, I was not about to ruin this. After he'd put his number into my phone, under the name of Connor <3 X, He turned away. "I have to go, band practice. Text me, let me know when and where?" I nodded, smiled and went into farmfoods. 14th August 2013. The first day a boy shows interest in me, I should log that somewhere.


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