Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


93. Interview |

Harry's P.O.V.

Today was the day of the interview. I groaned and took my clothes before going to the bathroom.

We have to announce Niall and Hillary "broke up". I can't do this. I can't see my friends unhappy.

We normally let the paps find out and they say people broke up, but now we have to say it ourself, even though it's not true.

Simon is like an uncle to us, that's why we call him Uncle Simon, but I don't like these stuff about him. He is ruining everything, not Hillary.

'Ready Hazz?' I heard Hillary shout from down the stairs.

'Almost!' I changed into the clothes and brushed my teeth, rushing downstairs afterwards.

'I am now', I smiled adn took my phone from the counter. They all nodded and we left to the cab. I sat in between Liam and Louis. I took my phone out before Liam started talking to me.

'How are you feeling?'

'Good.. I think.. Why? You sound worried?' I frowned.

'Oh uhm.. No, nothing' he shook his head.

'Liam', I sighed.

'Just that.. You know.. Hillary and you..' He hispered. I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

'I feel really bad about it, but there's nothing to change.'

'I know. We need to be honest, but you know Simon. When he wants something he-'

'Always gets it', I finish his sentence.


I bit my lip and looked down at my phone. My eyes widened when I saw some of the fans' tweets.




What the? How does she know?

'She doesn't know, can she? I already asked Simon and he said he didn't do anything. It's just a fan who ships you and Hillary' Liam frowned. He read my mind..

'By the way, I just saw your expression. I knew what you meant', he winked.

'Okay.. You were scaring me.' Liam laughed in response and shook his head before turning his head towards the window. I shrugged my shoulders and scrolled through my timeline and read other tweets from the girl. She's crazy..


@HillarryMyOTP"Why is no one confirming? I know Hillary and Harry are dating. Why wouldn't they? They're PERFECT."


@HillarryMyOTP"I've seen so many pictures of them. Photoshopped ones but also real pics that proof they're together."


@HillarryMyOTP"I ship them. I don't care. It's my life, take care of yours."


@HillarryMyOTP"Stop hating me for being right. I LOVE HARRY AND HILLARY, so why can't they be dating?"


She kept ranting about it.. I love my fans but.. What..

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