Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


61. Harry.

'You know you can trust me', Harry said and tried getting me to spill it out, taking my hand in his.

'I really want to tell you, but I just fucking can't..'

'Why not?' he frowned again.

'Because.. Niall's probably mad 'cause it's about you..'

'What? I didn't do anything, did I?'

'No, I did' I groaned.

I was making Harry so confused, I just didn't know how to form it into words and sentences.

'I still don't know what you mean. I promise I won't freak out. I don't understand why Niall would be mad at you because of me? Or mad at me because I did something I know I didn't?...'

'Niall just doesn't understand Harry! I couldn't explain because he ran away' Harry slowly nodded, looking down at our hands. I sighed and tried to make him look into my eyes.

'Harry I'm pregnant.'

'Yeah I know, Niall told us. What has that to do with anything?.. Oh, and I'm happy for you' he smiled weakly.

'Thanks.. I'm happy you are, because I can't say that about everyone.. But that's not the thing to worry about..'

'What is it than?'

'I'm pregnant.. And it's yours..' I whispered, in hope for him to not hear it.

I heard him swallow deeply and he backed away for a brief moment.

Harry pulled our hands away from each other and stood up, walking around the living room. I heard a glass falling down in the kitchen which made me turn my head quickly. I stood up as Anne came towards us.

'Harry, I-'

'You're what?!' Anne screamed, coming towards Harry and me. I felt my eyes watering again and I swear I sometimes wonder how much tears a person could spend a day..

'I-I'm so sorry.. Niall is mad at me because it's not his, I did a DNA test today and-'

'Hillary leave..'


'Hillary, please leave us alone for a while..' Harry sighed, going upstairs.

'Anne I'm-'

'Hillary, it's better for us all if you could just go..'

'But I'm-' she shook her head weakly and went back to the kitchen. I sighed deeply and burst out into tears.

I hate myself so much..

I slowly opened their front door, leaving the house. I looked behind me for a few seconds before making my way home. I should have waited.. I shouldn't even made this decision.. Maybe I had to listen to one of the options my mom gave me.. Maybe I should have stopped all of this before it got worse, worse like right now actually.

Now I need to tell my mom.. Ugh.

I asked my mom to sit down on the couch when I came home. Teddy was here too.. Fuck!

They sat down in front of me and looked worried as fuck.

'Have you already stopped crying sweety? Your eyes look so swollen..' she pouted.

I nodded and bit my lip again. I swear I'll bite it off one day.

I started explaining everything, from the moment Niall and I got to the doctor until just a few minutes ago about Harry and Anne making me leave their house.

'So.. Harry's the father.. Not Niall..'

Teddy was shocked, just like my mom but she wrapped me into a hug. She couldn't be mad at all though, she was just sad because she knew I was once dating Harry... Yeah..

I knew Teddy was crushing on Harry, but it's not my fault.. Kinda.. I wasn't careful, I fucking know but still.

'You should talk to the boys sweety..' my mom said, going to the kitchen after a few minutes.

I decided to go to Louis', explaining the story to him also. Teddy went along with me and I was pretty happy she wasn't mad. I was happy to see all of the boys at Louis' place. Niall and Harry ignored me though.. I groaned and sat down at Louis' couch.

'What's wrong love?' Louis frowned, joining me on his couch.

I explained the story to him, Liam and Zayn.

'Please don't be mad..' I closed my eyes.

'Ofcourse not', Liam reassured me.

'But.. It's Harry's child..' their eyes widened as they didn't really know what to say.
'We didn't expect that..'

'Well me neither.. Niall, Harry and Anne are mad at me..'

'I'm sure they aren't Hill.. They're probably just shocked and Niall might be disappointed..' Zayn said, giving me a big hug.

'Niall probably thinks I cheated on him.. But I wouldn't ever do that..'

'Don't worry love, we trust you.'

'Thank you so much.. I'm happy Niall and Harry are here too.. I wanna explain to Niall and make sure Harry is okay about it.. Or is at least willing to help.. They probably won't listen, but I can try..'

'They should. You have good reasons and they better understand!' 

'Yeah, but they'll walk away though.'

'I'll go talk to them first. Wait here' Liam smiled weakly and left upstairs.

Liam soon came back after Zayn, Louis and Teddy gave me another hug. Liam pointed upstairs and told me I could go. I sighed and nodded, slowly heading upstairs.

I opened the door to Louis' bedroom, seeing them look out of the window, talking about some things I could barely hear. I don't understand why Niall isn't mad at Harry, but I'm happy he isn't. They are like brothers and obviously best friends. I don't want to ruin their friendship.

'Let me explain..' I sighed as I walked into the room. I sighed deeply and looked down at the ground.

'I'm really sorry..'

'For what? Cheating on me with my best friend?' Niall spat, standing up and turning towards me.

'I didn't cheat on you!' I shouted. I'm so mad he thinks that I would do that.

'How can you be-'

'I didn't Niall. I really didn't' I groaned.

'Harry?' I tried and turned to him. He was staring at his hands.

'Did you guys sleep with each other?' Niall frowned, a tear leaving his eye.

Well obviously..

'Niall I'm-'
'Yes' Harry interrupted me.

I bit my lip harshly and looked up at Niall.

'But Niall I didn't cheat, I slept with Harry before we got together.'

'Why didn't you guys tell us you were dating? Or was this a one night stand thing?' Niall kept on asking, still furious.
'We were together for a few weeks..'

'Without letting all of us know? Great friends. At least we tell our friends instead of our fans.'

'Niall we're still a secret though!'
'But the boys know!' he shouted back.

I hate this so much and we're not even fighting that bad, more like arguing. I hope we can still work this out.. I've said it enough, but I'm going to keep saying it - I don't want to lose him. I heard Teddy laugh downstairs with the others.

'Please forgive us Niall.. I really love you and I don't want to lose you.'

Niall ran downstairs without saying a word so I just followed him. Harry soon got behind us as we sat down on the couch like nothing happened. He literally ignored what I said.

I kept thinking about all of this and everyone noticed. Louis, Liam, Zayn and Teddy were staring at me with the most awkward face ever. I literally ruined all of our friendships..

It didn't last long before Niall headed to the kitchen. I followed him, his back facing me.

'Do you want to eat something?' I asked carefully.


'Since when don't you-'

'Hillary let it go!' he raised his voice, now turning around so he was facing me.

'I'm sorry Niall, okay? You have to forgive me, we weren't even dating! I didn't cheat on you, I would never do that. I never expected to be pregnant and especially not with Harry's baby..' I explained truthfully. He finally let me talk. 'I wasn't careful with him, I'm aware of that.. But what can I do now? Nothing at all. I'm not going to do an abortion because of this..'

'I never said you had to. It's just.. I'm mad. I can't believe you're pregnant and it's not even mine. I just can't believe you slept with him and you were both dating without letting us know. We at least told the boys Hillary..' he calmed down and his face was the most saddened I've ever seen.

'I'm sorry..' I apologized for the 100th time.

I'm so mad at myself.. If only I could turn back time..

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