Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


35. You & I.

I felt much better today which made me so freaking happy since I also got out of bed with the biggest smile on my face, what never happens. I went to the doctor yesterday and they said it was nothing bad. The boys had a day off again today so we're going to the beach in a few hours. I took some clothes and went to the bathroom. The sun was out so I put on my favourite dress.

I went to the boys in the lobby and gave them all a hug. Niall was with the others already, we had to share a room together and I didn't mind at all. The boys and I soon left with a cab to the beach. We directly ran to the water when we arrived. I laughed and felt Niall's arms around me after a few minutes, pulling me along to the water. I screamed loudly, turning some heads but I honestly didn't care.

'Niall stop! Put me down!' he did what I said, but I fell into the water.

'My dress!'

'Ooh miss perfect's dress is wet.'

'Oh you're hilarious Louis!' I chuckled. I jumped on Niall's back and laughed.

We got out of the water after a while and ate some ice cream.

'Which flavor do you want?'

'Uhm.. Vanilla!' I cheered like a little child. Niall smiled and handed me the ice cream.

He held my hand while we all walked back to our towels and bags. We sat down on the ground and finished our ice cream. I love the beach so much. There weren't any fans, which was pretty weird but I liked it. I gave Niall a kiss on his cheek when he was looking at me with a confused face since I was shrugging my shoulders.

'I was thinking about the fans, no one is here.'

'I didn't even realize that yet. At least we have privacy now' Niall smirked and came closer with his head to me. He wanted to kiss me but soon got interrupted.


We turned towards everyone and blushed.

'Get a room!' Harry laughed, winking.

'I'm sorry! It's not my fault you don't have a girlfriend.'

'I have million of them! I just have no time for all of them at the moment', he said referring to the fans.

'And you don't know all of them', I smiled. Harry always talks about the fans when I ask him about a girlfriend. It's true actually. He doesn't have a real one, but he loves the fans so much. It's really cute to be honest.

'What are we going to do tomorrow?' I asked the boys when we finished eating.

'Soundcheck', Niall said as he stood up. I pouted and nodded.

'What's wrong?' he asked, taking my hand.


There was actually something. I just wanted them to have more days off than just one at a time. The tour is almost done already, than we can be alone. At least I hope so. We went to the hotel again and I was so freaking hungry.

'I'm hungry' I groaned.

'What? You literally ate an ice cream a few minutes ago?' Niall laughed as he took my hand.

'I know, but I'm hungry again.'

'You're just like Niall. So Niall shut up, you're like her' Louis stated and winked.

'Nevermind than! If I don't wake up tomorrow it's because of you all starving me!'

'Hold on drama queen, I brought some cookies with me' I smiled and followed Niall to our room.

The others went to theirs. Harry and Liam, and Louis and Zayn had to share a room.

Niall took his bag and handed me the box of cookies. I ate them like I had not eaten in weeks. Niall giggled as I looked up at him confused.

'You're so cute' he said, lying down next to me on the bed.

'Because I'm eating?' I frowned. 'Yeah.'

'Okaaay' I laughed.

'How are you feeling today?'

'Better actually. The beach did me good.' Niall nodded and turned on the tv. I took my phone and went on Twitter.

I looked at a few hashtags and went on one.

"Holy shit. I didn't realize, but #Hiall is actually so cute together. I'm pretty sure they're dating and if not they better do! Niall's my fav & Il love him so much but I want him to be with Hillary so much."

I smiled and showed Niall the tweet. He did the same and laid his arm around my shoulder, hugging me. I laid my head on his chest and scrolled further down the hashtag.

"The fuck #Hiall isn't cute at all. They have to break up if they're dating I really don't ship them. Sink sink sink. I love Niall and loved Hillary but now I just feel like she's not good enough for him."

I sighed which made Niall turn his head down to me. He took my phone in his hands and read the tweet. He rolled his eyes and gave me phone back.

'Just ignore the haters babe. She's just jealous' I stared at it for a while and sighed again. I know I had to ignore it and I tried, but it's hard. There are worse tweets actually, so this is I think the closest to a sweet tweet hate could get.

'Should I tweet something about it?'

'Why? They'll know we're dating..'

'I know Niall, but.. Fine.'




The boys had to get ready for soundcheck in a few hours. They have another concert after that.

They're going to sing a few songs of their new album. I fucking love it. My favourite songs are Little White Lies, Strong, You and I, Midnight Memories,... All of them actually. I can't choose.

The boys soon went on stage, I danced and sang along to the music. After soundcheck we hung out outside of the arena to meet some fans in the back, and went inside again when it was time.




The concert stars in less than 20 minutes. Lou was back and did the boys' hair after they got dressed. Niall gave me a quick kiss on my lips and followed the others. I put my clothes on too, waited for Lou to do my hair and went after the boys.

'Good luck everyone!' we gave a huge group hug before I went on stage. I sang my songs and cheered loudly with the fans when I announced the boys. Niall kept staring at me when they were singing "You And I". I smiled and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. I was so happy with him.

"You and I..

We don't wanna be like them, we can make it till the end.

Nothing can come between,

You and I..."

Niall sang and looked at me again, winking. It was so beautiful. I blushed and Lou smiled brightly at me.

'You have the most adorable boyfriend ever, you should be really happy and I'm pretty sure you are.'

'Yes I am. A lot' I smiled, turning my attention back to Niall.

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