Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


85. Justin.

Louis' P.O.V.

I knew something was wrong with Harry. I always know whenever there's something wrong with my bro's. I just not know what is wrong with Harry now, I can't lay my finger on it. I kept my eyes on him the whole time we were talking about going back to London and there was obviously something going through his mind. He's one of my best friends so he needs to tell me and trust me, I'm gonna figure it out soon.

He was downstairs with Hillary and they called us to come downstairs after about 45 minutes. We were chilling on the couch afterwards.

'Harold, can I talk to you for a few seconds?' he frowned and nodded, stood up and followed me to Hillary's kitchen.

I turned around and leaned on the counter.

'What's up?' he asked and sat down on a kitchen chair.

'I should ask you' I raised my eyebrows.

'What?' he kept frowning.

'Harry, I know there's something wrong and I want to know.'

'There's.. There's nothing wrong' he shrugged his shoulders.

'Harry' I sighed.


'Why don't you trust me? You obviously didn't tell anyone else yet, why are you keeping something away from us?'

'I do trust you Louis. I just.. Can't say it..'

'Why not?'


'I'm worried.'

'Don't be Louis, just let it go' he groaned, 'there's nothing wrong with me. I just wanna be alone' he said and walked out of the kitchen.

Well if nothing was wrong he wouldn't be acting like this. He's stupid for not realizing that. Harry's just not acting normal.

I walked out of the living room and sighed as everyone turned towards me.

'What did you say?'

'Nothing' I shrugged my shoulders.

'Why did Harry run upstairs like he was mad than?'

'I don't know.. I was just worried about him because he's acting weird' I admitted truthfully. 'So I asked what was wrong, but I couldn't get it out of his mouth.'

Everyone shrugged their shoulders as I sat down on the couch again.

'Be right back..' Hillary said and went upstairs, leaving us all confused.


Harry's P.O.V.

I didn't know why I didn't tell Louis. I wanted to, but I couldn't. I just walked off upstairs, what I shouldn't have done since it was obvious something was wrong then. I'll talk to him about it later. I've just never felt something like this about someone before. Words can't even explain how Hillary is or how much she means to me. I don't know if it's because we have a baby together or not, but it's definitely something. I know she truly loves Niall, and he truly loves her. I don't ever want them to break up, it just hurts.

I just want to be left alone right now.. but I heard someone come upstairs making me groan and go with my hands through my hair. I sighed and stood up, walking to Hillary's balcony.

'Harry?' I heard a familiar, soft voice say. I slowly turned around and saw Hillary standing in the door way. I smiled weakly and stared at her.

'Can I come in?'

'Ofcourse, it's your room' I chuckled. She nodded and didn't come outside on the balcony, but just sat down on her bed. I looked down at the ground before sitting down next to her.

'What's wrong Hazz?'

'You already know..' I said after a few minutes of silence.

'Yeah, but you don't need to reject Louis' help. He just wanted to know what's wrong..'

'I know, but I don't want to tell him and he just can't understand. I just wanted to be left alone and he kept asking.'

'Do you still want to be alone?' she asked and looked up at me, biting her lip and staring into my eyes. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

'No, it's fine' I smiled weakly again.

'Louis is your best friend, Harry. You better tell him or it could ruin some stuff between all of you. I'm sure he won't tell the others. He's really worried' she said while lying her hand on my arm.

'I will.. Does Niall know already? From you?'

Probably not, since he would obviously freak out at me if he knew.

'Ofcourse not, I know you don't want me to tell so I'm not going to' she smiled. I nodded and looked down at my hands.

'I'm so sorry..' I whispered.

'For what?..'

'You know.. Everything.'

'None of whatever you mean is your fault Harry.'

'But I still feel quitly.'

'You shouldn't. I had to be careful too, but I wasn't.'

'I wasn't careful either! And I shouldn't have told you how I feel about you' I sighed and turned my head toward Hillary again.

'I'm sorry for making it so difficult, I know it's hard for you..'

'It's fine, that's life.'

I slowly nodded and looked around for a bit until Hillary broke the silence again.

'But Harry.. You should know.. I..' she stopped for a moment, shook her head and started playing with her fingers.

'What?' I laid my finger under her chin so she looked up at me.

'I still love you..' she whispered.

'Hillary, I know you always say that, but I know you don't like me the way-'

'Harry I really need to know, what the hell is wron- oh.. Sorry' Louis stormed into the bedroom.

'It's fine' Hillary said and smiled weakly, awkwardly sitting up so my finger didn't hold her chin anymore.

We went downstairs and sat down on the couch again.

I rolled my eyes as everyone was being quiet and acted weird.




Hillary's P.O.V.

My life is definitely difficult, no doubt about that.

To be honest, I still love Harry. Now that I think about it, I still love Daniel too, but Niall is just everything to me and I love him the most. My feelings are really confusing at times, but at the end of the day I always know I love Niall and will forever love him.

'So you don't want to tell me either? Fine than, good friends you all are' I heard Louis shout from up the stairs as I went downstairs to the others.

I'm sure he's mad and I want to tell him, but it's up to Harry. It's Harry's feelings and I'm not going to tell everything to others if he doesn't want me to.

'What's up with Louis now?' Liam groaned. 'What's wrong with everyone here? Seriously, can everyone stop acting childish' he finished.

'Nothing, just some Louis things he screamed. Don't worry' I chuckled.

I hate lying, I hate hiding stuff and I hate being in these situations.

I heard my phone's text sound, but didn't know where he was. I looked around and found him in the kitchen. How did he end up there? I grabbed it from the counter and looked who texted me.

I widened my eyes and unlocked my phone.


Daniel x: hey, I'm sorry for last time. I heard you're in America now? How's stuff there? I actually miss you (as best friend ;) ) and I'm sorry for how I acted. I hope you can forgive me and we catch up soon when you're back in London? I'm really mad because of what I did last time. Sorry x


I smiled and directly texted him back.


Me: Hi, it's alright here. Yeah, I'm in America :( I miss you too ! I miss London so much, even though it's fun here. Just still trying to get used to it.. I forgive you Dani :) It's not your fault, I understand u. I miss you and hope we can meet ASAP again xx


I laid my phone down but got a text again, is he that fast? I took my phone and smiled, seeing I actually had 2 texts.


Ted. <3: Hey gurlll. I miss you! I'm almost crying :( I really don't wanna spend my time this far away from you. How are you? Stupid school here, for fucks sake. Nate is still looking at me and Violet is so UGH. She seriously hates me, but hangs out with me because her best friend is sick. Like wtf? Stop using me bitch. She's on her phone right now, not knowing I feel like shit because of her. Everyone knows she hates me and is looking at us like 'what the fuck is wrong with Violet?' It's really boring at school, especially without you even if it's been forever. I miss and love you xx I wrote a bible lmao. bye babe <3

Me: Hiiiiiii gurlyyyyy. I miss you more!! Me too, i feel like crying :(( Everything is alright here. Miss you more and the boys are still crazy ;) Hope they can stay longer.. I don't think I need to ask how things are over there?.. I wish I was there with you and sometimes still at school so I could push her away from you -_- I swear she doesn't need to use you, SHE CAN'T !! And maybe .. Just maybe.. Nate is in love with you? He has been staring at you for the passed 3 weeks! That's not normal xx <3


I hate Violet so much. Basically the whole school does and it's been like that for more than 6 years. I don't get how she still thinks everyone likes her. I rolled my eyes and went to the other text message I got.


Justin: Hey Hillary. How are you? Honestly missing you ;) How are things in your new home? Did you eat already? Maybe I can pick you all up and we can eat somewhere? If you all don't mind ofcourse?! xx


'Do you guys wanna go eat with Justin?' I asked while walking into the living room.

'YES!' Niall shouted and jumped up from the couch. I shook my head, laughing.

'TEXT HIM BACK!' he ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me from behind, giving me the biggest hug ever and a kiss on my forehead. I almost fell on the ground when he pulled away.

He's never going to grow up, I swear.


Me: Hey JJ, I'm great. You? Miss u2 :) Good and ofcourse! Sounds good. Niall is too excited right now ahaha x


I hid my phone in my jacket and went to the stairs.

'I'll go get changed, you all need to be ready when I'm back okay?'

'Yes mother', Zayn joked. I smiled and went upstairs, taking some clothes out of my closet and ran to the bathroom. I went to my room again when I was done changing my clothes and doing my hair. I took a picture in the mirror and opened the Twitter app. I hadn't tweeted the whole day yet, so it was time to change that.


@Hilla_Star"Ready to go eat dinner with @justinbieber and the boys :) <3"


I tweeted it with the mirror selfie attached and went downstairs, seeing the boys standing in the hallway already. Woah.. They listened..

'I already texted Justin we were waiting' Niall smiled brightly.

I nodded and gave him a kiss on his cheeks.

'I love you' he whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist.

'I love you more' I smiled, giving him a tight hug.

'Ready?' Louis asked before everyone nodded.

Ready to eat! I'm so hungry.

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