an aria montgomery story

hi my name is aria montgomery my best friends are emily,spencer and hannah were been friends forever and so is alison my parents slipt up about a month ago and im not over it yet and i am dating my english teacher his name is eraz fizts or everyone at school calls him mr fizts


2. going down

i woke up from a really deep slee and i screamed i thought hannah was meredith and i say"hannah you scared the hell out of me"she say"you thought i was meredith didnt you"i say"yep but speaking of her"she say"she has gonna out with youre dad"i say"so they can fuck with out me see or hearing them"she say"how did you know that"i say"they all was go out before i wake up that why they lock my door so i wont run away"she say"and my mom spoke to youre dad"i say"what about"she say"he going on a trip to see youre mom"i say"and meredith can leave me alone"she say"nope you got it wrong"i say"what meredith gonna do to me"she say"youre dad went on the phone and she told my mom that she gonna ask you out"i say"ask me out"she say"so you can be girlfriend and girlfriend"i say"what if i say no"she say"she will smack you hard and she will start call you a girlfriend and you will go out on dates"i say"who told you this"she say"my mom because she doesn like the way that meredith is treating you and we might be sister"i say"so youre mom is adopting me"she say"heck year"i say"han be quite for a min"she say"why"i pull hannah to the door that was locked and we could hear moaning and groaning coming from down stair and i say"how did you get in here"she say" meredith put me in here"i say"that bitch needs going down"she say"year she does but why were you naked"i say"oh she kinda fucks me everyday"she say"she does what now"i say"you heard me". we hear the door unlock and meredith open it and she say"good morning baby"and i say"good morning"she say"good morning what"i say"good morning sexy"and she walks over to me and kiss me hard and rough. meredith say"get changed baby and hannah come with me"hannah say"i want to stay here"and she smacked hannah round the face and hannah say"i changed my mined "she say"good girl"and she grabed hannahs hand and walks out the room and i hear it lock i would what she gonna do to hannah and i get changed (the pic is the outfit). i heard someone come up stair and the door unlock and the door opened it was my dad and he said"meredith wants you down stair now"i say"okay are you coming down or not"he say"no im gonna get my stuff packed"and i walk out of my room and i close the door and i went down stair and i say"weres hannah"she say"eating me out and hannah go sit down"and she did sit down where she was meant to sit and i say"what do you want meredith"she say"first i want a kiss baby"and i kissed her lips hard how she like it and she broke away and she say"i want hannah to eat you out then i got you suprise up stair in youre room. before i could say anythink she grabed my hand and walk me over to hannah and she say"bend down"and i did and she pulled down my pants and then my underwear and she say"hannah do you know how to eat out someone"hannah say"no"she say"let me show you then".i felt a tong go in my asshole and she say"could you do that"and then hannah did it and then meredith say"im gonna check on the suprise and aria moan for me"ugh she tell me to moan no way and then meredith came down stair and she say"hannah"and she stopped licking me and she say"bot of you go up stair".i pulled up my pants and underwear and we both walked up stair and i told hannah to open the door and she did and we both were shocked my dad was naked on my bed rubbing his dick and what did meredith want to do with us and he say"aria come over here"i walked over there slowly and he say"pick up speed i dont have all day"and i walked over there quicker and i say"what"and he say"lay next to me"and i lay next him and he pulled down my pant and underwear and i felt something in me oh no crap im stuck in the world with two people i hate the most

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