Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


91. Simon.

I let myself fall down on the couch downstairs and sighed deeply.

The paps know now, the fans will too..



'What are we going to do now?' I started shaking lightly.

'I don't know', he said and shook his head.

'We need to say something. They will ask about it..'

'I don't know Hillary!' Niall raised his voice and stood up from the couch, walking up to the window.

I looked down and walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his torso.

'I'm sorry..' he said.

'Why?' I asked while resting my head on his back.

'Freaking out' he sighed and turned around so he was facing me.

'It's okay Niall. We just.. We need to talk about it with the others..'

'NIALL, HILLARY!' We heard people scream.

'Did you guys see it?' Zayn gasped and quickly walked into the living room with the others following. We slowly nodded and looked down at the ground.

'You guys need to confirm it.. Before they'll say it's kept secret, again' Louis said and watched Harry, Niall and me.

'How?' Niall asked.

'I don't know mate. They've already seen it on a picture and you guys need a lot of explanation to do.. They need to understand..'

'They won't believe us, they'll think I-' I got interrupted by Niall's phone.

I sat down on the couch and watched Niall take his phone out. He groaned and answered, before walking back and forth in the room.

'Hello?.. Yeah.. Why?.. Okay okay.. We'll be there in a few minutes.. Okay, fine. Bye..'

We frowned at each other before Niall hid his phone.


I swallowed deeply again and started panicking. I felt a hand on my back and looked up, meeting Louis' eyes.

'What did they say?'

'Nothing yet. They wanted to talk to us. Simon is here for a week so he immediately wanted to talk.'

'Great..' I mumbled. Louis gave me a quick hug before I stood up and looked at Harry who was staring out of the window.

I grabbed my jacket and left my house with the boys. We quickly got a cab and arrived after about 20 minutes at a huge building.

'Simon wanted to talk to us.. Simon Cowell' Zayn smiled politely to the woman behind the desk.

'I'll let him know you're here' she said and left.

I wrapped my arms around Niall's torso and started shaking again. I was so scared. I turned my head to Harry's way and saw he wasn't feeling comfortable either. None of us were. No matter how much was happening between Harry, Niall and me.. The other boys would get involved too, or at least have something in common with it.

'Follow me' the woman came back and pointed at a room. We nodded and did what she said. She opened a door and saw Simon sitting in his chair. We slowly walked over to him and sat down at the chairs in front of his desk.

'What is this?' he directly raised his voice, throwing a magazine on his desk with big, bold letters that said;

"Hillary Star pregnant? Niall Horan becomes a father?"

The introduction said;

"Her stomach is definitely showing she's pregnant. What's wrong with her and why is she hiding so many things with One Direction?"

I bit my lip as a tear left my eye. Why do I have to cry? Why right now?

How can we explain to the world without getting hate? Or at least being judged?

This isn't going to end well, because whatever I do, I'll get hate.

'Explain!' Simon shouted.

He already knew I was pregnant, but he wanted to keep it a secret. So what's the point in explaining? Didn't he agree with hiding it for a while? It's not only my fault, he wanted to wait also. He even told me to keep away from the boys once, but that was only 'a thought' and it quickly went to another subject.

'I'm sorry..' I mumbled and looked up at Simon.

'You don't have to apologize for the magazine, you two just had to be careful!' he pointed at Harry and me.

I looked beside me at Harry and he was just staring at the ground. I know Harry longer than today and I know he didn't wanna talk about it. Me neither actually.

'Okay they already know they had to be careful Simon.. They hate to hear it all the time, they know they made a mistake, but they can't hide it forever and there was no other good option' Louis defended us and stood up.

'I know, but they need to explain a lot to the press! They will obviously think Hillary cheated on Niall and there we go, other drama. That's my point! When you guys explain what really happened, they'll think Harry left because of the baby. That baby is ruining the band, don't you guys understand?!' he told us and pointed at my stomach.

I gasped and stood up. 'Don't ever say that again, because as far as I know, it brought us closer than ever!'

My heart rate was going much faster than it normal beat. The last thing I wanted was to ruin the band. I also really don't want people to call me a cheater, because I'm not. Some people finally started accepting Niall and I's relationship, this is going to be so difficult.

Neither do I want people to think like that of Harry.

'We didn't think about that no..' Liam admitted.

Another tear left my eye as I quickly wiped it away. I looked at all of the boys and noticed Niall staring at the ground too.

'Well you had to! You need to say something and as fast as you can. You should've watched out! The fans are going to explode when they hear you have a kid with Harry. They'll hate your relationship with Niall and say you aren't worth being with him', he went on and on.

Thanks Simon. Instead of trying to cheer me up and giving me some encouragement , you're making it worse.

'And you will all obviously lose their trust because you've kept too many stuff secret.'

I stood up and ran out of the office.

I couldn't handle it. Not anymore.


Niall's P.O.V.

I felt tears leave my eye when Simon gave his 'speech'. He's right.. The fans and paps will probably say all of that. What idols are we? What have we gotten ourselves into? I don't want anyone to say all of that stuff to the boys or Hillary, but they will and I won't be able to stop it.

I just wish people would believe us and not believe paps. It's frustrating.

I wanted to run after Hillary when she left the officice, but I couldn't. I was too shocked about everything and I couldn't stop thinking.

'Niall, you know you're a problem too? I don't mean this in any rude way, but they'll hate the fact you kept it secret and that Hillary is your girlfriend. They'll probably not understand.'

I love Simon, he has treated us so well most of the time, but he was pissing me off .. He's actually being rude, even though he said he didn't want to be.

'You'll have a lot of questions from press and in interviews too, so you need to come up with some things', he calmed down a little.

'Let me know when you do, because you need to be in London Monday and you have an interview than.'

Shit.. Monday? That's in like 2 days and Hillary really needs us.. Especially after that happened.

'What about Hillary? She needs Niall and Harry' Zayn frowned.

'Hillary can't come along with all of you, that's clear. It's better for everyone if she stays here. She has a concert tomorrow and an interview Tuesday so it wouldn't be good for the jetlag.'

'But she can't say all of those things without us? She'll be alone.'

'Well she needs to Louis! She got herself in all this trouble so she'll get out of it too. Now, I need to do a lot of stuff so take care, I'll hear you all tomorrow' he said and went through his papers on his desk.

'Simon, I'm sorry but that's disrespectful and rude towards Hillary.'

'No discussions anymore Niall' he groaned.

I rolled my eyes and followed the others out of his office. I directly ran up to Hillary who was sitting on the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks.

'Are you okay babe?' I whispered, even though she was crying. I hate seeing her like this and it breaks my heart so much.

She nodded slowly as I wrapped my arms around her body. She laid her head on my chest and wiped a few tears away.

'We should go.' She nodded again and took my hands so I could pull her up. How do I need to tell her we need to go back to London on Monday? I just hate it.. We're ruining her life. Half of this was her dream, but I'm sure she would want to wake up right now.

We left the building and waited for a cab. Hillary was staring at the ground as the others were silent.

'What now?' Zayn asked. I looked up and shrugged my shoulders, shaking my head.

'We need something.. Before tomorrow or Monday' Louis sighed. We nodded and got into the cab, heading to Hillary's house.

I explained everything about what Simon said and she was so sad, worse than before, but she didn't show any other emotions. All of this is already hard enough for her, and it just got a little worse.




Today was the day we had to go back to Simon and tell our 'idea' to explain the press why we kept it a secret. And we still didn't have an excuse. Great.

We were sitting on the couch, thinking about what the fuck we could say.

'Guys we don't have anything and need to be at Simon's in fifteen minutes', Louis sighed deeply.

'We need to tell Simon we don't have anything, maybe he'll have ideas..' I said, getting tired of all of this.

I couldn't sleep last night, just like Hillary and Harry.

'It's all my fault..' Hillary whispered.


I think she didn't want anyone to hear, but all of us did.

'Hillary, it isn't your-'

'Yes it is! If I never did anything with Harry or if I never met any of you, this wouldn't have happened! It's all my fault Niall! I'm so sorry. The band is going to get hate and is being ruined because of me, Simon was right! Everyone will hate us all, just because we kept it a secret. They'll hate me 'till death and I won't be able to go out or fans would wanna shoot me! I'm ruining everything', she cried out and stood up.

We all looked at each other with shocked faces, stood up and wrapped our arms around each other.

'It isn't your fault Hillary', Louis sighed and rubbed her back when we slowly pulled away. A tear left my eyes again, I wiped hers away and pulled her into a tight hug.

'I love you, always remember that..' I whispered. She nodded before Liam interrupted us.

'We should really go right now..' he sighed and took his phone. We nodded and went outside.

We took a cab and didn't say a word to each other. We arrived shortly at a bar where a woman was sitting. She drove us to Simon's office and smiled brightly. We thanked her and sat down at the chairs in front of Simon's desk when he let us inside.

'So, any ideas?' He asked and leaned on his desk. We slowly shook our heads before a sigh left his mouth.

'You all got more than twelve hours, I'm-.. I have an idea, I knew you wouldn't have one. I don't think it's a good one for all of you, but it's the only way', he started.

'What's your idea?' Louis frowned.

'Well, Hillary-' a knock on the door interrupted Simon. He groaned and turned his head to the door.

'Come in.'

'Mr. Cowell, you have a meeting in a few minutes.'

'Yes well I'm busy now.'

'I'm sorry', his secretary apologized and closed the door as soon as she finished talking.

'So Hillary, I'm sure you won't like this and Niall neither, but the best way is.. To fake-date Harry.'

My eyes widened as I gasped. Where the fuck is his brain?!


Harry's P.O.V.

What the fuck did Simon just say?

I mean, I love Hillary. I still do, but fake-dating?! I can't do that! She's dating Niall, and fake-dating is going to make it worse.

'Simon, I don't think-'

'It's that or something else Louis, but that's harder.'

'What is it that?' Hillary asked with a cracked voice. She was shaking and crying.

'To stay away from the boys. I know you'll be gone from each other when the boys are in London again, but staying away means forever.'

'What? No, what the fuck!' Niall said. I was watching the whole conversation and didn't say anything.

I couldn't.

'Simon, I know that's the best option, but Hillary fake-dating Harry? What will the fans say? Hillary and Niall just announced they are dating and now we need to change it?' Louis stated.

'It will look like she's playing with their feelings and they'll think bad about her, because one; it doesn't make sense, she still had a relationship with Niall and two; they'll make her look bad about dating Niall's friend. We just need to explain the way it is! Even if they won't believe us and-'

'Louis I know it's hard, for all of you. But this is what we're going to do. They won't believe the truth, you know how the fans and paps are.'

We all sighed and I suddenly spoke up.

'I know, but Hillary loves Niall and he loves her. You don't need to force Hillary to be in a relationship with me. They'll hate it more when they find out we faked all of it. If you do it this way, Hillary won't be able to get together with Niall anymore because like Louis said - they'll think she's playing with our feelings.
Don't you understand? The most important thing here is that Hillary and Niall love each other and I don't care if they're going to hate me, they're happy and should stay like that.'

I meant every single word I said, but it hurt. Hillary was smiling at me and I know I'll never get Hillary anymore.

I just need to forget the past. Forget the way I felt with her. Forget us.



But I can't..

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