an aria montgomery story

hi my name is aria montgomery my best friends are emily,spencer and hannah were been friends forever and so is alison my parents slipt up about a month ago and im not over it yet and i am dating my english teacher his name is eraz fizts or everyone at school calls him mr fizts


1. mean bitch

i woke up in my room my door was shut. it wasnt shut last night and i got out of bed and ran to my door and tried to open it. it was locked oh no im stuck in here forever and i realised i had my phone with me. i ran to my phone and i pick it up and i call hannah and it said i that my phone couldnt call anyone or anwser anyone and i hear someone come up stairs and i got in bed acted like i was a sleep and the door opened and i felt a par of lips on my lips and i woke up and i scream. it was meredith and she say"get changed"i say"did you lock me in my room"she say"i thought i told you to get changed"i didnt say anything i was to scared to say anything else and she kissed me hard and she moaned in my mouth as well and she say"get changed baby"and she slamed my door and i hear it lock as well she cant keep me in here forever she cant and i get changed (and that what aria wearing at the top in that pic). i hear her come up stairs again and i grabed my bag and she unlocks my door and opened it she say"are you ready"i say"do i look like it"she say"okay" say"does my dad know about this"she say"no he doesnt"i say"yes he does need to know"she say"well he doesnt need to know about this"and she grabed my hand and she pulled me down stair she say"eat now"i say"no"she smacked me in the face and she say"eat now you got one more chance"i say"fine then i will eat"she say"no more throwing it up later"i say"you think i was gonna throw it up"she say"well i know you"i say"year because you are messing with my dad honey"she say"dont honey me"i say"i think i just did"she say"that it"and she took my food away from me and no we are not dating me she just using me to get to my dad and we havent been caught by my dad yet and it has been a year as well and  meredith smacked my face and i say"ow what was that for"she say"come on we are going to school"i say"you dont go to school"she say"oh right"i say"year you dont"and she opened the car door for me and pushed me in and i smacked my head on something and i got up and i sorted out my skirt and i sit down and i put on my seat belt and she got in and she drove of and she got out her cigarette pack and she got one out and passed one to me as well and she say"here pass it me and i will light it"and i passed to her and she lit up and passed it me and she say"smoke it"i say"no"we were at red light and she smacked my face hard and i say"ow!"i yelled in pain and she say"smoke it now"and i smoked it and she say"good baby now kiss my cheek and that so how much love me"and i say"no meredith"she grabed my neck and she say"liste sweetie kiss my cheek or i make tonight a living hell"and i kissed her cheek,i say"there"she say"harder"i kissed it harder and she turned to face me and we kissed and she grabed my neck i knew it was gonna end like this and she broke the kiss. she say"finish youre cigarette because we nearly at school" she put hers to her mouth and i did to and i finished it and i say"what do i do with this"she say"pass it me "and i did and she though it outside and we hit  school park lot and she say"we are here"i say"i can see that"she say"dont make any plans tonight we are doing are everyday thing"i say"i dont want do it"she smacked my face and she cupped my face and kissed me and she broke away and i say"fine then"she say"bye sexy"i say"bye"and i open the car door and meredith pushed me out and i landed on the foot path and she passed me two thing that i really dont need is cigarette pack and lighter. i grabed my bag and i put the things that meredith gave me and i got up of the ground and before i closed the door meredith say"if one of the cigarette havent gone and if you drop it on the ground and i will be smelling youre breath as well and i wont go as hard on you but if you lie to me i will really hard on you and if one the cigarette havent gone then you wont walk for days do you hear me"and i didnt anwser her and she smacked my face 10 times hard than the last time. i say"yes"she say"yes what"i say"yes meredith"she say"yes what"i say"yes sexy"she say"much better now kiss me"she leaned closer to me and  say"no"she leaned closer and i pecked her lips and she looked at me and i walked away but she grabed my side and pulled me closer to her and she crashed her lips on my lips and she broke away and she say"now go"she pushed me and i fell on the ground and nobody was watching that and i got up and meredith was gone and emily came runing up and said"i saw that" say"how much"she say"too much"and she grabed my hand. we got to the girl bathroom and emily say"she cant keep doing that to you"i say"i know but are there any red marks"emily say"bright red"i say"crap my nee is bleeding and my arm is blue emily check my back"i turn around and emily lifted my shirt and emily say"crap"i say"what wrong"she say"it black and blue"i say"i got to go home"emily say"meredith"hannah say"what about mereith"spencer say"year what about meredith"and i explaned everything that meredith had done. spencer say"aria you cant go home"i say"well i have to or she will do that thing even hard and i mean it".first period is maths yay.

It was the end of the day and i walked out with hannah and i gave her a hug and walk to meredith because she was wait outside and she say"get in"she pushed me in and i got up and sat down and she got in and she say"dont put youre seat belt on"why not"she say"fuck the gear shift" say"fuck the what"she say"you hear me"i say"no meredith"she say"what did you say to"i say"you heard me"she grabed my neck and she say"dont think about it"and we werent driving of yet and she got up and she grabed my hand hard and it pulled me up and she pulled down my pant i really wasnt ready to do this but i really wasnt ready when we started and she say"get on the gear shift"and i go on it and i started moving up and down and meredith sat down and said"you do that whole ride and dont move and it will be a 2 hour drive"i say"why is it a 2 hour drive"she say"got pick up your dad and no he wont see this if you be a good girl"it was starting hurt why did meredith have this and she drove of. she grabed my hand oh my god its on her pussy and meredith moan"OH FUCK ARIA"i say"anothe with the sound effects"she say"no because your hand is so deep" and i take it out.

we arrived home and my dad and meredith were making out and i walked out the car and my dad was carrying meredith this is not what i want to see on a friday night and they open the door and i walk in .my dad and meredith were now half dress this what they do  everynight and i was staring at them and meredith broke the kiss and she say"this is not a show go to sleep bitch"i say"no bitch"and she smacked me really hard that i fell on the floor and she say"go to bed"and i walked up stair that bitch is a bitch and i drop my bag on the floor and i turn around and meredith was standing there and i jumped a little and she walked up to me and lifted my chin with her finger and she say"dont ever stand up like that"i say"oh really bitch what are you gonna do"she say"i know what"and she kissed me and we fall on the bed slowly and she put my hand on her ass and she smacked my back which means she wants me to squeas her ass which i did and she picked me up and she lay me on the bed the bed and she was still kissing me and my hand was in her hair and i lifted up my leg and i felt finger go in my pussy. after meredith left me i fell asleep and i dont me just a normally sleep a really deep sleep

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