an aria montgomery story

hi my name is aria montgomery my best friends are emily,spencer and hannah were been friends forever and so is alison my parents slipt up about a month ago and im not over it yet and i am dating my english teacher his name is eraz fizts or everyone at school calls him mr fizts


3. school

me and hannah both woke up and i say"is my door locked"hannah say" i dont know"i say"but i cant get up"she say"i cant get up as well"and then i see meredith standing by us and i say"what do you"and she kissed me and she took my hand and i felt something wet and i looked down and i opened my mouth not a good idea to do because i felt her tong go inside my mouth.she smacked my arm and my tong went flying in her mouth and we had a tong war.

meredith pov

my plan was going quite well so i got on top of her and she started falling on the bed slowly and i put aria hand on my ass and i smacked her arm which meant she needs to squesse it then i put aria hand in the back of my pants and i wasnt wearing underwear. i picked her up and i placed my hands on aria ass cheeks and we walked out of the room and we went down stair and my tong was still in her mouth and i sat down and she was on my lap holding my faces or cupping it and i felt her hand go deep toward my ass hole i was right because her finger was in my ass hole and she kissed my lip and then my chin and then my neck which she sucked on and she looked up at  me and i say "get up"and she got up

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