Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


112. Texts/Broking Heart.

'Thank you, Toronto!'


'Have a great night, Boston!'


'Thank you so much for being here, Philadelphia!'


'See you soon again, Nashville!'


'See ya later, Houston!'


'I love you all, Chicago !'





I've done about 7 concerts already, and they were all amazing.

I can't wait for the other concerts, they'll be as wonderful as the past ones.

Zayn complimented me again and gave me a hug. I smiled up at him and nodded as a thank you. I grabbed my water bottle and took a sip of it before I plopped down on the couch next to Harry and awkwardly next to Niall.

I laid my head down on Harry's shoulder, I was so tired.

'You wanna sleep?' I heard his hoarse voice ask beside me as I closed my eyes. I nodded weakly and stood up again. I can't sit still for literally 5 minutes. I took my phone from the table. Lou, Alisson and the others looked up at me when I said goodnight, before giving them a hug and kiss on the cheek.

I waved before I went to the tour bunks. I changed my clothes into PJs and got under the sheets.

I closed my eyes, right before I felt my phone buzz. I groaned and turned around to take my phone. I unlocked it and saw Justin's name. I smiled weakly, and I know it's weird but I can't stop smiling when he texts me. It's just crazy that we talk.


Justin: Sorry if I woke you up because I understand you might be pretty tired. Just wanted to tell you that you were awesome! Beautiful songs and an amazing show. I'm proud of you Hill :)

Justin: Sorry that I wasn't able to come backstage, I saw you tonight too. Can we meet up tomorrow maybe? You'll be in LA right? I know you're busy and all, so if u can't just let me know :) xx Goodnight Hillary xx






"Sorry that i maybe wake u up.... Just wanted to say, that u were amazing !! Beautiful songs and all that ! ;) I'm so proud of you ! I've been on ur concert this night too, so yeah... I'm sorry that i couldn't come backstage, but i had to be in L.A... Can we maybe meet each other again tomorrow? You're in L.A. Tomorrow, right? I know that you have it busy and all that, so if you can't just let me know. Idk if you have a concert again tomorrow :) Well, goodnight, Hillary xx J. xx"

I smiled again, and replied as a mention that i saw his text.

To; J-J x

"No, you didn't wake me up :) And if you did, it's alright. I just wanted to go to sleep, but i don't care ! :D Thank you so much ! :) You're always amazing too, J. !! Ofcourse we can meet again ! And no, i've no concert tomorrow, so we can meet !!! :D I miss you already, so that's a great idea :) Text me when you're back here, and we can meet :) xx Hill. xx"

I texted, and laid my phone under my pillow. I sighed, and closed my eyes tightly, trying to sleep. Which failed.... Why can't i just sleep good?!... I'm really tired, and i can't sleep... That sucks...

I rolled on the other side, and didn't lay good, so i turned around again. Which was just the same.. Ugh.. I moaned, and sat straighten in bed. I went with my hands through my hair, and laid my head in my hands. The bed buzzed a bit, and i realized that i forgot to put my phone on silence. I shrugged my shoulders, and grabbed my phone. If i can't sleep, and i can't do something, than i'm just gonna do things on my phone. Why not?

From; J-J x

"Great :) So yeah, i'll text u. I'll let you know, i think u're very tired, no? See/text you tomorrow than.. xx"

I smiled lightly, and replied. Justin is for others just an asshole or something, but he's still really sweet. When i wasn't famous and all that, i was a Belieber too. But than there was One Direction, and than i wasn't a Belieber anymore, but just a amazing fan. (With amazing, i mean that i was still a big fan!) 

To; J-J x

"Yeah, i am really tired, but i can't sleep.. :( Xxx"

I went away from our texts, and went to Twitter. I decided to tweet something. What i just like on twitter is; that you just can share some things with fans and all that. You also can see, if they like songs, concerts, things, and so much more. I just love it. I'm happy that i can be in contact with fans that live far away from me too.



I hate it when i'm so tired, but can't sleep... =( x


(Katy Kat= Go stalk Hillary's account !!! Hha.. =D

Y/N= Okay, sorry, Katy Kat will know what i'm talking about ;) Just that this tweet is on Hillary's Twitter account too ;) )

I laid my phone next to me, and heard the boys talking from the other 'little room' on the bus. We were driving to Los Angeles now. That was now like.... 1 hour ?... I don't know, but i'll be happy when we get there. And i'll be happy when we can sleep in normal beds, in a hotel. The bus beds are good too, but yeah.. You know what i mean...

I decided to went to the boys again. I didn't care if i just had a tank top, and jogging pants on. The boys had already seen me in my swim clothes, so what's the problem ?

I slowly went to them, and 7 heads turned to me. Lou, Allison, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Louis, and last but not least, Niall. He turned his head slowly to me. I smiled weakly, and without saying something, i plopped on the relaxing couch. They all smiled, and just went further with their conversation.

I went with my gaze to Lou, and realized that there was not a cutie next to her.

'Where's Lux?'

I asked, through the loud voices of the boys.

'She's with Tom. She was tired, and she'll be at the tour for some concerts.'

I nodded, and smiled.

'I thought you was tired? And sorry, but you look really tired, babe.'

Louis said, and sat between Lou and me. I nodded, and moaned again.

'It's alright. I saw your tweet.'

He said, and placed his hand on my arm, and than went to the little kitchen. I smiled weakly, and went with my fingers through my hair again.

'Don't you wanna sleep, Hill.?.. It was a long day, and you still need to have longer days.'

I shrugged my shoulders, and laid my head on Harry's shoulder. He laid his hand on mine, and rubbed with his finger on the back from my hand. I smiled weakly, and closed my eyes. I have to admit, that this laid better than the bed.

Niall's P.O.V.

My heart burst in million, even more, pieces when i saw that Hillary and Harry were so close to each other... Hillary laid on Harry's shoulder now, and they held hands, or whatever how you can say it. They have to play like they're together in public, but it's like they're really together...

This just hurts so much. And i could burst out in tears again.

No, Niall. You have to be strong.. You're not a... Yes! I am a wimp! I'm hopeless, and will never get Hillary back... She just loves Harry. That's clearly. She don't even look to me, while i'm following every movement of her!.. I sighed, and tried to do it in silence, but Liam directly look up to me.

'I feel that something is wrong..'

He whispered, and sat closer to me. I looked to my hands, and slowly shook my head, shrugging my shoulders.

'Niall, i know there's something wrong. Tell it me... Your eyes are almost full with tears, you're sighing, and you can't look to somewhere else than Hillary.'

He whipsered again. Agh, i hate it when people stay ask things to me... Than i really wanna cry. That's so annoying! I stayed shooking my head, and sighed loudly. Hillary and Harry looked to me too now. They gave me a "what's wrong?" look, but i just ignored it, and stood up, walking to the 'bedrooms'. I closed the door, and sat on a bed, with my head in my hands.


'Leave me alone for a few minutes, Liam.'

'Niall, just-'


'No.. I'm sorry, but i really know what is wrong with you. I know that it's about Hillary, so tell me. You know you can trust me. I'll say nothing. I promise..'

I sighed, and felt a hand on my back.


I slowly nodded, and lifted my head up, turning it to the right to face Liam.

'It.... It just hurts..'

Liam slowly nodded, and listened further.

'Seeing Hillary and Harry so close together just hurts... They have to be together in public, but it's like they're already together in real... They're so close, and they don't even bring attention to me. Us... I watched Hillary the whole time, and she didn't even look 1 second to me!... It hurts to know that she don't love me like i love her. I tried everything, and i know i didn't try enough, but i couldn't.. I was to scared if i could do something wrong.. I can't let her fall down again...'

I paused, and sighed, wiping a tear from my cheek away.

'I ruined her life, and she broke up with me, because all of this shit... I can't live without her, Liam... And i know that she loves Harry again.. That's so clearly.. I tought that there would come an "us" again.. Hillary and Niall. Niall and Hillary. But probably not... I tried everything, and she don't love me anymore because i know she thought that i didn't give a f*ck..But i did! I did so hard my best to show her my love for her! I did so much my best again to talk, say, meet or whatever i could.. But all of this failed... Everything went black between us... She probably started with a white line, and forget about me..'

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