Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


81. People's Choice Awards.

Today was the day.

People's Choice Awards and seeing the boys again.

I smiled at the mirror before going downstairs. It was 1pm, but I was already done getting ready.

'Sweety you look really beautiful, but we have to leave at six, not now.'

'I know, but I'm so excited!' I chuckled.

My parents laughed and shook their head. I shrugged my shoulders and sat down on the couch. I took my phone and checked Twitter.


@Hilla_Star"Can't wait for tonight! I'm already dressed and it's in about 5 hours lol xx"


I had to perform too and it made me much more nervous. I had to rehearse first, making me jump up from the couch and ran upstairs. I took my purse, phone and everything I needed before running downstairs and trying not to trip.

'See you tonight! I gotta rehearse!' I shouted before slamming the door behind me. I heard my parents, but I was too late to hear what they said. 

My phone buzzed in my jacket. I took it out of my pocket and checked who was texting me.


Nialler <3: Hey princess . I can't wait for tonight! I've been thinking about it since you moved to America . . I love you ! Miss you like crazy and I'm so excited xxx

Me: Hey love, can't wait either! I'm already dressed and all. I'm about to rehearse in a few .. I'm so nervous! I love and miss you more xx


I smiled brightly and hid my phone away again. It was pretty cold actually, but I didn't have to walk a long way since I got a cab pretty soon to go to the place where the PCA's were taken.




'Hey Hillary!'

'Hey Ali!' I smiled brightly and ran up to Alisson before I took her into a tight hug.

'You look beautiful! Are you going to wear that tonight?'

'For the red carpet yeah, but I want to wear something else for my performance' I said.

'I have the best one out here! I'll show you.'

She pulled me along into a dressing room and showed me one of the most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen. I smiled and nodded heavily. 'I love that dress!' I clapped my hands.

'I'm glad you like it, I'll start with you hair in a few minutes' I nodded again and sat down on a chair. She left the room before coming in after about 3 minutes. 'Josh is waiting on you' she sighed.

'Good or bad?'

'I guess good, I don't know. Saw him walking around and he seemed pretty happy, but I can be wrong. Come back when you're ready.'

I sighed and stood up, leaving the dressing room and searched for Josh. He was standing backstage with some papers in his hands, looking through them as I approached him.

'Hey manager' I smiled.

'Hey Hillary, you look amazing! Get on the stage already, no one is on there.'

I did what he said and took a microphone, walking on stage and taking in the view. I can't believe I'll be performing for so many people tonight, knowing the hall will be full.

"Okay Hillary, stand on the X in the middle of the stage. That's where you'll have to start tonight" I heard someone say through the speakers. I nodded and walked over to the X.

"Do whatever you want to do, but we're gonna try and figure out the lights so be careful."

This is so big.

I could never imagine being this far when I was 10 years old. I just wished Teddy would be here, she's my best friend, my rock, and I wouldn't be here if she didn't support me through all of this.

I want to share everything I'm going through with her, just like we used to when we were kids.

It doesn't make me feel good to know we're still fighting and not talking, but I'm not going to say sorry this time.. I'm always the one to say sorry to literally every person out there, even if I'm not wrong.

"You can start singing now"

I started sining my song, before rehearsing some covers.




I got done rehearsing pretty soon and to be honest, it went great. I feel good about this. I hurried towards Alisson and smiled when I reached the dressing rooms.

'Hey girl, go sit down' she pointed at the chair in front of the mirror. I sat down and looked around.

'So how do you want to do your hair?'

'Can you colour it?'

'W-what?' she widened her eyes as she looked at me through the mirror.

'I want it brown or blackish at the top and grey at the bottom.'

'Are you sure? I don't do this often..'

'I'm sure. And I know for sure that you can do this Ali, I believe in you' I chuckled before she gave me a hug from the back.

'Okay than, here we go.. But your hair is beautiful like that!'

'Ali, please?' I pouted.

She sighed and nodded after a little white, taking the stuff she needed. I was really sure about this and I've always wanted to have my hair coloured in special colours, aka these.

'So.. Black on the top.. Grey at the bottom?..'

I nodded in conformation and smiled brightly, 'I'm sure it'll look beautiful.'




It took us about 2 hours to do my hair until Alisson was done. I was fucking happy with it! It looked beautiful and I was seriously in love with it.

'It's perfect Ali!' I cheered and gave her a hug.

'I think it's much prettier than your hair before this' she chuckled, 'I'm proud of the result.. It looks amazing on you.'

'Told ya' I winked before she nodded.

'Do you want to leave it like that?'

I nodded and changed into my dress.

'You look breathtaking Hill..' she gasped.

'All because of you Ali' I smiled.

'I'm happy you're happy with it' she sighed in relief.

'It's already six' Alisson widened her eyes.

'What? Oh my- Time flies by!'

'Wanna go eat something? Was probably not a good idea to put your dress on already, but be careful!'

I nodded and followed Alisson outside the room. We walked over to the cafetaria in the building, making some heads turn and people telling me I looked beautiful. They all made me blush so much.. I'm the worst at taking compliments.

We took something to eat before sitting down at a table.

'Watch out!' Alisson warned as I wanted to take a bite. I chuckled and nodded my head before starting to eat.

I saw some other known people walking around, but there was no sight of One Direction. Shouldn't they be here already?

'What's up?' Alisson asked as she saw my confused look.

'Nothing, why?'

'You shrugged your shoulders' she chuckled.

'Oh, I was just thinking about something.. The boys aren't here yet and it surprises me Niall isn't here for food.'

She looked around and shook her head, 'Confuses me too.'

I decided to put a picture of my hair on Twitter, hoping the boys won't see it before they see me in person. I wanted to keep it a surprise.


@Hilla_Star"Thanks to my beautiful gal Alisson, I love my hairrrr! <3"


I tweeted it and put it on Instagram also. I hid my phone and heard familiar voices laughing. I frowned and turned my head around to see the boys coming through the door. I jumped up, reminding myself I had to watch out for my dress and ran over to them.


Niall's P.O.V.

Harry made, for once, a good joke making all of us laugh as we walked into the cafetaria. I haven't seen Hillary yet and I was starting to wonder where she was. After a few minutes, we heard someone scream so we turned our head and there she was..

My girl.

She changed, literally. Her hair was different, she had more make-up on than she was used to and she had the most hottest, most beautiful and most gorgeous dress I've ever seen on.

We all wrapped our arms around each other as we took her in a giant hug, laughing before we pulled away after what felt like forever.

'Princess what happened to your hair?' I smiled, touching it and biting my lip as I felt how soft it was.

'It's um.. Different' she laughed, looking down at the ground. She was probably scared of our reactions, but that soon changed as we all agreed it was beautiful. 'It's amazing!'

'Really?' Hillary looked up at us again, smiling brightly.

'It's really beautiful' Louis said and sat down at the table Hillary and Alisson were seated.

'I thought you guys wouldn't like it', she admitted.

'It's gorgeous babe, just like the way you look' I smiled while wrapping my arms around her waist.

'Thank you.'

'Now I remember it, you've always wanted your hair to be changed' I chuckled. She nodded and gave me a kiss on my lips. Oh how much I missed those lips of her.

'I missed you so much' I said before spinning her around. 'Niall!' she squealed.

'Right! Sorry! Your dress' I laughed and put her down on the ground again.

We sat down in between the others. Zayn winked at Hillary after giving her compliments about her dress.

'You guys look handsome too though!' she chuckled. We all talked for another while, until no one was paying attention to me. I took my phone and went on Twitter and Instagram, on both apps seeing a picture of Hillary's hair.

I liked it and commented.


@niallhoran my beautiful princess becoming a queen ;) x love your hair xx


I replied on her Instagram and went back to Twitter then.


@NiallOfficial"Ready for the PCA's !! Happy I saw everyone after a while again :) Can't wait for tonight !"


I went through my timeline, following some fans and seeing tweets that made me really fucking happy.


"@NiallOfficial is happy! Let him be. Why all the stupid hate? Everyone in 1D will eventually get a girlfriend & get married and have kids. You'll someday get that too! So please don't be fucking jealous."


I smiled and followed her. I put my phone away again and saw everyone stand up.

'What's happening?'

'We're heading to the dressing rooms, come on Nialler!' Liam said before we all following him out of the cafetaria.

'See you later babe, miss and love ya. I love your hair!' I quickly said and gave Hillary a kiss on her lips before I left.




Harry's P.O.V.

I honestly didn't say much when I saw Hillary. She looked gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking, and I wanted to tell her.. But I didn't. I couldn't. I don't know why though.

Everyone told her, except for me. I missed her so much and I don't even know why I didn't ask anything about the baby, but than again, every time I've seen her I've always asked. I don't want every conversation to be like that.

We have less than one hour until the show starts, and I'm nervous. I don't know if we'll win anything, but I believe in the fans and how much they've always voted and they're all very strong. Even if we don't win, I'm still proud of every single one of them and every effort they made for us.

Lou soon walking into the dressing rooms to do our hair and fixed our outfits a little. It took about 15 minutes each guy, so we were done pretty soon.


Hillary's P.O.V.

I walked around for a bit, but not far away from everyone. I got more stressed when I saw the crowd getting bigger and bigger and the hall being filled more and more. I soon saw my mom and dad coming towards me from backstage.

'Mom, dad!' I ran up to them and gave them a big hug.

'You look beauti- your hair!' mom gasped.

'Yeah..' I blushed.

'It's beautiful!' they said. I smiled brightly and hugged them again. I'm so happy everyone likes it. Would be horrible if no one did..

'We're so proud of you!'

'We did a good job' my dad laughed. I rolled my eyes and nodded.

'Thank you' I said, turning my head to the boys that were coming towards us.

'You guys look great! You should all perform together, all six of you looking perfect' my mom clapped her hands excitedly. We laughed and nodded our head before the boys took my parents into a hug.

'Well I think we need to go to our seats' my dad said and left after giving another supportive hug to all of us.

I smiled at the boys and noticed they were getting nervous also. I rehearsed a little backstage, and the show started after a few minutes. The boys went to their seats and I was the opener of the show so I had to get to mine after I performed. At least I'll be done with it already and have no stress for the rest of the show to sing on a stage with a crowd larger than my home town, not to forget people being home could watch too and it was live.

I slowly got to the place I had to stand, waiting for my signal to go on. About 5 minutes after, it was time..

"Heart beats fast.. Colours and promises.. How to be brave? How can I love when I'm afraid to fall.."

The crowd went crazy and I literally got chills all over my body. Especially when I saw many stars singing along and dancing when I sang other songs. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Bruno Mars,.. so many people applauding and smiling up at me.

I don't ever want this to end.





I finished 3 songs and went to my seat. I passed some famous people, and finally found my seat next to Niall and Harry on the other side of me. I smiled when they gave me a tight hug.

Many people got called on stage to announce performers or award winners. Videos and pictures got showed on the big screen and it was honestly the best night I've ever had. 

This was my first ever award show and the first time I performed for so many people. It was probably the best, or maybe one of the best. I enjoyed it so much and I'm so happy to be doing all of this.

"And the award for Best International Artist goes to.. One Direction!"

Someone shouted through the microphone. I gasped and clapped loudly. The boys jumped up, Niall jumping the highest and screamed happily. They gave each other the biggest hug ever before taking me into a hug and went to the stage. Everyone was applauding so hard, I couldn't stop smiling. I was so proud of them.

My smile never faded away after that to be honest. They got back to their seats and Niall gave me a kiss on my cheek. I blushed and turned my head to the stage again.

"The next award, newest female artist goes to.. Hillary Star!"

'What?' I gasped and widened my eyes. I wasn't as famous as Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé and I don't know, so many more female artists so I never expected to get an award this fast.

Niall wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss on my lips, forming the biggest smile I've ever had on my face. This night probably couldn't get any better and would definitely not get ruined. I gave the other boys a tight hug and started walking towards the stage. I heard people say 'aw' when the boys were so happy and I just couldn't comprehend what was happening.

Miley wrapped her arms around me as I passed her, making me blush and thank her because she congratulated me. I've always been a fan of her, so that meant a lot to me.

"Thank you so much I'm- I can't believe this.. Thank you for voting for me! I also want to thank my family, my mom and dad in particular. I want to thank my best friend Teddy, even though times aren't going well for us at the moment" I felt my eyes getting watery, but I didn't want to cry. I didn't want this to happen in front of everyone, 'cause I look horrible when I cry. "I'm trying so hard not to cry.. Uhm, One Direction, thank you for keeping me strong and believing in me. The crew, my stylist Alisson, Josh,.. Thanks again to the fans - I wouldn't be standing here with an award in my hands if it wasn't for you all.. Thank you so much!" I was hoping I didn't forget anyone.

I gave the people on stage a hug before waving one last time at the crowd and went backstage, than to my seat.

I quickly took my phone out through the break to check if I had any texts. I smiled brightly and unlocked my phone.


Mom xx: Congrats sweety! Your dad and I are so proud and can't wait to give you the biggest hug ever! We're so so so proud of you and you deserve it xx

Me: Thank you so much! I love you !! <3 <3


Ted. <3: Thanks for mentioning me on stage.. I'm sorry for everything, and I wish I could be there. I promise to make it up to you. Loved your performance too! Didn't mean all of that shit I told you, I'm sorry I was rude xx


I sighed in relief and was happy she texted me, but I think I would've called her after the show though. I didn't want us to be in problems.


Me: It's okay, I promise. I forgive you :) And thank you! Ofcourse I mentioned you, I'd never forget doing that. You're my best friend 4evah <3 I didn't know you'd be watching! But thanks <3

Ted. <3: I'm obviously watching! I'd never forgive myself for not watching. The boys and you are here so xx
Ted <3: PS with 'here' I mean, I'm here. Like right now, in the crowd. Look up! <3


I widened my eyes and smiled brightly as I turned my head behind me. I searched for Teddy and almost screamed and jumped up when I saw her. She waved and smiled down at me.


Me: Omg you're here!! I'm so happy <3 I need to hug u so bady right now! Have fun with the show, COME BACKSTAGE AFTERWARDS! xxx

Ted. <3: You too and ofcourse!! Xxx



I smiled and hid my phone away again.

The boys won 3 awards tonight and I couldn't be more proud than I already was. 

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