Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


8. Photoshoot.

*10 am.*

I woke up because of Niall poking in my stomach. I murmered some things and opened my eyes a little.

'Niaaaaall...' I groaned and took his finger in my hand.

'Whaaaat?' He laughed.

'Stop poking me!'

'You have to wake up.'


'Because we have to go.'

'Where are we going?'


'Oh damn really?..'

'Yess. You have to come with me.'


'Because I want you to. Just put other clothes on and we can go.'

I sighed and nodded, laying the blanket away from me and throwing my legs over the railing.

I stood up, grabbed some clothes and ran to the bathroom. I changed into my other clothes and went to Niall again.

It really felt like I didn't have a vacation since I always had to come along with the boys. It wasn't a problem for me though, I love to see what they're doing and just watching them love what they're doing.


'Yeah', I nodded again, yawning. I was still so tired. I normally sleep 'till it's at least 11am..

Niall and I went outside, waiting for a car. After a few minutes it arrived so we quickly got in and drove off to a studio where the photoshoot would be taken.

'Hey guys', Louis said and smiled brightly.

We waved and smiled back.

We arrived at the studio after 20 minutes.

Many fans were waiting outside, screaming as loud as they could. Security came to help as we got out of the car and tried to get through the fans.

I heard my name being screamed multiple times so I waved to everybody and gave them a big smile.

They started to scream louder and louder when they saw all 6 of us. I tried to take some pictures with fans but as always, security had to be a pain in the ass.

'I'm sorry!' I apologized as we got inside the building. We really had to go. The only security I'll always love is Paul. He's always been the best and gives the boys and I time with fans. He's the sweetest.

Someone did pull on my hair when I walked through the crowd and it actually started to hurt but I tried to forget about it.

We walked into a changing room so the boys could put different outfits on.

I waited in the hallway and grabbed my phone out of my sweater.

It took them 15 minutes before they were done. Lou came outside and happily stood next to me.

'Hey girl', she said while giving me a tight hug. 'Hey Lou.'

'How are you? How are things going with you and Irish one?' She asked after the boys walked to the photographer.

'I'm alright and yeah.. Good I guess' I said and looked at the boys. I sighed and stared at the ground.

'Hey, chin up.. It'll be okay. Don't worry.'

'I hope so.. But how are you? And little Lux?'

'We're both doing great! Lux misses you.'

'Aw I miss her too. I hope I can see her soon, maybe at a concert.'

'Ofcourse! Are you coming along on tour?' She wondered.


'Why not? I'm sure the boys would love you to come.'

'I don't know.. They didn't really ask me or maybe once.'

'I'll talk with them later. I need someone to keep me company! Especially on the bus!' She pouted.

Lou is such a nice person. I love her. She's always been there for me and knows how to cheer me up. Plus, she's gorgeous.

She's the best friend anyone could ask for.

After the shoot was done, the boys came to us and Niall came up to me to give me a kiss on my cheek.

Lou and I smiled to each other as she turned around and walked into the changing room. I followed her and sat down at a couch while looking at the boys.

'How was the photoshoot?' I asked.

'It was fun.'

'Just fun?' I chuckled.

'Yeah, fun. Nothing new, just like other photoshoots', Niall shrugged his shoulders.

Lou looked at me and sighed weakly. I rolled with my eyes and shrugged too. I forgot there were mirrors almost over the whole room so Niall could see my face. I smiled weakly and hugged him from behind. He sat down at the chair and waited for Lou to do his hair. After Harry's hair she did Niall's. I walked up to Harry.

'Your hair's perfect!' I smiled.

'Thank you! Well, tell Lou that because she did it.'

'Lou, it's per-fect.'

'Thank you Hills', she blew me a kiss. She cleaned everything up after doing their hair.

'All done! I'll see you all tomorrow.'

We said goodbye and headed out of the room.

The boys had a concert tomorrow so Lou had to be there too, obviously.

2 days until they need to leave for tour..

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