Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


89. Lucy & Restaurant.

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up at like 5am this morning. Why? I don't know.

I really hate mornings and I absolutely hate to wake up early. I sighed, rubbed my eyes and stood up from the mattress. I groaned and got a call before I could take my clothes. I grabbed it from the ground and answered.

'Hello?' I asked annoyed, not even looking at the caller ID.

"Hey mate", I heard a familiar voice. I pulled my phone away from my ear and nodded as I saw who it was, Tommo.

'Hey Tommi, what's up?'

"Do you want to come over with the others to the park? Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor will be there. We can eat something afterwards", I nodded and realized he couldn't see.

'Sounds good. I'll ask the boys and Hillary, we'll be there in an hour or something.'

"Okay, see you soon."

'Bye Louis', I hung up the phone and ran into the bathroom with my clothes in my arms, hearing the others laugh soon. They're awake already? That's early. Well Louis, Perrie, Zayn and Eleanor were too. I shrugged my shoulders and changed into my clothes. I got ready and walked downstairs to see everyoone on the couch.

'That's early Hazz', Liam chuckled.

'Yeah, but I should ask you too' I frowned.

'Hillary and Niall couldn't stop laughing, so we woke up.'

'Oh it's our fault?' Niall laughed again and furrowed his eyebrows.

'A little, but it's okay I couldn't sleep anymore' Liam smiled.

'Louis asked us to come to Eleanor's hotel. We're going to the park and than eat, is that alright?'

'Ofcourse, I can see Eleanor again!' Hillary cheered.

'And there's food, never saying no to food!' Niall clapped his hands.

'I'm gonna get ready' Hillary smiled before running upstairs. I walked over to the couch and let myself fall down.

'Now that we're talking about food, I'm hungry' Niall sighed, running into the kitchen.

We're literally going to eat in a few minutes, maybe hours.

Liam came over to me and plopped down next to me. I smiled weakly and turned my head away again.

'So uhm.. How are you?' Liam asked awkwardly.

'I'm good, you?'

'Are you sure?' he quickly replied.

'Yes Liam, I'm sure' I sighed as I knew where this was leading to.

'Really? Because you-'

'Liam, I'm fine!' I rolled my eyes.

'I'm sorry Harry, but we just want to know what's wrong with you. You've been acting so weird lately and you don't even tell anyone but Hillary. It's really weird and please at least tell me. We're all worried and-'

'Liam just stop!' I said trying to stop and not let Niall hear.

'I'll stop when you tell me!'

'I'll tell you later, just stop screaming. Not now, I don't wanna talk about it' I sighed.

I normally tell everything to all of the boys, but now I just couldn't. I'm glad Hillary knows, at least that is off my shoulders, but I don't want Niall to know. I trust the boys, and I don't know if Niall would be mad, if I tell the others and not him he'll be so mad if he ever finds out.

'Fine, but I will know it. I'm sure of that' he said and stood up.

'I'm gonna go get ready' he ran upstairs and left me alone in the living room.

I groaned and held my head in my hands.

'What's wrong bro?' I heard a familiar voice behind me. I looked up and saw Niall walking over to the couch to sit next to me.

'Nothing, why would there be something wrong?' I said nervously.

'Oh I don't know, it looked like it. Ah well, when are we actually leaving?'

Thank God Niall understands when I just really don't want to talk about something. He just leaves it like that, or asks it at a better time.

'I don't know, when they're ready. Liam just got upstairs and Hillary should be ready soon I guess' I shrugged my shoulders. Niall nodded and took his phone out, waiting for Hillary and Liam like me.


Hillary's P.O.V.

I got done getting ready pretty soon. I smiled into the mirror and took my phone from my desk. I heard Liam come upstairs so I knew he'd be getting ready too. I knocked on the guest room and waited for his reply.

'Almost ready!'

'Okay, I'll wait downstairs' I said and went down to Niall and Harry.

'Li's getting ready' I told them. They nodded and put their phones away.

After a while, Liam came downstairs so we left with a cab to Eleanor's hotel. We told the taxi driver where we had to go, arriving 10 minutes later. We got inside the building and went to the elevator when Louis texted us the room number.

We knocked on her door and heard her say she was coming. I smiled and watched the door being opened. I quickly took her into a tight hug as she smiled brightly.


'Eleanor!' we laughed before pulling away.

'Girls' Louis mumbled at the others and rolled his eyes. I laughed and felt Niall's fingers intertwine with mine.

'I'm going to put my shoes on, than we can meet Perrie and Zayn at the park' Eleanor smiled.

'Oh wait.. I texted Perrie to say I couldn't wait to see her, but she can't come because she needs to rehearse for Little Mix's concert tonight' I sighed.

'Other time than' Liam shrugged his shoulders and leaned on the wall.

'Ready?' Louis asked when Eleanor stood up next to him again.

We all nodded and went back down the lobby, got out of the hotel and made our way to the park.

'El? Do you really want to stay in this hotel?' I asked when we were walking behind the boys alone.

'I don't think you need more people in your house. You probably don't have enough place there.'

'I have enough place! If I didn't, I wouldn't ask you to stay at my house. The boys are by far the worst, they're like pigs, so yes I have enough place because they're with five' I laughed.

'I know they are, Louis once got a sleepover, remember?' Eleanor laughed as I joined.

'Oh I do! Very well.'

'What about Niall? He's not in another room right?'

'No ofcourse not, he sleeps in mine' I blushed.

'First, don't blush! You're so cute' she chuckled. 'Second, you see, Niall's in your room.'

'Alright, I was overthinking again' I rolled my eyes.

'I always win' she said and flipped her hair. I laughed and gave her a hug.

'I missed you babe!' she sighed.

'I missed you too girl!'

Hugging Eleanor, because she's one of my great friends, reminded me I should really call Teddy again. She hasn't even called me yet..

I quickly took my phone out when Eleanor and I pulled away.

'What's up?' she asked worried.

'Nothing, just kind of forgot about Teddy. I mean, not about her, but calling her.'

'Oh damn, yeah you should call her.'

'I know' I found her contact and pressed on her name, waiting for her to pick up.

"Hey Hill, haven't heard of you in a while.."

You could've called too..

'I know, I'm sorry. I miss you so much. I just had so much on my mind, sorry. You didn't call either though..' I sighed.

"Yes, I know. Sorry, school is just really hard for me at the moment.. Guess we have the same problems", she chuckled.

'Yeah, but I miss you. A lot.'

"I miss you too! I really wish you could be here.. I need your support so fucking much.."

'I wish I was there, but know I'll always support you. No matter where I am. How's school though?'

"Argh!" with that I knew enough.

"Well like I already told you before, Nate keeps staring.. He's like stalking me, but I rejected him. He's sweet and all, but I don't feel good about him. And Violet is still using me, yay" she said annoyed.

'Are her friends still not back? Well if you can call them like that..'

"Still sick, Trix is in the hospital. I don't know, something with her heart and head. Her head is probably because she's stupid as fuck, I don't know about her heart", she explained.

'I wanna punch all of them so badly, especially Violet for using you. She hasn't changed a bit, still a bitch.'

"I even rejected Violet for her birthday party" we both laughed as I complimented her.

'Good job girl!' I said and talked with her for a few minutes more.

'But I'm gonna go now..'

"Okay, I need to study anyway so.. I love you, bye."

'I love you too Ted' I smiled weakly before ending our call.

'How's Teddy?' Niall asked and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

'She's fine' I smiled, wrapping my arm around his torso.

'I love you' he smiled. 'I love you more Nialler.'

I watched Eleanor run up to Louis. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gave her a peck on the cheek.

I smiled brightly and shook my head, they're so cute. Zayn, Harry and Liam were in a huge conversation, laughing as loud as they could.

Some people at the street passed us by like nothing happened, others were looking confused, others were screaming, whispering, smiling, some even started talking to us. Paps soon followed us behind and started shouting. A great day being ruined by them. Again.

'Hillary, Niall!'

What the fuck do they want now. I turned my head at them and smiled weakly.

'Just ignore them, they'll never leave us if you give them attention' Niall whispered in my ear. I sighed and slowly nodded. Even though they annoy the fuck out of me, I hate ignoring people. I know Niall and the others want to give them attention too, but like Niall said, they'd never leave us alone than. I just want to talk to them and hopefully get them to leave us alone, but I can't. I also just don't want any questions being thrown at me.

'Hillary please, answer some questions!' someone shouted and bumped into me so I almost fell on the floor.

'Hey watch out!' Niall screamed at the pap.

'Niall, mate, calm down' Louis said and took Niall's arm.

'No I'm not going to fucking calm down! They need to be careful!' he kept raising his voice.

I was so shocked of almost falling. Fortunately, Niall was next to me and held me in his arms or I would've probably been on the ground.

It's cute of Niall to protect me, but I'm so sure if he keeps going like this - people will start spreading rumours and stuff about him and I really don't want that to happen.. He's right though, they need to be careful and more respectful, but I know paps are filming whatever is happening now..

'I'm so.. I'm so sorry, I swear, sorry Hillary' the pap said and went on eye level with me. I don't know how that happened, but my knee hurt.

'It's okay..' I sighed.

'It's not fucking okay, don't you know-'

'Niall!' Louis grabbed his arm again and turned Niall around so he was facing him. Louis was probably telling Niall to calm down again and not freak out too much. Other paps were still being disrespectful or watched.

'Are you okay?' Harry asked as the pap stood up and apologized to everyone. I slowly nodded my head smiled up at Harry.

'You sure?' he asked again and helped me stand up. 'Yes, don't worry' I reassured him and turned around to walk away from all the mess. My knee was still hurting so I couldn't walk that well. I ignored it and bit my lip, luckily getting into the park soon. I smiled at Zayn who was sitting at a bench and sat down next to him.

'Hey lil' sister, what's up?'

'Some jerk attacked her! She almost fell!' Niall yelled at Zayn, obviously still being pissed as he stormed towards us. The others slowly following behind when the paps luckily left.

'Niall, he didn't attack me. He bumped into me and it was probably an accident..' I sighed. It started to annoy me how he was acting.

'And stop, I'm getting dizzy of you.'

'How can you be- I'm sorry..' he sighed and bent down in front of me.

'You better look out for her, not walk around like you're going to kill the pap' Zayn laughed, but I knew he was serious.

'I'm sorry, are you okay? Did he hurt you? I swear if he did-' Niall sat down for like 5 seconds before standing up again.

'Niall!' we all screamed.

'Sorry' he groaned as he apologized again. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and rubbed my back.

'Are you okay?' he repeated.

'My knee hurts a little, and my ankles.. I think it's because I tripped' I explained.

'Do you need to see a doctor?'

'Don't exaggerate, it's alright.'

'Maybe something's broken!'

'Niall calm down for the hundredth time! Nothing's wrong with me, I promise. I will tell you if there is.'

'Okay' he nodded and looked down at his hands. I smiled weakly and gave him a kiss on his cheeks.

'We're going to walk around for a while. Call us when we're gonna go eat or just leave' Louis smiled. We nodded and waved at Eleanor and him. I smiled as they walked away, slowly forgetting the pain.

'I'm gonna go take a walk too' Zayn stood up.

'Alone?' Liam frowned.

'You can come along' he chuckled. Liam nodded and left Niall, Harry and me alone on the bench.

It's like they know what is happening between us. I mean, not with Niall, but it's like meant to be. The fact Harry likes me and Niall doesn't know yet.

I stood up and walked up in front of them.

'What? But.. Your foot?' Niall asked confused.

'It's better. I told you, I'm fine' Niall nodded.

'So what are we-' I said, but Niall's phone soon started ringing. He took it out of his jacket and frowned, but smiled afterwards. I furrowed my eyebrows and went over to him to see who it was. A huge smile formed on my face as I quickly pressed "Answer" for the facetime call. I almost hugged Niall's phone when I saw her little self appear on the screen.

"Niall! Hillary! Harry!"

'Lucy!' We cheered.

'How are you?' I asked. I was so happy to see her again. She looked much better.

"I'm great! Better than I was. I've never felt so good in my life."

My heart melted so fast when she said that. It made me happier than I already was. She looks so happy.

'That's amazing! We miss you so much!' I pouted.

"I miss you too! I love you all! You're like the sister I've never had before Hillary.."

My heart exploded. That was so cute!

'Aw' I whispered. Harry laughed and rubbed my back as he sat down next to me.

'I promise, when I get back to London I'll do whatever I can to see you!'

"Yaay!" She cheered at Niall's words. I smiled weakly and watched her talk to her mom about us.

"That's amazing, I need to admit that I miss you all a lot too. Lucy will love it when you all get back!"

'About that..' Niall began and turned his head down at me. I wanted to say something, but Lucy was faster. She explained everything I wanted to tell her mom and she slowly nodded.

"That's sad.. But we'll visit you as fast as we can!"

'No no, I will. You don't need to come all the way over here. I can visit you both and my family than..'

"That's true.. We can see, it has been a dream of Lucy to visit America though.. We will as soon as she's fully recovered" she smiled down at her daughter. "Sorry, but Lucy needs some sleep now."

Lucy handed the phone back to her mom and put her PJs on.

'Is she.. Still sick?' I asked.

"Yes she is.. They did say she's much better and can recover very soon. We're going to the doctor tomorrow and will know more. If I don't forget, I'll call or text you."

'Okay, that's great. I have my fingers crossed' I smiled.

'It will be! Lucy is a strong girl' Niall stated.

"Ofcourse she is! I'll let you know more as soon as I do. By the way, thanks again for supporting Lucy so much.. She's been stronger since she met you all.."

'No problem! We have so much love for her' we said truthfully.

"Goodbye sweeties."

'Bye!' we waved at Niall's phone screen.

Harry was pretty quiet, but he actually didn't know Lucy or her mother that much. He still cared as much about them as Niall and I did, obviously. I smiled and looked down at my hands before taking my phone and opened Twitter.


@Hilla_Star: "Loved facetiming @StephLucy . She's doing much better & it makes me so happy :) She's a strong, wonderful girl <3"


'Are we going to eat?' Niall asked and stood up. I laughed and nodded, pulling Harry up with me.

'I'll call Zayn' Harry said and took his phone out.

'I'll call Louis' I smiled.

'I'll call Liam than..'

'Idiot, Zayn and Liam are together so why call the both of them?'

'Oh yeah, I'll wait.'

I laughed at Niall and went to Louis' contact. After a while, I got him on the phone and asked to come back to the park. Harry ended his call at the same time and said they'd be coming. We waited for about 10 minutes until they got to the park. We told about Lucy when we walked over to a restaurant. We found one pretty soon and it wasn't crowded at all. I sat in between Niall and Louis and waited for the waiter to come before ordering our drinks and food.

It was so delicious and an amazing day. We laughed and talked a lot.. I love spending time with them, so much.

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