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There are somethings you don't forget in life. Things you want to hold on to or, are too sad to let go of. My father died of lung cancer when I was eight. I never really got over it. I don't think I would want to either. There are memories I have of him that are some of the things I don't want to forget. Yes, they are sad, but they are of him in his good days. They creep up on me at the oddest of times. My father can never and will never be replaced. But, there are more of these things I wouldn't want to forget. This is one of them.


2. Jamie

Noah was tall and muscular. He had a crooked smile and freckled cheeks. His eyes were a shocking blue and his hair was a short, tousled blonde. His six-pack was visibal through the just-tight-enough blue shirt he was wearing. His hand was outstreched, an offer.

I shook his hand polietly. His warm, strong hand gripped mine tightly. 

"Hi, I'm Rosie," I said in a small voice. I slipped my hand out of his and stared pointedly at the whiteboard.

"Do questions: A, B, C and F. You will have an algebra test next Monday. I expect high marks from everyone!" announced Mrs. Mc Cuff. 

I started "Question A, Part 1" :

If    x-2y+1=0



are the same, prove it.

I started to write: 


= -2y = -x-1

"So, how long does this class last?" he said to me in a whisper.

"Thirty minutes," I said shortly.

2y= x+1

''What's the teacher's name again?''

''Mrs Mc Cuff.''

Oh crap! What's next...? What do I do next? 

''I don't understand this!'' - he was pointing at Question A, Part one,

I gritted my teeth. He was new. ''Neither do I.''

Oh ya! y= 0.5x+1

He looked at my copy. A quick peak. He smirked to himself. He mostly kept quiet after that, though, he didn't do much work. Once the bell rang, I stood up and was walking to the door when he stood in my way.

''What are you doing? I'll be late for my next class!''

''What's your deal?''

''What?''  What the hell was wrong with him?

''Why are you so quiet?''

''I just am! Now leave me alone!''

Finally he moved out of my way.



The rest of my day was uneventful, until I told Mae about Noah. She freaked, of course.

''Oh my God! Is he hot?''


''Did he talk to you?''


''So he's new...what did you say his name was again?''


''What does he look like?''

''Well ...he kinda has..oh look, there he is! Over there!''

I pointed to where I had just seen the head of tousled blonde hair.

''Nice one Rosie!!'' she said, while stretching up onto her tip-toes to get a better view.

''I'm not going out with him or anything. I'm just sitting next to him in maths.''

''Ya, sure!''

I hit her playfully. 

"God, Mae!"


''He's so nosy though, he kept looking at my copy! Then after class he came up to me and asked me why I'm so quiet!''

''That means he likes you!''

''Pass me the ketchup.''


''What? Your hair is nice today.''

''Your quibbling.'' But she passed me the ketchup anyway.

"I am not! You're being inquisitive!''

''Shut up,'' she said with a smile.

''No you" I said messing now. 

She started telling me about her French class, but I wasn't listening. I was thinking about the stranger called Noah. 


I was in English class when they  called me out. We were just starting on the book ''To Kill A Mocking Bird.'' We were at the part where Charles Harris or Dill came to Maycomb.

''Charles Baker Harris?'' he said. ''Lord what a name''

'' 's not any funnier'n yours''. Aunt Rachel say's Jeremy Atticus Finch.

I was actually listening in this class. I liked Harper Lee. That was when they called me out. 

;;Miss Rosalie Fitzpatrick?''

The school secretary was standing in the doorway. Everyone looked at me. 

''Yes?'' I said in a small voice.

''Come with me,'' she said with a smile.

I begun to get nervous. Last time I was called out, Dad had died. It took every ounce of strength I had to stand up and follow her to the main entrance. 

My heart leaper when I saw who was standing in front of me, arms wide open, ready for a hug.

Jamie was home at last. My heart skipper a beat. For one minute I was silent. ''JAMIE!!'' I screamed as I ran into the comfort of her arms! 

The secretary shushed me but I ignored her. 

''Hey Rose,'' she said with a smile on her face, ''Happy Birthday, Go get your stuff!!''

I ran back to the classroom, skidded to a halt outside the door, knocked and entered. Noah was sitting at the front. He winked at me and I felt the blush spread across my face. Mae looked at me inquiringly but I just shook my head and collected my stuff.

Once we were in the car, I just asked one question, ''Where are we going?''

''Where do you wanna go? ''



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