Another Story

There are somethings you don't forget in life. Things you want to hold on to or, are too sad to let go of. My father died of lung cancer when I was eight. I never really got over it. I don't think I would want to either. There are memories I have of him that are some of the things I don't want to forget. Yes, they are sad, but they are of him in his good days. They creep up on me at the oddest of times. My father can never and will never be replaced. But, there are more of these things I wouldn't want to forget. This is one of them.


1. The Stranger

Since my Dad died, I became much quieter. My work in school improved, but my grades didn't. At the start, when I stopped talking, my Mom got worried. She brought me to loads of different shrinks, doctors and even speech therapists, but in the end they all said the same things, like;

"She's just in shock."


"Give her time and she will talk when she's ready."

You get the idea.

She stopped bringing me after a while, but I don't think she ever gave up, though, not really. I think she always had some hope left in her. It's not that I didn't talk, I just didn't talk much. I always gave straight answers and I always said it in the shortest way possible.

It's just Mom and me now. I have an older sister, but she moved out years ago. Her name is Jamie. She was sixteen when Dad died, so it was harder for her.She was in boarding school at the time. She moved to England when she was nineteen, four years ago. I talk to her more than anyone else, apart form my best friend, Mae. Her real name is Mayella, but she doesn't let anyone call her that. 

My name is Rosie. I live in Montyville, Florida. It's close to Miami. I am sixteen years old. I have a dog called Hamster and I go to Montyville High School. In my school, everyone knows everyone.


On the day that I met him, it was my sixteenth birthday. That didn't change much apart from that I'd talk to my Mom and my sister would come home for a week. I was so excited to see Jamie!

That morning, after breakfast and presents, the doorbell rang. Hamster barked back in response. The second I opened the door, Mae burst in and attacked me with a bear-hug. Within seconds I was being dragged out the door with barely a "See you later Mom! Thanks-" over my shoulder.

Once we were safely on the bus, Mae exclaimed:

"Happy sixteenth birthday!!" while brandishing a wrapped present and a card.

"Aw no Mae! I thought I said no presents!"

"You did, but I didn't!"

"But-" I started to protest, but she cut me off,

"-but nothing, Rosie. Just take the damn thing, would you?"

Reluctantly, I took the box and the card out of her hand. I took th pink envelope first, with the address: 

Rosalie Fitzpatrick,

The seat next to me on the bus,

Montyville High School Bus, 



 Chuckling quietly to myself, I eased it open so that the envelope wouldn't rip too much. Inside, it read:




Rosie :) ,

You are SIXTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :) :) :)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Have a fab day :)

I can't believe you are sixteen!!! (Granny :p )

Have fun with Jamie later :)

Your Dad would be sooooooooo proud!!!

love you xoxox enjoy the pressies :D !!


Love always, 

Mae xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



 Smiling to myself, I moved to the box shaped present covered in "Fifi and the Flower-tots"  wrapping paper. Inside was a shoe-box. On opening, I saw a picture in a frame of us at our first school dance. We were all dressed up in our favorite clothes. There was also an art pad, new paints, a big box of Nerds, a pair of fluffy socks and a small box with a necklace inside saying: 

You can't always see them but you know they are always there.


Rosie +...


 It was one of those half hearts where you give the other half to your friend. Mae showed me the chain dangling from her neck. When we put them together, it said:

Friends are like stars, you can't always see them but you know they are always there. 

Rosie + Mae


"Now you will never forget me, no matter what happens," she said to me.

" What do you mean? I couldn't forget you!!"

When I looked at Mae, she was smiling her beautiful smile. She had red, heartshaped lips, pale skin, many freckles and blonde-ginger curly hair that went down to her shoulders. Her eyes were a curios grey with a hint of blue, and she had a button nose. When she smiled, her cheks would dimple and her perfectly straight teeth would show. She was tall and slim and she had a big bust, but when I looked closer, I realized there were tears in her eyes.

"Oh my God! Mae, whats wrong?!"

"Nothing, it doesn't matter," she replied meekly.

But I knew that if I didn't push her, she would tell me in her own time. Instead, I just gave her a hug and told her that she would be fine; not to worry. As she was sobbing in my arms, I started to wonder what could be wrong. She had been fine the day before. It was so sudden. I hoped she would be okay. 


Once I knew for sure that Mae would be okay, I hurried to my class. Maths. Oh.....great.....Ugh!!! Mae didn't come with me because she had French class now. As I absentmindedly made my way to my seat, ( where i usually sat alone) I got a fright when I realized that someone was sitting next to me

"Hi," he said, "I'm Noah."

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