Story of my life

Lauren Degrassi. Just a normal 17 year old girl. At least, that's how she looks like. She cursed from cancer three years ago. When she was diagnosed, everything went downhill. She got bullied at school, got depressed and was about to end it all. Until she found out about a band on youtube; One Direction. She still gets bullied, but the music and the boys are helping her through everything. When she finally gets the chance to meet the boys, will they be how she imagined them to be? And what if one of the boys fall for her.. This, is her story.


2. Chapter 1.

Tuesday morning, 8am.


I walked down the road, on my way to school. Just four more days, and I would be free from hell. Just four more days, and we had summer holidays. I was slightly excited about it, even though I wasn't going to do anything. 


I wanted to cross the street when all of a sudden, a car drove towards me in full speed. I ran to the other side of the street right in time. The car flew past behind me and I breathed out in relief. 

"You could have been dead!" A voice in my head was telling me. "Why didn't you go and stand in front of that car?" 

I closed my eyes shut, trying to get the voice out of my head. I didn't want to think of these things anymore. I'm done with letting people walk over me. Done with forcing a smile on my face, every single day. I am just done. 

The large school building appeared in my sight and I groaned instantly. I didn't want to go inside. I stepped through the gates and I could already feel some eyes rest on me. People started whispering when I walked further, not looking up. Someone screamed "HEY WHORE", but I ignored it and quickly walked faster. 

I walked inside and went straight to my locker, opening it and taking my stuff out of it for the next class; art. I walked to the class room. Nobody was there yet. I decided to sit down and already start with my project, because I know what we are going to do. 

I was almost done with the sketch of the head I was drawing, when Lucas and Justin walked in. 

"What do we have here?" Lucas asked, sarcasm clear in his voice. "Did Lauren already start off with the project? Can we see it?" 

"N-No", I whisper, covering my drawing with my hands. 

"Oh come one, just us looking at your thingy won't hurt", Justin says. 

They both stepped closer to me and I was trapped inbetween them, and the wall. "Go away, please", I mumble. "It's nothing, really. It actually really sucks. You don't want to look at it, believe me."

"How about we can say that ourselves?" Lucas snatched my drawing out of my hands. He looked at it. He frowned and slowly nodded his head while rubbing his chin. "Mhm you're right, it's terrible."

"Let me see it", Justin butts in. He took a quick look and covered his eyes. "Oh that burns!" He pretends to be hurt. 

I felt all the heat in my body disappear, and I just wanted the earth underneath my feet to split up, so I could fall in it. 

"P-Please give it ba-ack to me?" I stutter, making them laugh.

"Oh, you want this thing back?" Lucas asks. I nod. He tore my drawing apart, giving me my, now ruined, drawing back. I bit my lip, trying to hold the tears back. It wasn't really working. A single tear escaped my eyes and fell onto my hands. 

Lucas and Justin laughed before they sat down on their own places. I grabbed my phone and earplugs and I did them in my ear. I scrolled down my music and clicked on "Little things" by One Direction. This has become my favorite song. Since three months ago, I am listening constantly to them. Their voices are so calm, yet so powerful. How they sing things is just so unbelievable beautiful. Just like they are. They always made me relax when I was stressed out, or depressed. Just like now. I felt the heat return to my hands, arms, stomach and cheeks and the tears were already gone. 

Today, was gonna be a hell of a day.

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