Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


11. Tourbus.

It was really fun in the tourbus actually. I talked with Lou when I was in her tourbus, Lux was here too and it made me really happy. After we took a quick stop she came in our tourbus with Lux. Harry was playing with her and the others were playing games.

Lou and I sat at the table, but no one was actually listening to us.

'I know I already asked you earlier this week, but how are things with you and Niall?'

'Still the same.. I guess.. Everything is going great in our relationship, but I don't know.. It's not fun still being a secret.'

'I understand love, but Niall is just really protective and wants the best for you.. You know how some fans are.. He's caring and loves you a lot.'

'Thank you Lou.. I love him so much, but I'm just overthinking sometimes.'

'You can, that's not bad, but don't ever think Niall doesn't love you.. Because he does, a lot' she said and hugged me tightly.

'Thanks Lou.. I love you.'

'I love you too, Hill. And don't break up with him. You're both perfect for each other and he really doesn't want to lose you' she said as we smiled to each other.

We looked at Harry 'cause he was stilll playing with Lux. She was playing with his hair while he took his phone.

I took mine and quickly took a picture of both of them. I called Harry on my phone as a joke because he was so focused on his game. It started ringing so his head quickly shot up, shaking his head at me.

'Your face', I laughed.

'Very funny', he rolled his eyes and turned to Lux.

'Do you guys want anything to eat?' Paul asked. I was honestly starving.

'Yes!' Niall cheered, standing up.

Paul handed us some bags with food in them, it was delicious. We finished eating before Niall came up to me and Lou started playing with her daughter.

'Are you happy to be our opening act?' Niall asked, smiling. I laid down on his chest and took his hand in mine.

'Yes and I'm happy to be here too' he said and winked. I smiled and looked at Lux.

'I love you', Niall whispered and stood up.

'I love you too blondie' I said, winking and went to Harry on the couch after Niall stood up.

I grabbed my phone and went on Twitter.

'Can I put a picture on Twitter of you Harold?' I smirked and laughed.

'What? Which picture?' he asked, eyes widened.

'A picture of you and Lux.'

'You took one?' I showed the picture so he smiled.

'You're so sneaky!' he laughed and poked in my stomach.

I laughed and tweeted the picture.

I got many retweets and favourites after like 5 seconds.

'They love it', I told Harry and Lou.

We were almost at the first tour-stop, it was London.

I was so tired even if it was only 9pm. I laid my head on Niall's shoulder and fell asleep on it.


'Babe?' I heard someone whisper in my ear.

'Yes?' I yawned, opening my eyes.

'Do you want to go to bed?' Niall asked and stood up, taking my hand in his.

I nodded and followed him to the bunks at the back of the tourbus. I laid down and quickly fell asleep.

The last thing I heard was someone say we were almost at the hotel.

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