Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


76. Without My Love||Concert.

Sometimes I write and than reallize my chapters are really short, sorry. I actually update like every day so I hope that makes it better :)

PS: Omff i forgot to put christmas in the story, right?

Just imagine whatever you want as their gifts, I'm not creative so.. Idk hahaha.

Love you xx

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Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up because of my phone buzzing on my night table. It felt good to be here again. Last time I got here was about 2 months ago. Mom didn't change my room at all, she just cleaned some stuff up. I groaned and turned around in my bed, taking my phone and not looking at the caller.

'Hello?' I mumbled.

"Hey Niall, did I wake you up?"

'Oh hey babe, no - no, well.. Yeah, but it's okay. I'm awake now and I would be if you called me.'

"I'm sorry, it's because it's eleven in the morning so I thought-"

'What? Eleven?' I widened my eyes. She chuckled, "Yeah"

'I'm sorry. I'll tell you when we Skype. See you in a few.'

I ended our call and took my laptop out of my bag. I rubbed my eyes and opened my computer, going to Skype and called Hillary.

"Hey love!"

'Hey!' I smiled brightly as I saw her at the other side of the screen. She looked so beautiful again, while I probably looked homeless. I didn't fix my hair and wasn't wearing a shirt.

Not that she'd mind though.

"So tell me."

'What? Oh yeah, I couldn't sleep last night.'

"Everything okay?"

'No, well it's just because you keep flying through my head..' I admitted truthfully.

"Aw Nialler, I miss you so much. If your mom is alright, you can come back."

'I know, but I missed my family here so much so I want to stay for a while too..'

"Well.. Maybe she can consider taking a trip to here?"

'Hillary I really wanna take her her, but I can't'

"Okay, hope you're back soon though."

'Me too. I'll let you know. What are you gonna do today?'

"I don't know, nothing special I think. Oh yeah! A little concert. They called me this morning."

'What? Really? That's great, where?'

"Not far away from your house. That place you guys sang at a few weeks ago."

'Oh cool. Sad I can't be there.. Proud of you babe, are the boys coming?'

"I don't know, I'll ask them" she smiled.

'Well have fun than.'

"Thank you, what are you gonna do?"

'Nothing I guess' I shrugged my shoulders, as I couldn't help but smile. I just miss her so much and I'm happy I can see her now, but it's not the same. It's not like I can hold and kiss her like I used to.

We Skyped for about 2 hours, 'So how is the little kid?' I asked as if it was there already.

"Uhm.. Still hurts a little sometimes, but if there's something wrong I'll call Harry or something."

'Okay, but when does your mom come home? Is she still not there?'

"No.. I called her this morning and she sounded drunk.. So I think she was still partying with Jax."

'Who's Jax?'

"A 'good' friend of her from vacation" she said and quoted the good. "She told me they are nothing more than friends, but I don't believe her."

'Your mom is amazing' I laughed, 'I know she has a relationship with him.'

"Yeah but she skyped him once and he's not even- I don't even know! If he comes living here I'm gone."

'You'll see, but hey I have to go. Sorry babe, my mom needs me. Bye, I love you and good luck tonight. I'll call you soon.'

"Okay. I love you too"

I waved and sighed before ending the call. I sighed and went down the stairs.

'What's wrong mom?'

'Can you make me some soup please?' she asked, looking up at me as she was lying on the couch. I told her to rest as much as possible.

'Sure' I smiled and left to the kitchen.

'I really want to do it myself, but I feel dizzy and my legs are hurting.'

'Mom you really need to see a doctor.'

'No Niall. Thank you for coming here sweety' I smiled and walked back into the living room. 'I'll call tomorrow or something', she adds as I put the bowl down on the coffee table.

'Ofcourse, if Greg can't take care of you, I will. You know that, but where is he though?'

'He's with Denise and Theo, gone for a week.'

'Oh cool' I nodded and sat down on the couch next to her.

'Where's Hillary actually?' she asked and took her bowl, trying to sit up. I bit my lip and turned the TV on.

'In London, I couldn't bring her.'

'Why not?' she frowned.

'I didn't want her to get sick'

'But you can get sick too?'

'I would rather for me to be sick than her. Mom she's pregnant, remember?'

'Oh sweety, don't exaggerate. But that's sweet of you, I raised a gorgeous human being' she smiled brightly before taking a sip of her soup.


Hillary's P.O.V.

I just finished skyping with Niall and I miss him so much already. It's like he has been away for ages, I guess that's how you feel when you're really attached and in love with someone.. Niall is my first ever true love..

I decided to call one of the boys, I wanted to do something with them instead of staying home alone.

"Hey Hill, what's up?" Zayn asked. I smiled as I took a sip of my drink.

'Hey uhm.. Are you guys free for today?'

"Yeah, why?"

'Well I was wondering if I could come over. I have a concert tonight close to Niall's house so we can go there together? If you want?'

"Yeah ofcourse, we'll come over to yours okay? I'll let the others know."

'Thanks, see you soon'

"Bye Hill" he said and hung up the phone. I smiled and decided to change into some other clothes. I walked into my room, grabbed some clothes out of my closet and went to bathroom.

I already did my hair for tonight so I wouldn't have to worry about that. I went downstairs and heard a knock on the door. I smiled and ran into the hallway to open the door, seeing the boys within 3 seconds.

'Hey boys'

'Hey' they all waved, giving me a hug and getting inside. They sat down on the couch while I left to the kitchen for their drinks.

'What do you wanna do?'

'Uhm.. We can go to the mall?'

'AWESOME!' Louis screamed as he jumped up.

'Uhm.. I mean.. Yeah, great, great' he shrugged again.

We start laughing and all agreed to go. I put my shoes on and left to the car. There were 2 cars, don't ask me why, so I went with Louis and Harry as Liam and Zayn went together.

'So how are you?' Harry asked. Louis looking through the mirror for a brief moment.

'Alright, still in pain'

'You'll have more pain when it grows' Louis said and focused on the road.

'I know.. Thanks for reminding me Tommo' I rollled my eyes.

'And many mood changes' he added, making both Harry and me laugh.




We were walking around in the mall the entire day, until it hit 6pm and we had to leave. I have to go on stage at 8:30. I asked the boys if they wanted to come along now and they luckily accepted the request.

Ofcourse, Louis wanted to buy stuff. He bough 2 pars of shoes and a few clothes, what I thought he already had somewhere in his closet. I just bought 1 pair of shoes and some sweaters. I also bought my outfit for tonight. Alisson, my stylist, said I could chose what I wanted to wear.

I smiled and followed Louis and Harry to the car, driving to my house again. Zayn and Liam wanted to go to theirs, wanting to get dressed for the concert over there. We walked into my house, as Harry went into the bathroom to change, Louis in my mom's room and me in my bedroom. We got done pretty soon, we got into the car again and drove off to the arena. I started getting so nervous the closer we got there. I forgot how big it actuallly was.

I'm always stressed though, I'm just scared about what happens when it can go wrong.

'Hill it will be alright, we sometimes have off days too and feel like our concerts are shit. Like one time I had a voice crack and it was embarrassing as fuck' Louis laughed, trying to get me calmer. That time will never leave my mind, that was so funny and cute. Niall couldn't stop laughing back then because of Louis' little embarrassment; and neither could I even though it was a little sad for Louis.

I went backstage and met Liam and Zayn again, taking them into a tight hug as their strong arms wrapped around my waist.

'Hillary, happy you're here! Can I talk to you for a few minutes?' my manager, Josh said.

I nodded and followed him into a dressing room.

'So did you rehearse?'

'Yeah a little'

'Okay, your voice is amazing Hillary, but remember you still need to work a lot'

'I know' I bit my lip, 'But I'm sure it's going to be amazing so don't worry. Your hair looks beautiful by the way.'

'Thank you' I smiled. 'Let's go to Alisson right now' I nodded and did what he said.

I never thought this would take so much work, before I did what I do now. It's fun, but hard and stressful.

'Hey Hillary, you look gorgeous!' Alisson complimented me. 'Thank you, so do you!'

'I hope I can still be your stylist, looks like you don't need me much!' she laughed.


'Lemmeh see your outfit!' she cheered. I spun around so she could see what I was wearing.

'Giiirllll you're slaying!' she clapped her hands. I laughed and gave her a hug.

She's one of my best friends and is only 25.

'Okay so if you need any help, I'll be right here' she said and left the room. I nodded and went to my dressing room, rehearsing a little bit before she came back and clapped in her hands.

'You'll do great!'

'Do I look okay? You're the stylist'

'Ofcourse you do babe, don't worry.'

We smiled at each other and walked over to the boys who were talking to each other about God knows what.

'You look beautiful!' Liam gasped, as the others agreed. 'Thank you guys' I chuckled.

'Sadly for Nialler, he can't see his beautiful princess.'

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders, turning my head for a brief moment. I really wish he could have been here tonight.

'Let's take a picture!' Zayn said and took my phone out of my hands, giving it to someone of the crew. I smiled and nodded, standing close to each other and posing for the picture.

'Five minutes Hillary!' Josh announced. Fuck. Everyone noticed I was starting to get nervous again so they tried to calm me down as much as possible.

'It'll be alright!' the boys said, making me smile weakly.

'I hope so..' I sighed. I took my phone again and quickly checked Twitter.


@Hilla_Star"Waiting to go on stage with the boyssss.. So ready, but stressed af :|"


I tweeted it and handed my phone to Harry. He smiled and put my phone in his jacket. I smiled and got under the stage. This is going to be a surprising act, kind of. Many people did it already, but I just wanted to make the fans happy. Mostly the people in front row 'cause I'll be very close to them.

I heard everyone scream as loud as they could, making the adrenaline stream through my body.

I started singing "I Love You", the song I wrote for Niall. The lights started flickering around on stage as I went higher and higher. Everyone started jumping and screaming around. I waved to everyone, smiling brightly.


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