Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


45. Lucy.

I woke up very sick again. I literally feel like I'm going to die. If I die today, tell my parents I love them.

'Are you feeling better?'

'What do you think? I feel like dying and you still ask me if I'm alright?' I slit my eyes, staring coldly at Niall.

'I-I'm sorry, princess.. I just-'

'No, no I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to be rude.. I just still feel really sick..'

'It's okay', he said and gave me a kiss, soon going to the others. I sighed and sat down on Niall's bed, taking some clothes and slowly putting them on. I went downstairs and went to the others.

I still wonder what the fuck is happening to me.. 

I followed the boys and Lou to the cab, sitting in between Niall and Louis.

'If there's anything wrong, scream' Louis laughed and smiled at me. I looked coldly at him as his smile faded away.

'Okay first of all, waht do you think? That I'll say 'shit it hurts', it really does! Second of all, why are you smiling, it isn't-' Niall interrupted me as soon as he noticed how furious I was getting.

'Shit, I'm sorry Louis.. I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't control myself anymore..'

'It's okay love, I understand' Louis gave me a hug.

I smiled weakly and laid my head on Niall's shoulder. After a ride of 15 minutes, we arrived at the hospital. I groaned and got out of the car. I said my name at the check-in so we were soon able to go wait at the doctor's office. I have no idea why everyone wanted to come along, but they literally forced me to say yes.

'Ms. Star?'

I looked up, 'Yes?'

'You can come inside', a nurse smiled. I nodded and followed her, taking Niall's hand in mine. We left the boys and Lou in the waiting room, sitting down in the chairs in front of my doctor's desk.

'So, explain what happened', he smiled.

I started explaining when it happened and how I felt. He nodded slowly and typed some things in his computer. I started getting nervous when he frowned, turning my head towards Niall.

'I think we should do a little more tests.. I can't say if it's bad or not, but I guess I already know.'

I nodded slowly, looking at Niall again. He looked down at his hands, than up towards the doctor.

What do they mean? Does Niall know? I'm so scared..

'Can I talk to Ms. Star for a few minutes?' Niall directly nodded, giving me a kiss on my cheek and leaving the room.


Niall's P.O.V.

I sighed and smiled weakly at the boys and Lou. They stood up, running towards me.

'Is eveything okay with her? What did the doctors say?' Lou asked worried.

'I don't know.. The doctor assumed something, but I had to leave because he wanted to talk in private with her.. I'm scared..' I whispered as Liam hugged me tightly. Everyone soon joined, sitting down at the chairs again.

I bit my nails, something I always do when I'm nervous. It took ages until she came back, I was getting impatient. I took my phone out of my pocket and looked for Hillary's mom's number.

"Niall? Is everything okay?"

'Yeah, well, we're still waiting on Hillary.. She's inside the doctor's office.'

"What? Oh, you sound worried? What's wrong, Niall tell me.. What's happening in there?"

'Wait, calm down, don't worry.. It'lll be fine, I have no news and I'll let you know when I do. I just wanted to let you know that we'll be here for a few hours I guess.. It'll take a while until we are there with you.'

"Okay.. Call me as fast as you can, I hope she's alright.. Thanks for calling and I totally understand! Her health is more important.. Bye son."

'Bye Jade' I smiled, putting my phone away. I've always liked it whenever she called me her son. I don't know why, it just makes me feel like I'm a  part of the family.


"Niall, I'm trusting you with my daughter. You're the only one made for her, I know that. She loves you more than a thousand words and percent. She loves you even more than she loves me. Please, don't ever break her heart.. I know you're not one of those guys. I love you , you're always treating my princess right. My son is.. You know now.. I'll always see you as my son. My son in law.. If there's any guy that I'd love for Hillary to marry with, it's you. No matter what happens to you both, or between you both, I'll always be a second mother for you. You're a good boy and your parents should be really proud of you. They put a wonderful, special boy here on earth. I really mean this."


She really does feel like a second mom.

I soon got interrupted from my dreams as Harry sighed. Hillary still wasn't here.

'Oh come on!' I groaned after a long silence, standing up.

'How long does it take to have a conversation or just to find out what the fuck there's happening to a patient?!'

'Niall, calm down..' Zayn whispered, standing up next to me.

'I won't calm down before she comes out that door!' I pointed towards it, almost screaming.

I looked around and saw people looking up at me. I slowly sat down again and heard someone cry. I turned my head and saw a little girl, about 5 years old with her teddy bear. I bit my lip and got off my chair, kneeling down in front of her.

'I'm sorry, are you crying because I shouted?..' I said softly. She slowly nodded, looking into my eyes before turning her head at her mother.

'I'm so sorry, beautiful.'

'Are you Niall?..' she cheerfully got out.

'Uhm, yeah, that's me' I chuckled.

She wiped her tears away, clapping her hands. 'I love you so much!' she screamed, hugging me tightly.

'Lucy, come here' her mother sighed, apologizing at me.

'It's alright, don't worry. She's cute' I smiled.

'So Lucy? You're a fan?'

'I'm a Directioner! Even if I'm only six years old.'

I smiled and looked at the others. She wrapped them in a hug also, coming back towards me.

'You're my favourite!' she whispered, even though the others could still hear.

'We heard that Lucy!' Liam fake cried, laughing afterwards. She giggled and ran up to her mother.

'This is my mommy.'

'I'm Stephanie' her mom smiled politely.

'I'm Niall, nice to meet you two. You have a wonderful child.'

'Do you mean I am?' Lucy asked with her twinkling, blue eyes. 'Yes!'

'Mommy! Niall just said I'm a wonderful child!'

'I heard so, sweety' she said, laughing.

'But N-Niall?'

'Yes Lucy?'

'Why are you here?'

'I'm here for my gir- friend. Hillary.'

'Hillary Star? I love her!'

'I know she loves you too, why are you both here, if I may ask?' I frowned.

'I'm a cancer patient.'

'W-what?..' we frowned and shockingly looked at each other.

I had to think about Hillary's grandmother, who died from cancer. She was one of the sweetest woman I've ever met.

'Yes, I don't really know what it means, but my mommy said it's a sickness.'

I looked at her mother as she slowly wiped a tear away from her cheek.

'I-I'm so sorry, Stephanie..'

'It's alright, she's been having it since she was four..'

'She's so strong..' Stephanie nodded and sighed, taking her daughter in her arms on her lap.

'Do you have Skype?'

'Mommy does!' she smiled happily.

'Can we please have it? We'd love to keep in contact..'

Stephanie gave me her Skype name and number. I smiled and typed it down in my notes.

'What's wrong with Hillary?' Lucy pouted. I looked into her eyes, biting my lip again. They were kinda like mine.

Lucy was just a happy, cheerful little girl. You'd never think she has cancer, since she also had long beautiful blonde hair.

'I don't know.. We've been waiting for a few hours already because the doctor wanted to talk with her in private.. I hope she's alright.'

Lucy nodded and looked at her mom for a brief moment. Her mother was pretty too, around her 30s I think, looking down at her phone.

'My daddy is in America. He has to work there and every month when he visits us, he gives me a present! I really love him. I saw him yesterday and he got me a One Direction T-shirt!'

'That's amazing! Your dad must be an amazing man!'

'Yes, my mommy and I miss him a lot, but he likes to work and is happy there', I smiled.

I think her life must be a little difficult, especially at that age..

I talked to her and her mom for a while as the others joined. Harry felt bad about Lucy's situation. He tries to stay in contact with as many sick people as he can, but a few days ago a girl died from a sickness and it really hurt him. I hope this won't happen to Lucy.. I don't wish any sickness to any person, but it always happens to the wrong people..

Suddenly a door opened. I turned my head and stood up, finally!

'Hillary!' I sighed in relief, walking up to her and embracing her into a hug.

'Are you okay?' she nodded, hugging the others.

'They still need to look further.. But everything is okay for now.'

'What the- well I'm happy' I said, hugging her tightly. I took her hand and pulled her towards Lucy and her mom. Hillary was confused, but quickly 'awe-d' when she saw Lucy. I smiled and sat down next to her.

'Lucy, Hillary. Hillary, Lucy.'

'Hey, Lucy. You're adorably!'

'I love you so much Hillary! You're so pretty!'

'I love you more, beautiful!' she smiled brightly and gave Lucy a hug. I smiled again, explaining everything to Hillary about Lucy. Her smile soon left when I told her about her sickness.

'Oh god..' she pouted.

'I'm so sorry..' she hugged Stephanie. She started crying too, smiling weakly.

'Thank you guys.. I was going to sign up Lucy's make-a-wish to meet you all.. But I'm glad it happened now.. Thank you for supporting us.'

'I know how it feels for you, Hillary. I'm sorry for your loss..'

'No, it's okay, I hope Lucy will be fine too. She's a gorgeous, strong little girl and very cute with an amazing mother!' Hillary hugged her again.

'Ms. Parks?' another nurse called out from another room. Lucy and Stephanie stood up, giving all of us a quick hug as they soon followed the nurse.

'My god, Niall..' Hillary sighed, hugging my tightly..

'I know.. She's adorable and so sweet.. I wouldn't want to lose her..'

We sighed as I gave her a kiss on her forehead. After a few minutes, we left to my house again. The boys took their suitcases and said their goodbye's. Hillary grabbed hers and followed me towards my car. I helped her a little and got in the car.

Momma Star, here we come!




'Hillary! Sweety! Are you okay, darling?' Jade asked and hugged Hillary tightly.

'Yeah, everything is fine now.'

'Oh Niall! Thank you so much to take care of her' she wrapped me into a hug. 'It's a pleasure' I smiled.

'I missed you so much! Come in.'

'We missed you too', Hillary said.

I winked at her and smiled up at Jade. 'Tell me all about the tour and how it went!' she clapped her hands, quickly giving us something to drink as we sat down on the couch. We talked for hours, until it got to 10pm and decided to go upstairs. I followed Hillary to her room.

'Oh my god, I missed it so much here' she looked around.

'I have to say.. Me too', I chuckled and laid down on her bed.

'This is what I missed the most!' she jumped on me, but I'm pretty sure she meant her bed.

'Ouch! Hey!' I laughed and started tickling her. She laughed like she was going to die, tears almost streaming down her face. I laughed loudly and stopped, resting my hands on her hips.

'I think I'm going to call Lucy', I smiled. Hillary gave me her laptop and opened it. It turned on so I went on Skype and typed Stephanie's name in. After I searched for the right one, I found it and tried calling her.

"Hi Niall!"

'Hey Lucy' I smiled and waved at the camera. I loved to hear her voice again, but where was she?.. It didn't look like a house. It looked like the hospital..

'How are you?'

"I'm okay, but I'm at the hospital." Question answered.

'What? W-why?' Hillary asked.

"I need to stay here for a week.. I don't know why, but the nurse said I had to."

'I hope you're fine baby.'

"I think I am, my mommy is next to me" she smiled. Stephanie soon appeared on the screen, waving.

"Thank you for calling Niall."

'It's okay, but I'll leave you alone for Lucy to rest.. I'll call back later, okay?'

"Okay! Bye Hillary and Niall, I love you!"

We smiled and waved. I laid the laptop next to the bed on the ground.

'I hope she'll be fine, she's in the hospital.. That isn't good, right?'

'We'll see babe' I sighed and gave Hillary a soft kiss on the lips. She fell asleep in my arms as I smiled. After a few miutes, I fell asleep too.

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