Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


103. Stay.

Harry's P.O.V.

I wasn't giving up. I don't want to lose Hillary nor do I want her to feel horrible. This night isn't how I expected it to be..

'Hillary will you stop running away from me!' I screamed. I was almost reaching her arm as she kept running, ignoring my statement.

'Hillary!' I shouted as long as I could, as she started running towards the road and cars were passing by. I got so worried and felt my heart being pulled out of my chest. I grabbed her arm and quickly turned her around. I held her closely and catched her before we fell to the ground, Hillary luckily on top of me. I quickly turned her around so I was on top of her and held her arms above her head so she couldn't get away any longer.

'Let me go!' She screamed.

'Hillary please don't let me do this to you. Stay calm, this isn't good for your-'


She really didn't stop moving and it was starting to annoy me so fucking much.

'Calm down! I will let go of you if you stop screaming and moving around' I sighed.

Hillary suddenly stopped and closed her eyes, crying as hard as she could. I slowly pulled her up so she was sitting straight before I wrapped my arms around her body and took her into a tight hug.

She sobbed and mumbled stuff against my chest. 'Ssshtt..' I said and rubbed her back.

'It's alright..' I whispered.

'It will be-' I stopped as she interrupted me by giving a kiss on my cheek. I smiled weakly and looked down at her.

'You're amazing Harry..' She whispered, but I could still hear. I went with my fingers through her hair and gave another kiss on her forehead.

'I'll take you home.'

I helped her get up and took her hand in mine, slowly making our way to the car as we were pretty close now.




The drive home was so tiring. We didn't say anything and I was tired from all the running, plus, my throat was burning. Hillary's probably too because of all the screaming. It's really painful to see her like this..

I opened the car door and held Hillary's hand again. I pulled her up and frowned, worried about what's going to happen next.

'Thank you Harry', she whispered again. A frown forming on my face again.

'Are you staying here alone?' She nodded and walked over to her front door already.

'Hillary, wait' I said and ran up to her so she couldn't open the door.

'Are you sure?'

'Harry I can handle it.'

'Where are your parents?' I stopped her again.

'Still on a trip for work.'

'I'm not leaving you on your own.'

She sighed and slowly nodded. I smiled weakly, took her hand again and smiled weakly. I grabbed her keys out of her hand and opened the door. I helped her get to the couch and looked worried again. Hillary looked down at her hands and sighed deeply. I rested my hand against her cheek and bit my lip.

'Do you want to get some sleep?'

She nodded and stood up again. I did too and carried her upstairs. I opened her bedroom rood and laid her down.

'Goodnight', I whispered while giving her a kiss on her forehead. I was gonna walk out of the room before she stopped me.

'Wait..' she said. I turned around and got closer to her again.

'What's up?'


'Don't you-'

'Please?' She pouted.

I nodded and walked over to the other side of the bed. I got in bed next to her. She turned her body towards me and buried her head in my neck. I smiled weakly and wrapped my arm around her shoulder, slowly falling asleep after pulling the sheets over our bodies.

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