Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


80. Shop.

Niall's P.O.V.

It's been a week since Hillary left for America and these past 7 days have been 7 of the worst. I fucking miss her and sleeping is not helping at all since I've been lying in bed since Friday and it was Sunday. My heart is aching.

I've never been this in love with someone before, and she's gone. She's in another country, miles away from where I am. Ofcourse I can fly there, see her and spend time with her, but I still need to go back to England eventually.

The People's Choice Awards are Tuesday in America though, so I'll see her again.

'Nialler, you can't stay here forever. It's already one in the afternoon. You didn't even eat this morning, this is not you' I heard Liam say behind me. I sighed and turned around to face him.

'I just.. I miss her Liam..'

'But you'll see her Tuesday again'

'I know, but that's still two days from now.'

'Come on, you won't die. I know it's hard, but you should really eat. You can't lock yourself and stay here for the rest of these two days without her.'

I looked down at my hands before sighing, standing up because I knew Liam was right. I don't have to lock myself. I just need to get my mind off things so time passes by quicker.

'You're right Li, I'm sorry. I'm actually pretty hungry.'


'Sure!' I jumped up. Liam laughed and went downstairs with me. 'Thanks Payno'

'Everything to make you feel better' he smiled brightly, giving me a pat on my back.

'He's alive!' Harry joked, making all of us laugh.

'And it all happened because of me!' Liam added, taking his jacket.

'Someone wanna go to Nando's with us?'

'Yes!' everyone cheered, standing up. We all got ready and headed to Nando's soon. It was beautiful outside so we walked over there. Not a good plan because of the paps, but we were still alive when we got there.


Hillary's P.O.V.

I felt so sick, I don't have a cold or something, but I'm sick from missing Niall. I want to see him so badly. It's been a week since I haven't seen him. We called everyday and skyped sometimes, but it's not the same.

I didn't lock myself in my house though. I spent my days having fun with my parents. I was baking a cake with my mom. I still didn't like the fact we had to move to LA and leave everything behind and I'm still mad, but I can't be forever. I'm actually happy to see my dad again, it's been ages. I told him I was pregnant the minute I got here. He was so shocked, but really happy and supportive. I really hope they're staying together though, I don't wanna go through any stupid shit anymore.

'So how are you feeling?' my mom asked as we sat down at the table.

'I'm fine.. Still missing Niall, but I'm seeing him Tuesday so I'm happy with that.'

'Yeah, well I still have no dress so I'm nervous!' she laughed.

'I'm free tomorrow, we can go shopping!' I cheered. 'Sounds perfect!'

I put the cake in the oven and smiled brightly. It smelled so fucking good.

We heard a loud beep after 30 minutes, making me jump off the couch and walking into the kitchen.

'Mom, it's ready' I shouted from down the stairs.

'I'm coming!' she yelled back as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I got the cake out of the oven and placed it on the counter. Mom came inside the kitchen, smiling brightly.

'It smells delicious!' she gasped.

'What where you doing upstairs?'

'I was looking for shoes.'

'You really can't wait, right?' I chuckled.

'Not at all!'

We laughed, taking a piece from the cake. Mom and I went to the living room, eating our cake while watching TV.

'So when is dad coming back?'

'Around seven tonight.'

'I thought he just went shopping?' I frowned.

'He was, but than he got called at work to put the bags there. They need it tomorrow.'

I nodded and sighed deeply, putting my plate into the sink before going back to my mom and lying my head on her shoulder.

'I hope dad can come Tuesday' I mumbled.

'He really wanted to and he'll ask his boss if he can. It's important for him Hillary.'

'Yeah, ofcourse it's important seeing me, I noticed since he didn't even say he moved to America.'

'Hillary he wanted to, but couldn't.'

'Why not?'

'Because he didn't want to make you upset.'

'But he did! Did you even know?' I groaned.

Mom sighed, looking down at her plate while shaking her head no.

'And you're okay with that?'

'Hillary please, you and I know now. I'm not getting mad at your father for it now.'

'Okay.. I'm gonna call Nialler' I said, standing up and heading upstairs. It was already 3pm.

The phone rang 4 times before he luckily picked up.

"Hey princess"

'Hey Nia-'

"HEY HILLARY!" I heard multiple voices scream through the phone.

I laughed loudly, knowing it's the other boys. 'Hey boys!'

"What are you doing?" Niall asked.

'Nothing, just baked a cake with mom and I'm in my room now. You?'

"In the car, heading to Zayn's house. We just left Nando's."

'Oh cool' I smiled, looking down at my hands.

Just hearing his voice makes me more upset. I miss him so much, even more when I hear him through the phone.

"Hill? Still there?"

'Oh yeah, sorry.. I was daydreaming.'

"What were you thinking about?" Niall asked curiously.

'Just missing you' I admitted truthfully.

"I miss you too babe, but I'm so excited for Tuesday!"

'Me too! I'm gonna go shopping with my mom for her dress and shoes tomorrow.'

"Have fun" he chuckled.

'Thank you babe, what are you gonna do?'

"Getting into the studio. You know, we have to perform Tuesday so we're going to rehearse some songs."

'Oh okay. Well, we don't have to miss each other much longer because we'll be busy.'

"I always miss you, even when I'm busy."

'Yeah, me too' I smiled weakly.

"But I have to go, maybe we can Skype tonight?"

'Okay, see you'

"Bye princess"

I hung up the phone and sighed, letting myself fall down on my bed. I stared up at the ceiling.

After a few minutes, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I kept looking right in front of me before I heard someone come into the room. I frowned, but didn't move.

'Hey little girl' I heard a familiar voice. I looked up and saw him jump on my bed, lying down next to me.

'Hey dad' I chuckled, giving him a tight hug.

'I thought you'd be here at seven?'

'I know, but my boss said I could take a break for tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday!' he cheered.

'Oh my- so you can come see the show?'

'Yes!' I started smiling brightly and gave him another hug.

'I missed this', dad sighed while rubbing my back.

'Me too' I admitted truthfully, closing my eyes.




I fell asleep in my dad's arms, but I didn't see him when I opened my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my phone that laid next to me on the bed. 18:30.

I sighed and stood up, heading downstairs to my parents.

'Hey sweety'

I smiled and sat down in between the both of them.

'I'm happy you aren't mad at us anymore' mom said as she smiled weakly. I slowly nodded, not moving while watching TV.

'It's just-.. I'm scared I'll lose you Hillary. You grew up so fast!' she sighed with a small chuckle following. 'And you have a boyfriend, you're pregnant, the whole world knows your name,.. It's all coming so quickly' mom finished as a few tears left her eyes. I 'aw'ed and hugged her tightly. I smiled up at my dad and hugged him too.

It's the truth, it's all going way too fast and I'm only 18. This all happened in only a few years, but feels like one.

We watched a movie together before heading to bed.

'Goodnight Hillary'

'Goodnight' I yawned and closed my door. My room is actually pretty big. At least bigger than my old one.

I honestly love being here, but it was much more comfortable in London. It's my home and I've been living there since I was born. I grew up there and now I'm here in America. It's been my dream to live here, but now I realize I miss London too much.

I laid down on my bed, playing a game on my phone. I went on Twitter before getting some sleep.


@Hilla_Star"So sad that I can't be in London rn :( I miss it so much. My family, the boys,.. But can't wait for the PCA's Tuesday! Love u all, goodnight xx"


I laid my phone away on my night table and fell asleep pretty fast, dreaming of tomorrow and Tuesday.





'Sweety, are you ready?' my mom called from down the stairs.

'In a minute!' I called back, taking my purse and phone before going downstairs.

'I'm ready' I smiled and put my jacket on.


@Hilla_Star"Going to the malls with momma S. for Tuesday <3"


I tweeted as we got in the car, before I hid my phone back in my jacket. We arrived pretty soon. We got out of the car and walked into the city.

The stores were beautiful and so big, I could get lost in them. Mom soon left me behind as she ran into a store with million of dresses. I laughed and followed her inside.

'What about this one?' she asked, showing a greenish dress.

'Mom, do you want to embarrass yourself?' I raised my eyebrows. She laughed and shook her head, hanging it back in between the other dressed.

We were walking around for about 2 hours in the same store, until I finally found the perfect dress for her.

'Here! Mom!' I gasped and took the dress off the rack.

It wasn't something I should wear, but it was beautiful for her.

'Go try it on!' I said when I saw her reaction to it. She was speechless.

I pushed her into the fitting room and sat down on a couch, waiting until she came back. I turned my head and looked outside, seeing fans and paps. I sighed, but smiled and waved at them before turning back to the room my mom was in.

'They really love you' someone I didn't know said.

'Uhm.. Yeah..' I smiled politely.

'I know you , I know you.. My granddaughter and grandson love you' the old lady smiled as she pointed her finger at me.

'Oh that's nice, how old are they?'

'My granddaughter is eleven and my grandson.. Seventeen. That's why he likes you. You're his background' she chuckled. I smiled and felt my heart warm.

'And my granddaughter.. Oh, she has so many posters of you and One.. One something.. I don't know-'

'One Direction?' I frowned.

'Yes! That. I'm sorry, I'm not that young anymore' she laughed.

'It's okay.'

'Well you are gorgeous! They won't believe me when I say I saw you. You're a beautiful, sweet girl.'

'Thank you, want to take a picture?' I chuckled. She was adorable and her grandchildren will believe her when I tweet it. If they at least have Twitter.

'Ofcourse! I never thought someone like you would ask it' she smiled. I laughed and took my phone out, taking a picture of the both of us.

I hate waiting, but this was the nicest wait-experience of my life.

'Do any of your grandchildren have social media? Like Twitter?'

'My grandson has that thing, Twitter. My granddaughter has facebook I think, or I don't remember, she has to be thirteen to get social media' she smiled.

I nodded and started a tweet.

'He always shows me pictures of you on that website, I think his name is Jack_96..'

I quickly looked his name up and saw the icon being a boy. 'Is this your grandson?'

'Oh yes! I applaud myself because I was right' she laughed.

'I'll tag him so he sees it.'


'So he can see the picture' I explained.

'Yeah, right, that's great!'



@Hilla_Star"Met one of the nicest human being ever! Love this lady. Thought you'd know her @Jack_96 ? ;)


I tweeted it and hid my phone in my jacket again.

'His real name is Jake' she smiled, obviously being proud of having him as her grandson.

'But I need to go now, you're a gorgeous woman! I hope I can meet you some other time again. Jake will be angry' she laughed, slowly walking away before waving, making me return the gesture. I turned around and sighed, how can my mom be in there for so long? It was one dress.


'I'm almost ready, I'm nervous' I heard her in the room.

'You'll look beautiful!'

She slowly opened the curtain before I gasped as she came out of the dressing room.

'Woah! You look breathtaking!' I said and held my hands in front of my mouth.

'Thank you sweety' she smiled.

'You need to take this! Plus the shoes!' she nodded heavily and left to change into her other clothes again.

I smiled and waited until she came back to pay the dress and shoes.

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