Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


30. Sick.

I quickly woke up because of my stomach hurting. I groaned and ran to the bathroom as fast as I could, just like yesterday. I did have to throw up now though. A few seconds later I felt two hands resting on my back.

'Everything alright?' his soft voice asked.

'Yeah.. No..' I sighed and stood up, washing my face.

'Go back to sleep, you really need some rest.. Maybe you're sick because of all the pressure lately.'

'I can't.. And we have a concert today.'

'No, you're going to stay on the bus.'

'What? Niall no.'

'Babe you're obviously sick. Just rest and we'll see what we can do.. The fans won't blame you for not coming though.'

I slowly nodded and sat down on the couch. Harry was awake already.

'What's wrong?' he asked 'You look a little pale..'

I was so sick and I don't even know how, but Niall's probably right.

'She had to throw up so-'

Niall couldn't even finish his sentence, or I at least didn't hear him anymore, because I was running to the bathroom again. I fucking hate this.

I went back to Niall and Harry, throwing myself on the couch.

'This doesn't really look good.. Will you do the concert tonight?' I looked up to Niall with the best puppy eyes I could, but he quickly shook his head.

'No, she has to stay here. She's sick as fuck. I don't want you to throw up on stage or pass out' he stated and pointed at me. I sighed and laid my head on a pillow.

'I hope you feel better soon', Harry said, patting my shoulder lightly and leaving us alone in the room.

'If there's anything wrong, tell me okay? I need to get ready for the concert tonight. Lou can stay here and help you, I'm sure she will.'

And just as Niall said that, Lou came in and nodded. He left like Harry did as Lou sat down next to me.

'You okay girl?' I shook my head.

'Did you eat anything bad? Or..?' I shook my head again and shrugged my shoulders. 'Not that I know of..'

'You aren't.. You know..?'

'No! Oh my, no! I'm not' I widened my eyes. 'Oh.. well I don't know.. It's weird, but you can tell me whenever there's something wrong, I'm staying here' she smiled. I weakly smiled back. This really sucks. I didn't eat anything bad, nor am I what Lou thought of. I don't know what's happening to me. I hope I won't stay sick for long, I really want to perform as soon as possible.

I sighed and closed my eyes, falling asleep after a while.

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