Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


65. Harry & Ellen.

We arrived at Liam's house around 12.59am, knocking on the door. The door quickly opened, showing Liam who smiled brightly. He gave us a big hug and let us inside. I followed Niall inside and went into the living room. It was actually pretty awkward to see Harry again, even though it was only a few days. He looked up and smiled weakly at Niall. He didn't even look at me. I knew he was still mad.. I understand, but he can't ignore me either. He has to forgive me someday.. I sighed and sat down next to Niall on another couch. Liam went to sit with Harry and there was an awkward silence for a while.

'Uhm.. Niall do you want something to eat?' Liam asked, standing up. Nial nodded and following him insde the kitchen.

As if we didn't notice what they tried to do, leaving us alone to talk. I bit my lip and looked down at my hands, than up to Harry. I sighed for the 100th time, stood up and walked over to Harry, sitting down next to him.

'Look Harry.. I'm really, really sorry okay? But it was us, we, who weren't careful. Please, you can't be mad at me. What do I have to do to let you forgive me and talk to me again?'

Harry kept quiet and didn't say a word, just like before.

'Do I need to remove it? I won't though so I don't mind what you say.'

'You don't have to do that Hillary' he sighed after a long time.

'What else than?'

'I don't know, I'm just- I don't know! I'm not mad or anything, but I'm not happy either.. I'm just shocked, knowing you're pregnant and it's mine, while we're not even together..' he stood up and walked over to the window, going with his fingers through his hair.

'I understand Harry, I am too, but we have to get over it sometime.. I know you don't want to be a father at the moment and I'm sorry', I went up to him, lying my hand on his shoulder and staring through the window like him.

'Thank you for understand Hillary, but..' Harry turned around and sighed deeply. 'I don't know..' He took my hands and looked down at them. 'Look.. I'll take care for it.. I promise I will..' he said, lying his right hand on my stomach as the other one still held mine.

'Really?' I smiled weakly. 'Yes ofcourse.'

'Thank you Harry' I came closer and gave him a tight hug.

'But can I tell you something?..'

'Sure. What's wrong?'

'Hillary you.. You really need to keep this between us.. I really don't want to ruin our friendship or anything and not with Niall either.. Don't tell him at all, please' he pleaded. I frowned and slowly nodded, 'What's up?'

'I love you Hillary.. I really do, I've kept loving you after our break up. I loved you before you got pregnant and I'm so sorry to throw this at you all at once, but I needed to get it off my chest. I don't want anything to come between you and Niall, obviously, I just wanted to tell you' he sighed and took a deep breath.

'Oh.. But.. Niall.. I'm..'

'I know, I just told you and I'm happy I did. Louis also knows, but he's the only one' I slowly nodded again and sat down on the couch again, Harry doing the same. This got more awkward to be honest.. I love Harry, but not in a boyfriend-girlfriend way.. Just like a really close friend and brother. Like.. Daniel. Ugh shit.

I gave Harry another hug and smiled weakly.

'I'm sorry Harry..'

'It's okay Hill', he laughed, 'I can live with that.'

Liam and Niall soon got out of the kitchen and I knew that would happen. Just at the right moment, they come back, when everything is figured out and we've talked it through again. Such a typical thing.

I'm happy Harry and I made it up though, I couldn't live with us not talking.

Now I at least understand why Harry didn't want a girlfriend all this time..




Niall and I left Liam's house after a few minutes. We stayed over there the whole afternoon, talking the whole time. I enjoyed it to be honest, Harry and I just acting like we always did around each other.

Niall and I went to Nando's afterwards. It got to 6pm and we headed home soon. Time goes by too fast sometimes.. I hated it.

It's already Louis' birthday tomorrow! 

'What are you going to do tomorrow?' I asked when we were walking to my house. We didn't go to Nando's with the car, it was too beautiful outside.

'I might go over to the lads' houses, or go to my house' I nodded and looked down at the ground.

I saw a few paps and I hated it. I knew they would spread rumours again, even if they're true.. The questions kept following..

'Niall and Hillary, are you two together?!'

'Hillary how long have you been with Niall?!'

'Why aren't you confirming anything?!'

They were all screaming and it made me feel so annoyed.

I sighed and Niall just took my hand, running away. Well Niall, if you can read my thoughts..


I took my keys out of my pocket and quickly opened my door. They literally followed us up to my house! Are they doing any sports 'cause how can they follow us and still take enough pictures as proof??

I sighed and let myself fall down on the couch with Niall. I wondered where my mom was, but realized she left to Paris.

'Niall?' I said, gasping.


'Why did you take my hand? They will know there's something up.'

'I just did that because I wanted to run away from them, they should know that's pretty logic. I won't run and leave you behind, that would be weird.'

'True..' I sighed again. I turned my TV on and watched for about 3 hours until I fell asleep on his shoulder. I hate falling asleep on the couch, since I'm wide awake than when I need to go to my bedroom.

It felt like hours until Niall shook me awake.

'Babe? Princess? Babe?' he whispered. I mumbled something I didn't even understand, rubbing my eyes.

'Do you wanna go to bed?' Niall asked, still whispering. I nodded slowly and wrapped my arms around his neck.

'What are yo- do I really need to carry you?'

'I'm tired' I mumbled, 'and I won't be able to sleep anymore when I stand up' Niall sighed, but laughed afterwards. I still didn't open my eyes. I'm so lazy I swear, but I don't care to be honest. I once had to drag Niall to his bedroom too because he was so drunk back then. It was annoying, but honestly so hilarious. He doesn't remember that time anymore, typically.. Niall took me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.

'Okay princess, now I wanna put you in bed for as long as you want, but not when that little kid in your stomach is going to grow because I won't be able to do that I think.'

'Yeah alright, shut up now, I wanna sleep' I sighed in relief as I felt my soft bed, burying my head in Niall's neck.

He gave me a kiss on my cheek before lying comfortable down next to me. I never opened my eyes, but gave him a kiss on his lips, lying my head on his chest afterwards. I fell asleep by the beat of his lovely heart.




Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up by the sound of an alarm. I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head, it wasn't my phone. I groaned and looked down at Hillary, still lying on my chest like yesterday. I went with my fingers through her hair and woke her up. She was mad at me, waking her up with my alarm but now it's hers..

She mumbled something and don't ask me what, because I didn't understand at all. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled up at me. She turned around and put her alarm off.


'What?' she frowned, rubbing her eyes.

'Alarms have the most annoying sounds ever, and you should be happy I'm not mad at you like you were at me.'

'I have a reason for my alarm, you didn't, and I wasn't mad!'

'Alright' I rolled my eyes, 'but what's your reason?'

'I have to get ready for the Ellen Show' she smirked.

'Babe that's only tonight. It's only eleven in the morning!'

'I know, but still.. You don't know how much that means to me, right?'

'Not really.. I'm sorry. It's just The Ellen Show to me, even if I love Ellen.'

She nodded, smiling before she got out of bed. I actually did know how much it meant to her, but like I said a milllion times already, it's just a normal interview for me.




Hillary has been in the bathroom for about 2 hours already. I don't understand what she needs to do in there that takes so long. She's beautiful and everything, she doesn't need to add anything to herself.

'Hillary babe, you're perfect, why are you taking so long?' I asked and walked into the bathroom.

'Woah' I widened my eyes, checking her out.

She looked... I was speechless..

'And?..' she bit her lip and spun around.

'I-it's beautiful' I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

'Thank you love. I did my best. I'm do-'

'Finally! You know that you've been there for two hours, right?'

'Yeah, I was listening to the Midnight Memories album too, so that's why I took so long' she giggled.

'I heard, you were singing and dancing' I smirked and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

'How do you know I was dancing?'

'I saw you walk from the bathroom to your mom so.. I even filmed it' I laughed. She's so cute and hilarious.

'What?' she gasped and tried taking my phone from my back pocket.


'Niall James Horan delete it!' she chuckled.

'Nope, not at all!' I ran back to her bedroom and jumped on her bed.

'Niall I can't run in these heels! Please, if you put it on Twitter or anything else, I'll kill you!'

'Well I was going to do that at first' I shrugged my shoulders, 'But than I thought it through and people would question it. Second, if you kill me I don't think many people would like that and you would lose the best, most handsome and most caring boyfriend in the whole entire world.'

'I'll lock you in my bedroom though, so you won't be able to run away from me.'

'Okay, that's just creepy' I laughed, and sat against her bedroom wall.

'I know.. I just realized that.. Anyway you're right, I wouldn't want to lose you' she winked and came over to me, giving me a kiss on the lips before sitting down next to me.

'Are you really gonna wear those shoes? You can't even walk on them.'

'I can walk on them! I just can't run on them. You told me it was a good outfit yesterday' Hillary pouted, taking my hand in hers.

'Babe it is, it's beautiful' I smiled. She's so beautiful.. I don't love her just because of that, she's really fun, caring, sweet and many more things to add when you think about the 'perfect girl'. She really is. Hillary is also crazy and weird, but that's another two of the million reasons why i love her.

I just hope people will appreciate us together when we come out to the world.. I already saw so many tweets about fans saying they'd like it, but there are always negative ones out there..

'I really don't like being pregnant Niall.. It makes me feel sick. I had to throw up this night again, and I feel like shit. That's not nice at all.'

'I know baby, but we can't do anything about it.'

'I know..' she sighed, 'When are we going to tell everyone? People will notice eventually and it will get harder for us.'

'I'll tell when the boys say it's the right time.. They know it better than I do. I'll talk with them and Paul about it, and maybe in our next interview.. But I want you to be there too.'


'If I call you out on stage you need to come, I'm not going to tell people alone.'

Hillary sighed, but nodded afterwards, standing up from the bed. It's already 4pm and she wanted to be there early.

I took my car keys and went downstairs with Hillary. We got in my car and headed to a restaurant. It was honestly declicious, we ate until 5pm before we drove off to studios where the show took place. I smiled when we arrived, I liked being here.

'Ready?' I asked, getting out of the car.

'Ofcourse! Just nervous as fuck.. Like every interview..' she sighed, giving me a hug. I gave her a quick kiss on her cheek and waved, 'Good luck!' before she left inside. I wanted to give her a kiss on her lips, but if paps or fans saw us..

I won't be able to see her live because the boys wanted to watch at home with me. I got in my car again, driving off to Louis' place where everyone would be.

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