Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


60. Help.

Niall's P.O.V.

I was starting to hate doctors as much as Hillary did. I should apologize to her doctor after a few days ago, since I got pretty mad at him. I literally thought he said something hurtful or did something to her. Hospitals just give me bad thoughts, even though there are babies born there. 

Thinking about hospitals, I should call Stephanie again since I met her and Lucy here.

'It's going to be okay Hillary. You don't know how stressed I am also, but it's alright', I said and took her hand in mine.

'You're more stressed than I Nialler' she giggled, 'So I should tell that to you.'

I smiled and started biting the nails of my left hand, since the other was held Hillary.

A woman suddenly came out of the room of the doctor's office, smiling brightly. Probably got some good news. I hope we can hear that too.. There was one more woman before we could go inside. I couldn't sit still and I kept biting my nails. I'm sure it's my baby.

Ok, I'm actually not.

How can it be mine?

I didn't feel comfortable at all and Hillary obviously noticed, gripping my hand tighter.

'Nialler, stop worrying so much. Why are you so stressed?'

'Where is the Hillary I took with me to the hospital?' I sighed.

'Gone. I thought about it in the car and this is not that bad. It's just a test, like you've said a million of times.'

I slowly nodded again and turned my head towards the door. I know there was a woman inside a few minutes ago, but she doesn't need to take her whole life time to explain something. Why can't no one ever hurry the fuck up?

I tried calming down by going on Twitter and following some fans.


@NiallOfficial: "Honestly hate hospitals . Hate seeing people cry cos of hearing bad news . Everything is okay with all of us though :) x"


I tweeted it and hid my phone in my pocket again. I turned my head towards Hillary, who was typing away on her phone. I smiled and rested my hand on her upper leg. She was so beautiful and I love her so much.

'I love-' I got interrupted because of someone coming through the door.

'Ms. Star?' the nurse smiled. Shit. I grabbed Hillary's hand tightly and followed her inside.

'I'm sorry..' I whispered since I noticed how annoyed I made her. She just shook her head and chuckled.

I sat down on the doctor's office chairs, looking up at him.

'So you wanted to ask me something?' he leaned forward on his desk, his arms crossing.

'Well yeah.. Uhm, I want to do a DNA test.. I want to know who the father is' Hillary bit her lip.

'So you're not sure if the father is Mr. Horan?' he frowned as she shook her head weakly.

'We haven't had sex before.. So we're pretty confused' she admitted, blushing.

'Okay sure, would you like to make another appointment or do it now?'

'I'd like to do it now' the doctor stood up and told us he'd be back in a few seconds.

'Hillary I know it's stupid, but I really don't feel well about this..' I sighed again.

'What do you mean?'

'I don't know, what if it's not my child? Who else would it be? You didn't cheat-'

'Ofcourse not!' she quickly interrupted me, 'I'd never cheat on you Niall.'

'I know, I was just making sure..' she sighed as we both looked down at our hands.

It didn't take long before the doctor came back and called Hillary over to come in.

I just waited in his office for once, even though I can never be with her. Like, dude, I will know the news anyway so what does it matter. I'm really scared to the point I had to pee because of being that nervous.

I've never went to bed with Hillary so I don't get how she's pregnant. How can she even be when she didn't cheat either?

Unless it happened before our relationship but wouldn't she know it before than? We've been dating for around 4 months already.

Hillary came back an hour after, crying. I widened my eyes and ran up to her, wrapping my arms around her shoulder.

'W-what's wrong?..' I asked with the most shaky voice ever. By her reaction I knew what the answer would be..


'I'm so s-sorry Niall..' she cried even harder and I don't think I've ever seen her cry that much.

Just when I thought I'd be getting a kid with the love of my life.. Shit. Fucking hell.

'Babe tell me..' I bit my lip, tears forming in my eyes. The doctor laid his hand on my shoulder and sighed lightly.

'Can we talk?' he asked me. I stood up, looking confused as fuck.

We went to the same room like Hillary and him, sitting on a chair after he did.

What the fuck?


Hillary's P.O.V.

I was crying so much, almost making me fall on the ground. Niall luckily held me tight in his arms, but I don't know if that would last long..

I should've known.. Fucking hell.

He sat me down on the chair and the tears streamed out of my eyes, I don't think I've ever cried this much before. I held my head in my hands as Niall followed the doctor into the other room. 

I just hope Niall will stay with me no matter what happens..

'WHAT?!' I heard his voice scream through the rooms. I closed my eyes tightly, biting my lip as hard as I could. I looked up and saw Niall standing in the doorway. He ran up to me and for a minute I thought he would do something bad to me, but Niall would never.. He was just in so much anger. Tears fell down on my sweater and lap as I tried to calm down, breathing in and out as good as possible.

'How could you fucking do this to me?' he whisper-yelled, storming out of the room afterwards.

I screamed after his name, but it didn't work. I tried standing up, but I felt so dizzy. The doctor came up next to me and started rubbing my back.

What do I need to do now..

'Can someone come pick you up?' he asked after a few minutes. I shrugged my shoulders and wiped some tears away.

'I'll find someone' I sighed, slowly standing up.

'Hillary, you know you can call me when you have questions or need someone. Think about yourself and your health first, okay?'

I nodded and thanked him before leaving the room. I got outside the hospital, taking my phone and trying to walk a little.

Many people stared at me, knowing something bad was happening. I directly pressed on the only person's name I could think of, obviously. I can't think about anything else, besides Niall now.

I didn't want my mom to come pick me up, I wasn't in the mood for all her overprotective stuff and million of questions.

"Hey Hilla, what's up?" I heard his hoarse voice through the phone.

'C-can you please come pick me up at the h-hospital Hazz?' I sniffed.

"Yeah, yeah, ofcourse. What's wrong?"

'Just come pick m-me up..'

"I'll be there in five minutes."

I hung up the phone and waited about 3 minutes until I saw Harry's car driving towards me. He got out of his car and quickly ran up to me, taking me in his arms.

'What happened?' he asked worriedly.

I shook my head heavily and hugged him tightly. We got into the car before he slowly drove off to my house.

'I don't wanna go home..' I sighed, staring out of the window.

'Why not?'

'Because I don't want to deal with my mom right now..'

'Okay.. Where's Niall?' he frowned.

I ignored his question, biting my lip harshly. Harry drove to his house, Anne opening the front door quickly. She was smiling so brightly, until she saw me getting out of the car.

'You okay honey?' she questioned after giving me a hug. I shrugged my shoulders, shaking me head and sitting down on the couch when she led us inside.

'Sorry I'm here, I didn't really want to go home at the moment..' I apologized to her as Harry sat down next to me.

'Sweety what's wrong? You can always come over here you know that, but you can tell us what happened.'

'Did you fight with your mom?' Harry frowned, both of them looking confused. I sighed once again and stared at the ground. 'With Niall? Because you didn't answer my question in the car..'

I didn't say anything, but the tears who left my eyes kind of gave it away. I directly buried my head in Harry's neck.

'Oh..' Anne sighed as Harry hugged me tighter.

'I'll leave you guys alone, tell me later but just take your time', she said and left to the kitchen.

'What happened love?..' Harry whispered.

'Harry I.. I can't say it.. Niall is mad at me for no reason acutally.. He just doesn't understand.. I couldn't explain, he left as soon as he came in the room..'

'Hillary I'm confused..'

I sighed deeply and looked up into his eyes. He was so worried.

I wanted to say it, but how?..

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